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Eagles' Class are our Year 5 group. They are taught by Mrs Culpin who is assisted by Mrs Lemons and Mrs Sharpe.

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Latest News

Dear Eagles,

I have enjoyed my year with you and all the fun things we have experienced together - from the trips we've been on, to our fun with sports. You have worked incredibly hard and are now ready to soar as Year 6 next year!  Thank you all for the lovely gifts and cards and I look forward to seeing you across the corridor as our wonderful new Year 6. Have a wonderful Summer with your families. 

Friday 14th July

During our DT week the class had to design a space capsule that would survive re-entry to Earth and protect their eggnaut. The children then made their design, changing anything after testing it with a prototype egg. The craft were then tested to see if their eggnauts survived the landing back down on Planet Earth. Only 2 eggnauts perished during the mission. A lot of fun was had and we will now be evaluating our missions for NASA!

DT making 005DT making 007DT making 017

DT making 009

launch 025launch 028

launch 041


Friday 7th July

 Friday saw the whole school take part in our sports morning. The children enjoyed themselves in the lovely weather and took part in various events; tennis, football, rugby, netball and two new events,gutterball and net-catch. It was lovely to see them working as a team within their houses to gain points.

Friday 30th June

This week saw our performance of 'Darwin Rocks' to parents. All the children sang beautifully and with such enthusiasm. The acting was great with everyone shining in their own particular role. Well done everyone!

Friday 23rd June

What a fabulous trip we had this week to The Space Centre at Leicester. Everyone had so much fun looking at all the exhibits, We found out about the Space race in the 1960's and enjoyed pretending being at mission control. We were able to enter space cadet training and present a weather report to camera. Lots of interactive stations kept us all interested. The planetarium show was great, with the surround sound and pictures of how an astonaut trains for missions. It was a fabulous way to round off our topic on the Solar System.

space centre 007space centre 012

space centre 014space centre 018

space centre 015

space centre 017

space centre 024

space centre 019space centre 027

space centre 026 

Friday 16th June

In our maths this week we have been looking at measure and doing some practical investigations where we had to convert the measures into different units.



We were fortunate to be able to go in the treehouse this week and we were impressed by the views from up above.




The other half of the class went to St Peters Library and had fun reading all the books and magazines.


Friday 9th June

A busy start to the last half term!

Monday, we were perfecting our cricket skills with Kevin, the cricket coach. 



On Wednesday Hunts SSP came in with their sports science equipment. 10 of us were trained as sports leaders to deliver the activities to the classes. We all had an hour trying out the catching nets, speed stacks, the reaction timer and other great things.





On Friday a group went to St Peters School to visit their library and find out how the Dewey system works when finding Non-fiction books. The children had tasks to complete and then got to look around the library for themselves.





Friday 26th May

Dr Crawford, an astronomer from Cambridge University visited our class this week to help us with our understanding of space. She talked to us about the planets, black holes, stars and the Moon. It was so fascinating and the children got to show off their knowledge and all those burning questions were answered. We even got to hold a piece of meteorite! We are now looking forward to our visit to The Space Centre in June.

space lady 011

space lady 013

space lady 009

space lady 017space lady 020

Friday 19th May

We have been using scratch to code and the children devised code to create a space scratch project.



On Tuesday, Aga, a lady from the Jewish community in Cambridge, came in to talk to us about worship and the observance of Shabbat. She also talked about the celebration of Bar/Bat mitzvah that teenage Jewish children experience.


Thursday was Outdoor learning day and we used this opportunity to have an active maths session where we were devising games that showed our understanding of rounding and ordering decimals.


Friday 12th May

Our space work this week involved the orbits of the Earth and Moon. To fully understand we went outside and became these space bodies and looked at how they rotated and how the Earth orbited the Sun and Earth's satellite;the Moon orbited Earth. We find out a few things we didn't know. Back in the classroom the children had to design a poster to show their understanding of this.

orbit 001

orbit 014orbit 015


Friday 5th May 

I have been impressed with the Home learning this week. The children clearly loved being creative about space.



sHL1models2space hl111space hl112

space hl113space hl114space hl115space hl116

space 001home space 007home space 006home space 005

home space 004home space 003home space 002home space 001



Friday 28th April

Our Science topic this term is space and we have posed lots of questions we want to know the answers to and one of those questions was to find out the distances of the planets from the Sun. We decided to go outside and make a toilet roll Solar System and measure it out (although not to scale!) We also looked at the relative sizes of the planets and were amazed that Mercury would be a peppercorn and we used a watermelon for Jupiter. toilet001

space 003

This week also saw 9 of our class take part in a Netball tournament at St Ivo. The girls played brilliantly and I was very proud of the way they conducted themselves.Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

Finally after a long week we also organised and ran the school Sports afternoon - this was after a cycle and swim session in the morning so I think we all deserve a long weekend. Well done!


