Houghton Primary School

Design Technology

Our curriculum leader for Design Technology is Frances Smith

Details of the Design Technology Curriculum for each year group for each term can be found on the class webpages

KS1 Design Techonology Curriculum Statement

KS2 Design Technology Curriculum Statement

Our approach to teaching DT at Houghton Primary School

Within our DT curriculum we strive to develop the pupils' creative and innovative thinking skills. We value risk taking and endeavour to nurture their ability to seize the initiative in order to solve problems in a unique and individual manner. To achieve this we provide children with opportunities to explore and research as part of the design process, taking inspiration from designs/ designers from the past and considering the needs of the end user. We provide opportunities to develop their practical skills and through the creation of prototypes we value the process of continual evaluation- encouraging pupils to refine, adapt and develop their designs. Our approach seeks to develop risk taking, confidence, determination and resilience within our pupils. It encourages and celebrates imaginative and innovative solutions. We seek to empower the children to apply these problem solving skills to all areas of the curriculum- seeking solutions to any problems they may encounter. 

We also recognise that DT can be used as an opportunity to encourage enterprise, creating opportunities for the pupils to develop their designs and bring them to market. 

cookies 006

Pupils taking part in a cookery enterprise project

shelter 5

 Building structures

water wheels 1


Creating prototypes