Houghton Primary School

"Working hard to achieve our best"

Meet The Team

Georgina Young
Deputy Head Frances Smith
FS teachers
Marlene Taylor (Monday - Thursdays) (FS/KS1 Leader)
Emily Mead (Fridays)
KS1 Teachers

Year 1: Anne Taylor

Year 2: Sian Grant

KS2 teacher/KS2 Unit Leader Year 6: Frances Smith
KS2 Teachers

Year 3: Lauren Ferrett (Monday and Tuesdays), Julie Davison (Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays)

Year 4: Amy MacLennan (Monday - Thursday) and Amanda Read (Fridays)

Year 5: Tina Culpin

SENDCo Laura Thatcher
SENDCo Support Worker Nicola Sharpe
Children & Family Inclusion Worker Nicola Sharpe
Designated Child Protection Team Georgina Young, Frances Smith, Nicola Sharpe, Marianne Brock
PPA Cover staff  Angela Race, Jasmin Furness, Stacey Williams, Lynda White, Diane Macey, Alex Lemons, Michele Leivers.
Learning Support Staff Angela Race, Samantha Marshall, Stacey Williams, John Johnson, Jasmin Furness, Lynda White, Jill Richards, Diane Macey, Alison Anderson, Kelly Roberts, Clare Garrick, Alex Lemons, Nicola Sharpe, Cindy Blem-Larsen, Michele Leivers.
School Administrator
Joanne Rinaldi
School Business Manager Mandy Brown
Site Team
Caretaker: Mick James 
Cleaning Team: Suzanne Fitt, Judith Dow, Cherry Gravil, Alex Skinner, Thomas Brock
Lunchtime Supervision Team Michele Leivers, Lorraine Cave, Diane Macey, Cindy Blem-Larsen, Kelly Roberts, Jackie Campbell, Nicola Sharpe, John Johnson, Clare Garrick, Cherry Gravil.
Phoenix Child Care Staff Marianne Brock, Julie Leavens, Jasmin Furness, Victoria Hall, John Johnson

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