Friday 21st April

Our maths work this week has involved looking at line graphs and interpreting data. Outside we looked at line graphs and tried to reason what data  may have been represented from the line shown.

 cross country 505

cross country 511

cross country 508

We also collected data as part of our active me work and looked at heart rates after exercise.

On Wednesday 15 of our class represented the school in the Cross Country Championships. They each ran 1.2km which is no mean feat. They ran brilliantly and even said they would do it again next year! 

cross country 517

cross country 518

Friday 31st March

Last day of term and I want to say how proud I am of the class today. They did fantastically well in the class assembly and everyone seemed to enjoy it (despite Mrs Culpin messing up with the tardis noise). Everyone spoke loudly and clearly and the singing was tremendous. Then after excelling themselves inside, they topped that with fabulous playleading skills, organising and leading the sports afternoon for the whole school. I was impressed by their ability to design the activities, organisation of equipment and leading and instructing the various groups. You all worked well together and I am proud to say you are my class. Thank you. 

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, grass, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, grass, outdoor and nature

 Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, sky, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, grass, outdoor and nature


Friday 24th March


Our trip to West Stow was brilliant and all the class enjoyed seeing the Anglo-Saxon reconstructed village. Seeing the houses and artefacts made their classroom learning come to life and they showed great knowledge when walking round the houses and answering questions.

West stow 005

West stow 030

Listening to a story in the Mead Hall

West stow 036

The museum

West stow 041

West stow 044

West stow 020

Inside the houses

West stow 015

West stow 010

West stow 003

Friday 17th March

What a busy week but at least the sun was shining for our bikeability sessions. All the children had a great time and listened to the instructors to ensure they are safe on the road. The first day was spent checking how roadworthy our bikes were and getting used to following each other and signalling. The children then went out onto the road putting into practise all the things they had been told. 

bikeability 003

bikeability 029

bikeability 031

bikeability 033

bikeability 059

bikeability 062

Our class are involved in a pilot programme looking at being active. We are having 3 sessions of 10 minute activities during the day to boost our rate of being active and look at how exercise makes us feel. We are having lessons that are active, using our 10 minute break to play small games with each other and then having moderate to vigorous activity by skipping, hula hooping or running a mile to increase our heart rate. This is in addition to our PE lessons, playleading activities and of course this week our cycling.

As the weather was so nice we used this as an opportunity to do some active maths. The children had to solve mathematical problems and race to the next card. 

bikeability 027

bikeability 057

Friday 10th March

What a great history day! The children all looked fantastic in their Anglo-Saxon/Viking costumes. The day started with Cathy Murphy from Gripping History talking to the children about the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms and where the Vikings decided to attack.

viking 050

Where shall I attack?

viking 051

We then had a variety of different tasks throughout the day that showed us all about Viking life. We played a game of Hnefertafl which required strategy and thinking.

viking 052

viking 053


We looked at how archaeology can tell us about a period of time and why things were found in the ground. We then looked at a Pagan Viking burial and what this told us about the person buried there.

viking 059

The class also had a go at writing their name and a runes stone message. We found out that their letters were not curved like ours so they are easier to carve.

viking 072

viking 070

We also played a trading game where we had to prepare for our voyage across the North Sea and needed supplies by trading our own goods. The children enjoyed this immensely.

viking 061

Finally, the afternoon was spent finding out about Viking weaponry and we all became warriors for the afternoon learning different attacking and defending positions and reenacting a Viking battle. The sound of 60 Viking warriors on our playground definitely would have frightened any one.

viking 084

viking 078

viking 085

viking 077

viking 073

viking 090

viking 098

viking 101

Take me to Valhalla!

viking 102

Friday 3rd March

We have been practising our hockey skills this week; stopping the ball, dribbling and tackling.

3 3 003

3 3 005

This week we have looked at friction and which surface causes the most friction. We tested different surfaces such as carpet,wood,lino and bobbly material to see how many Newtons it required to move a shoe.

3 3 007

3 3 010 

Friday 24th February.

