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23rd September 2021

We currently have a vacancy for a school cleaner. Please see job advert for more details.

17th September 2021 

We have had a really great start to the school year. It has been lovely to open the school more fully to the children so that they can play together at playtimes and lunchtimes. It was also wonderful to be able to let parents back on site after 18 months.

We welcomed two new teachers this term. Mrs Hobley joined us in Reception class, teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Mrs Pooley joined us in our Year 3 class, teaching on Thursday and Fridays. It has been fantastic to welcome them to the team.

We have had a few visitors to the school in the last two weeks, including Mr Duncan from the Local Authority who came to see how the school is getting on in an Annual Monitoring visit. He visited classes, spoke to children and staff and spent time with Mrs Young. His feedback was wonderful; 

  • Lessons are inspiring and teachers and support staff show excellent levels of care and attentiveness to pupils’ needs. 
  • The school’s curriculum continues to be broad, rich and engaging. 
  • The school is successful because its vision and ambition are shared by the whole community. 
  • Pupils are very positive about their learning.
  • The provision for pupils with additional needs is superb. 

We also had a very unusual visitor on 10th September. A tiny Pipistelle bat found its way into our Key Stage 2 assembly. Mrs Smith and Mrs Grant took action, carefully putting it into a box and calling the Cambridgeshire Bat Group who came and took the bat to their centre. They looked after 'Maria' (the name they gave our bat) for just over a week, nursing her back to health before bringing her back to the school area to release her. https://www.facebook.com/100002231990685/videos/378873927278996/


22nd July 2021

School broke up today for the summer. We had a special assembly in the morning to say goodbye to;

  • Mrs Ferret, who is going on maternity leave. We wish her all the best in the coming weeks when her baby is due and for the coming months while she is on leave with her family.
  • Miss Furness, who is leaving us to begin a teacher training course. We know that Jasmin will be a fantastic teacher and wish her all the very best for her training and career.
  • Mrs Rae, who is leaving us to join Houghton and Wyton Pre-School where she will continue to do an amazing job in supporting children.
  • Mrs Williams and Mrs Davison, who are both leaving us to spend time with family. We wish them both well for the future… both have said they will be coming back to Houghton Primary to help out whenever we need them!

Our Year 6 children led their ‘Leavers’ Assembly’ in the afternoon to an audience of parents and carers. Each child shared talents and skills, entertaining us all as they performed in their last event at our school. They are leaving us to join 7 different secondary schools in September. We know that they are leaving us ready – full of confidence, independence and as great learners. We wish them all the very best for their futures.

IMG 4457


School is now closed for the summer. We re-open to the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 on Thursday 2nd September. Our Reception children will be joining us over the first 3 weeks of term.

Have a wonderful summer everyone.

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