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Our curriculum leader for Science is Amy MacLennan

Details of the Science Curriculum for each term for each year group can be found on the class webpages

Key Stage 1 Science Curriculum Statement

Years 3 and 4 Science Curriculum Statement

Years 5 and 6 Curriculum Statement

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Our approach to teaching Science at Houghton Primary School

In order that our learners are enabled to develop the key characteristics of scientists we teach science within a contextual approach which provides opportunities for independence and problem solving as children search for answers to questions or challenges. Supported by the teaching of a full range of practical and study skills children are enabled to carry out investigations and research which will develop their scientific knowledge and understanding. Our approach seeks to develop confidence and to stimulate original ideas. It encourages and celebrates imaginative and innovative solutions. We seek to inspire and motivate our children to want to find out more and to develop a thirst for scientific knowledge.

Science is taught mainly within a topic based approach in a two year cycle. In order for our approach to be successful our planning allows for flexibility within the timetable in order to enable focused days or weeks of scientific work which is undertaken in a cross-curricular approach. This ensures that skills in reading, writing, communication, ICT and mathematics can be applied successfully within scientific work. We also take every opportunity in science to undertake environmental work, enterprise projects and work that involves the children in risk management.

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rocket seeds

In 2016 we took part in the National Rocket Seeds Experiment... planting and trying to grow seeds that had orbited the Earth with astronaut Tim Peake!




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