Although only a 4 day week the class have been busy at work, We have continued our work on forces, looking at upthrust and which shape boat floats better. We decide that a boat with a flatter bottom, curved sides and no holes is able to use upthrust to remain buoyant. We have also been working on persuasive writing, trying to convince the Anglo Saxons to ditch Paganism in favour of Christianity. 

Our printing is finally finished and looks even more fabulous now that it's mounted and on display in the corridor and school hall.

24 2 17 006

Sport this week saw games being played on the football field involving some of our class. A mixed Year 4/5 team played a cup match and ended up winning 7-1 and a team of girls made up of year 5/6 played a cup match, winning 13-0. Both teams played with great skill and team spirit and we were really lucky to go and watch the girls play.

Year 4/5 team

IMG 1549

Our Year 5 footballers

24 2 17 018

Friday 10th February

We played our games this week with Year 3 and we were impressed with their times tables knowledge. We also played their Bean to chocolate bar games.

10 2 17 014

10 2 17 001

10 2 17 009

We also saw another millionaire reader in class. Well done!

millionaires 2

Our Science topic is forces and so this week we were looking at air resistance. In groups we investigated what made spinners fall to the ground quicker or would a piece of paper fall to the ground quicker than a spinner. 

10 2 17 035

10 2 17 034

Friday 3rd February

We have been continuing our look at dance styles and this week we were in the 1970's, looking at disco. The children had a lot of fun creating their own style of disco and I know I enjoyed the music!

3 2 17 010


Night fever!3 2 17 015

During our PSHE lessons the boys have been looking at, 'what makes a good game?' and how we can play fairly and co-operatively.

They devised some games to show their understanding of this and played against each other.

I won!

3 2 17 017


3 2 17 016


We are busy printing our Anglo-Saxon designs this week and have drawn them on our polystyrene tiles and are layering the colours. It's a painstaking job waiting for each layer of ink to dry but it will be worthwhile.

3 2 17 018

Friday 27th January

Rev. Boucher visited us on Monday to talk to us about the Christian understanding of life and death. We listened to the 'waterbugs and dragonflies'story to help our understanding of this topic.



Friday 20th January

We were really creative this week in  Music, Dance and German. In music we have been listening to jazz and the children have been learning a 'Bossa nova' wirh instruments. We have put together a group of recorders and the glockenspiels and created a great sound. We will look to add more to our piece as we look at improvising, just like jazz musicians.music 002

music 003

We are also looking at music in Dance and how dance styles have changed through time. We have looked at the hand jive and rock 'n' roll and put together our own compositions after practising the moves of the time. Next stop disco!

music 005

music 008

music 018

We also had Tobias in this week from The Goethe Institut, who was here to help with our German, but to also treat us to a puppet and music show. The children helped with the puppets and sang songs but learnt some new vocabulary along the way. Everyone had fun!

music 048

music 043

music 024

music 037

Well done to these children this week who gained a Certificate of Achievement.

certificates 001

Friday 13th January

The first full week back and we have been working really hard starting all our new topics. We have been concentrating on being proud of yourself, not only in the work that you produce but how you conduct yourself. We have had lots to be proud of this week in Eagles' class!

Our cloakroom, which is shared with Kestrels, was awarded the 'Tidiest Cloakroom' award. We hope to maintain a tidy cloakroom and keep the award next week.

tc 049

Two of our class were presented with skipping ropes in assembly for raising over £50 for The British Heart Foundation in our Skipathon last term. Well done girls! We are proud of your efforts.

tc 048

 These children were also presented their certificates in assembly for working hard and producing some fantastic work over the week. 

tc 050

Happy New Year and welcome back to school. We are looking forward to a term that is busy and hardworking!

20th December

Last day and the class were having fun. It was lovely to see them playing, co-operating and enjoying each others company.

Connect 4 anyone

last day 004

fun with Lego

last day 006

last day 007


last day 008

Christingles ready for this afternoon

last day 010

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and spend time relaxing with family. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

16th December

The class teamed up with Year 2 to make our christmas hats and on Thursday had Christmas lunch together. It was lovely to hear the conversations and see the class helping the younger ones.christmas hats dinner 002

christmas hats dinner 005

christmas hats dinner 006

christmas hats dinner 007

christmas hats dinner 008

christmas hats dinner 011

9th December

A great week concentrating on our German. We were busy preparing our learning for the Open Afternoon and on Wednesday Key Stage 2 had a German Christmas Day. We were organised into our Houses and had fun learning about the traditions of a German Christmas through stories, writing and craft activities.

