Houghton Primary School


Our curriculum leader for Computing is Frances Smith

Details of the Computing Curriculum for each year group for each term can be found on the class webpages

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Computing Curriculum Statement for KS1

Computing Curriculum Statement for KS2

Our approach to teaching Computing at Houghton Primary School

At Houghton we recognise that our pupils are growing up in a world where technology and computer science is developing rapidly; we recognise that they need to be taught the skills to grow as responsible and discerning  users of technology who treat others and their intellectual property with respect.

Within computing we provide opportunities for independent problem solving. Children are given opportunities to design their own algorithms and programs to create their own solutions to a variety of problems; through these activities we seek to develop our pupil's resilience, logical thinking and risk taking skills. We provide pupils with opportunities to use technology within the wider curriculum in order to present and display their understanding in a meaningful and creative manner. We also encourage pupils to be discerning users of technology, teaching them how the internet and search engines work and providing them with opportunities to evaluate different websites. Supported by our half termly E-Safety focus we encourage pupils to risk assess different situations they may encounter online and to be proactive in their online safety. Our approach seeks to develop confidence, resilience and to stimulate original ideas; it encourages and celebrates imaginative and innovative solutions. We seek to inspire and motivate our children to be proactive and responsible users of technology.

7 internet pipes

Investigating how the internet works

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