Celebrating British Values

At Houghton Primary School we strive to promote and secure British values, as defined within the government's Prevent Strategy 2011, throughout our curriculum and ethos. This statement demonstrates our commitment to not only promote British Values but, also, to celebrate them.


We recognise the importance of embedding within our pupils an understanding of valuing everyone’s opinion. As such, we have a School Council with members representing each class in the school. Through our School Council, pupils are involved in decision making within the school and have a role in shaping changes which impact them.

2022 voting

Voting for our School Council

1. SC

Our first School Council Meeting

The curriculum itself also reflects a desire to educate our learners about the various systems of democracy around the world both past and present. For instance, history topics study the ways in which other civilizations have been ruled and contrast these to our current British system of democracy. We also ensure that children have a basic knowledge of democracy in action in the modern world through running election campaigns for House Captains and School Council where all pupils are given a chance to vote.

1. House captain speeches

 Year 6 wrote speeches to rally support in the election of House Captains

Rule of Law

We encourage learners to understand and respect the laws of our country and contrast these with similar sanctions imposed around the world. Through our Citizenship curriculum we explore the principles behind setting such rules for society and enable learners to think about the suitability and appropriateness of such rules. For example, topics which have previously covered such laws have explored issues of crime and punishment and equality and discrimination. This is also explored through high quality literature, such as the picture book ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder, which has been used as a starting point for discussions and role plays around these issues in Year 6.

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We also recognise the importance of educating children about how to work within the boundaries of the law. We welcome ‘Magistrates in the Community’ into Hawks class to explore this topic with our older children and consider the limitations a criminal record may have on future life chances. In class the children also take part in role plays within their History work and Literacy on the theme of justice, setting up mock courts within the classrooms, putting fictional and historical characters ‘on trial’.

Individual Liberty

Throughout our school, we encourage children to make responsible choices whether in relation to their behaviour or their teaching and learning through following our Golden Rules.  They are given opportunities to lead though our School Council, Play Leaders, Sport's Leaders and House Captain roles. For more information please visit the Young Leaders page. 


Mutual Respect

Houghton Primary School is a caring school where diversity is encouraged and celebrating difference is fundamental. Supported by our SENCO, members of our Year 6 recently held assemblies where they confidently shared and explained to others their 'super powers' of dyslexia and vision. We hold regular performances in which children are given the opportunity to shine. The concept of mutual respect is addressed through topics, RE lessons and PSHE assemblies and sessions. For instance, topics include understanding and celebrating the differences between men and women and PSHE assemblies address concepts such as bullying, Remembrance Day and freedom of choice.

Foodbank 4

Each year, Year 6 organises a whole school food collection to celebrate our Harvest Festival. The pupils sort and pact the food ready for collection by the Godmanchester Food Bank which supports local families in crisis.


Children are encouraged to work both cooperatively and independently. We encourage pupils to contribute sensitively and thoughtfully to peer-assessment and to regularly support each other within an active curriculum. We encourage and value collaborative thinking. This is demonstrated through the awarding of house points for the School Games Values of ‘Respect’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Teamwork’ and maintained through our golden rule of ‘We are honest, respect others and remember our manners’ held within our behaviour policy. All members of our school staff consistently model and promote the behaviours and attitudes that are the foundations of positive relationships.


Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

We encourage children to question the world around them in a respectful way. Our RE curriculum enables children to do this by exploring the various religions of the world and considering their own views in relation to these. Sessions are planned which ensure that children are enabled to recognise that all beliefs should be respected, even when these are different to their own. We teach children about issues such as prejudice and racism within a school culture that celebrates diversity and seeks to enrich our children's knowledge and understanding of cultural identity.