German day 008

Lebkuchen Hearts decorating our market stall door

German day 015

Making our own houses - very sticky!

German day 016

writing letters to the Christkind

German day 018

making trees and learning the German for decorations we put on our tree

German day 020

making shoes for St Nicholas

On Friday we enjoyed showing parents our German learning and knowledge. We researched the origins of Stollen and there were samples to taste. We designed a German quiz for parents and shared our knowledge of cities in Germany. There were games the children designed to show their knowledge of clothes(Kleider), colour bingo and Christmas dominoes. 

German day 027

German day 038

German day 043

German day 044


25th November

We've gone boating mad this week. All the Home Learning has been coming in and what a creative bunch you are. We have had models, puzzles, fact files, newspaper front pages and even a boat we could eat.

hL 001

hL 002

We also had a DT challenge this week to design a vessel that could hold 200g using only the materials supplied. The children had to plan their prototype, then test it and evaluate. They then had to rethink their design if necessary. We tested our boats to see if they held the weight. It was great fun!

boats 006

boats 012

boats 022

boats 024

boats 033

18th November

What a great Children in Need day! All the activities were organised by the Year 6 class and we had a fun half an hour joining in with all the games and face painting.

cineed 001

cineed 004

cineed 003

cineed 006

cineed 009

11th November

This week we have been studying the Battle of the Somme. We have looked at heart-breaking letters sent from the soldiers to home. We have also looked at the trenches and what conditions were like for the men. From this we produced poems that used powerful imagery. In art we used charcoal to produce stark images of the trenches. All the children were moved and showed great interest in such an important event. Our week focussing on WW1 culminated in laying our ceramic poppies on the mound and observing a 2 minute silence.

art 001

art 004poems 001

poppies 002


4th November

We have been making the most of the crisp Autumn sunshine and have been practising our Tag Rugby.

everything 206

everything 215

Debra Stuart returned to school with our poppies and we have now glazed them and look forward to seeing the final result.

everything 225

everything 227

Friday was our sponsored skip and we skipped for 3 minutes to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.We hope to raise lots of money.

everything 230


21st October

Our last week before half term has been a busy one and we seemed to have packed a lot in. After our work with Debra Stuart on the clay poppies, we recreated poppies in the style of the artist Georgia O'Keefe. All our work is now displayed in the main hall. If you are in school don't forget to take a look.poppies 003

poppies 004

Some of our class attended the Tag Rugby tournament this week at Huntingdon Racecourse. They represented the school well and showed great passion, determination, teamwork and self belief - all School Games values.

rugby and stuff 048

After writing our stories on the Water Cycle we shared them with Year 3. They all enjoyed them and even said they learnt a lot.

rugby and stuff 007

rugby and stuff 009

During gymnastics this week we shared our compositions and evaluated each others.

rugby and stuff 033

rugby and stuff 034

rugby and stuff 019

Our Home Learning this week was to inspire others to read one of our favourite books. We had so many different ideas and it was lovely to see such lovely presentation..

rugby and stuff 004

rugby and stuff 005

active and clay 078

trrehouse 001

I hope you all have a good Half term to recharge your batteries and come back raring to go!

14th October

This week the class have been learning about the water cycle and writing stories as if they were a water droplet and we are going to share those with Year 3 next week.

We are coming to the end of our 6 week Netball sessions with Mrs Tyres from the Sports Partnership. We have all had fun improving our shooting skills and joining in with small games showing our throwing and defending skills.

Looking for space

active and clay 076

active and clay 068

active and clay 060

active and clay 071

We have also been active in our Maths and working on our multiplying and dividing in a fun way - races and a maths hunt with clues.

active and clay 001

active and clay 007

active and clay 010

 We were also fortunate this week to have Debra Stuart in school to help us make some poppies which will go on display. We were told we were very creative!

active and clay 026

active and clay 037


active and clay 039

active and clay 046

active and clay 051

active and clay 035



How quickly 3 weeks have flown by and we have been so busy. A great start to Year 5! We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you this Friday at the Open afternoon. 

boat 006

 Cruising up the river to Hemingford

boat 010

boat 015

 A few photos taken by a visiting photographer at the start of term...

p1040377242 2 p950556482 2 p910007120 2
  p1857825 2  

Photos: Alastair Grant www.bokehphotographic.co.uk

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