Houghton Primary School

School Improvement Priorities

School Improvement Priorities 2018-2021

The 3 year plan

(This plan has been extended to be completed by the summer term 2022 due to the impact on strategic development in 2020-21 due to the covid pandemic)


  Key Priorities Objectives

Developing our curriculum:

To undertake research and development work to design a relevant, purposeful curriculum for our context

a. A curriculum for our time, our place and for the future: Undertake research on current thinking on curriculum development (national) in order to consider how we will develop our curriculum. Include research on developing an Oracy Curriculum.
b. Curriculum Design: Work together with key stakeholders to design a curriculum for our school which will be fit for purpose for our context now and future. Include Oracy.
c. Implement new curriculum: Implement new curriculum, ensuring;
flexibility around school day, timetable
CPD to develop staff knowledge and understanding
Development of resources
2 To develop a learning culture which promotes and secures learning through talk (physical, linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional)
a. A framework for Oracy: Introduce and use the oracy framework to understand the physical, linguistic, cognitive and social & emotional skills that enable successful discussion, inspiring speech and effective communication. Ensure CPD around this for all staff to develop a school approach.
b. Assess Oracy: Use the framework to assess ability and progress in oracy across the curriculum
c. Plan for Oracy: Develop and use a planning model to embed Oracy across the curriculum
d. An Oracy Curriculum: Develop a curriculum which places Oracy at the heart of what we do.
3 To focus on staff, pupil and parental well-being
a. A focus on staff wellbeing: Support staff’s knowledge  and understanding of personal well-being, encouraging healthy work/life balance (building on reduction in workload already in place)
b. Knowledge and understanding for Mental Health: Professional development for all staff to enable frontline work in supporting mental health issues (children and parents)
c. Girls’ Onboard: Develop and extend current work relating to girls’ relationships, building individual understanding and strategies to support positive friendships.
d. Capacity for SEND: Focus on the personal capacity of teachers and support staff to be able cope with the demands of providing the best for all pupils in a school with high % SEND.
To further develop a culture of leadership for creative change
a. Research School: Develop a culture of action research at all level which builds on our advocacy model of leadership and focusing particularly on:
Leadership for creative change: Develop courageous leadership to inspire innovation, enable change and to co-create opportunities.
b. Invest: Develop the best possible professional development opportunities for all staff which promotes and enables engagement in national research and thinking.
5 To secure great learning through embedding the excellence in teaching established over the last 3 years and applying this more broadly across the curriculum
a. Mastery: Continue to develop the mastery curriculum in all areas and for all pupils, enabling deeper learning, thinking and reasoning.
b. Assessment: Continue to develop excellent Assessment for and of Learning which ensures responsive teaching focused on the best outcomes for all children.
c. Knowledge: Ensure that children are exposed to and have opportunities to engage with breadth and depth in knowledge across all curriculum areas, building cognitive challenge (not activity driven learning) and focusing on memory.
d. Developing Science: Undertake the PSQM to support the development of science teaching across the school, building on  and sharing good practice in teaching and assessment.