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School Improvement

At Houghton Primary School we are continually monitoring, evaluating and reviewing all aspects of our provision in order to ensure that our children are safe and are enabled to achieve well in all areas.
From an analysis of our self evaluation our school leadership and governance team identify priorities for improvement for the next two years. From here we write a School Development Plan which gives more detail about how we will achieve our priorities for improvement. Progress towards achieving our priorities is evaluated throughout the year and the whole School Development Plan is reviewed at least annually as part of our self evaluation. At this stage priorities which have been fully achieved are removed, priorities which have partly achieved or need to be secured/embedded remain and new priorities are added.
The 3 Year Plan (2015-18)
  Key Priorities Objectives
1 To continue to enable and secure excellent achievement by deepening learning
Fewer things in greater depth: Develop understanding and application of mastery across the school
Equality of opportunity: Ensure that any ‘differentiation’ gives all children the opportunity to engage in learning at an age-appropriate level.
Challenge not Acceleration: Ensure that ‘more able’ children are challenged effectively through access to rich and sophisticated problems.
2 To continue to secure excellent teaching through developing high quality practice in assessment
Formative Assessment: Build on excellence in formative assessment practice to ensure consistency in high quality teaching and intervention on a needs analysis basis across the school.
Summative Assessment: Secure excellence through developed use of high quality assessment materials/resources which enable gap analysis and support medium term planning.
3 To broaden and secure the best possible outcomes for all
A Curriculum for our Context: Continue to ensure excellence through a well-planned cross-curricular approach which meets the needs of children in our context.
Taking risks to succeed: Develop risk-taking, innovation and enterprise within our curriculum.
A broader focus for excellence: Develop provision for sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative enrichment through a coherent and responsive arts curriculum.
Core skills for better opportunities: Continue the rigorous development of core skills in Communication, English and Mathematics to ensure that all children leave our school with the highest possible achievement to support learning for life. 
Implement effective MfL in KS2: Through our work with the Goethe Institut introduce a 4 year programme to teach German across KS2.
4 To develop and secure excellence in leadership and ensure a positive difference at Houghton Primary School
Develop and implement an advocacy model for all levels of school leadership which ensures;
Leadership for a collaborative community: Develop empathetic leadership to empower people, foster teamwork and build positive relationships.
Leadership for creative change: Develop courageous leadership to inspire innovation, enable change and to co-create opportunities.
Leadership for strategic structures: Develop leadership with integrity to ensure reliable systems, accountability and to optimise efficiency.
Leadership for robust results: Develop drive in leadership to ensure that we exercise good judgement, foster healthy competition and perform under pressure.
5 To enable everyone in our community to participate, be active and be positively engaged
Active Learning: Purposefully link health, activity and learning across the curriculum.
Participation and collaboration: Develop engagement with the wider community, actively seeking and acting upon opportunities for participation and collaboration.
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Focus Priorities for 2017-18

To ensure progress and improve outcomes in mathematics for all children

To improve outcomes for identified vulnerable groups (girls in KS1, FSM6)

To ensure progress and improve outcomes in Phonics and English in KS1 and Writing in KS2

To develop resilience, independence, confidence and risk-taking through a revised approach to curriculum planning
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