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Hawks (Y6)


Hawks' Class are our Year 6 group. They are taught by Mrs Smith who is assisted by Mrs Leivers and Mrs Blem-Larsen.

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Latest News


What a great show year 6 put on for their end of year leaver's assembly. It was brilliant seeing you all dressed up as yourselves in 70 years time and reminiscing about your memories, talents and successes. 

I just wanted to say well done all of you for a great year and a huge thank you for all the cards and gifts. Enjoy the Summer and all the best for Secondary.

Mrs Smith


Hawks class went to Pidley Golf Centre today for our end of year 6 treat day. We all enjoyed a game of bowling, some great food and then tried our hand at a round of golf. A great day was had by all.

golf pidley 038

A group pose

golf pidley 044

Enjoying time with our friends

golf pidley 046

Playing clapping games while we waited for our turns

golf pidley 048

More group poses with chums

golf pidley 054

Hitting the green

golf pidley 055

What a shot!


What a busy week! This week we have completed our cookie challenge. After weeks of planning and calculating potential costs and profit margins we baked and then sold our biscuits at the Summer Fayre. 

cookies 003

Double chocolate biscuits

cookies 004

Oreo delights

cookies 006

Cookies with honeycomb

cookies 008

Toffee cookies and honeycomb crumbles from  the 'Cookie Queens'

cookies 015

Business was brisk and we all sold out

Back in the classroom we calculated our turnover and our final costs; each group then calculated their net profits. In total our class had a net profit of £56.13 which they are putting towards the cost of putting on their production. Well done Year 6, Dragon's Den watch out!


Well done year 6 for an amazing week. Three great performances of our production 'Darwin Rocks' and some of us were even invited on stage to receive an award at the Cambridge Young Person's Film Festival and met the actress behind the voice of Peppa Pig!

Darwin rocks 003

All hail Chief Chris!

Darwin rocks 006

Darwin rocks 009

Let's have a heated debate about evolution.

Darwin rocks 011

Your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great...

Darwin rocks 014

Move to the groove of evolution!

Darwin rocks 022

Pros and cons

Darwin rocks 024

Better than a dog anyway...

Darwin rocks 026

I've been standing still so long...

Film Festival 2017 014

Our proud winners- in the top 6 out of 42 entries!

Film Festival 2017 021


Darwin rocks

This week we have been busy rehearsing for our production of Darwin Rocks. 

We will be performing our musical to the school Monday afternoon and to parents, friends and relatives Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm. The show lasts for approximately an hour; we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there. 


This week we have been busy recording our memories of Hilltop through producing promotional leaflets for the centre. We tried to explain how wonderful all the activities were and how beneficial they would be to children visiting the centre.

Hilltop display 001 

We have also been recording our memories of Houghton to compile into our year book. There have been some wonderful memories which we have shared. We are currently putting our year book together so that it can be professionally published.

Summer week 8 001

Sunday is Father's Day so we have been busy making our cards. This Friday we welcomed our Dads into the classroom to share our work with them.  

Summer week 8 005

Happy Father's Day!

Summer week 8 003

We are really proud that our film 'What life is this?' has been nominated for the Cambridgeshire Young People's Film Festival. To view the film and leave us a comment please visit. http://clips.e2bn.org/competitions/cambridge/view.php?id=2409&cid=531 

9.6.17 Hilltop Day 3

Our final morning at Hilltop. The children packed their belongings quickly and after a delicious cooked breakfast were ready to start their final activities. For most this meant completing the Tree Top Trail. The trail started low so that we could get used to the safety lock systems which meant we were totally safe at all times, and then rose to tree top level. The children had a choice of completing the highest or slightly lower level at this stage, both were very challenging and I was so proud that they all managed it, many going back to complete the course a second time, pushing themselves more with their new-found confidence. 

hilltop day 3 001

hilltop day 3 006

hilltop day 3 004

Changing between bridges was part of the challenge

hilltop day 3 003

Big strides and brave hearts were needed to cross to the higher part of the course.

Image may contain: tree and outdoor

Up above the tree tops we climbed

hilltop day 3 005

Those who had completed the tree top trail yesterday had a go at the zipwire and archery for their final activity.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, child and outdoor

Well done Hawks for your bravery and teamwork this week. Sleep well...


8.6.17 Hilltop Day 2

Lots more activities this morning enjoyed by all. Some super teamwork and children living up to the centre's moto of challenge by choice.

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 003

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 005

Ready to help get their teammates down off the zip wire

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 007

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 010

Ready with the Gandalf Stick 

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 017

Helping brave Mrs Harrison down  

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 018

Ready for the plunge

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 023

Taking the tree top challenge

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 026

Way up high

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 032

... and way down low

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 034

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 058

In the afternoon we set off to West Runton Beach to go rock pooling, it was brilliant fun.

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 059

We made a habitat for our found creatures to keep them safe and happy.

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 063

We had to look very carefully to find all manner of sea creatures.

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 061

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 066

Some exciting finds, from crabs and sea anemones to fish and whelks.

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 071

Time for some stone-age weight lifting

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 068

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 079

Cool crabs, we learn to recognise the different types

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 082

The brave held some of our crabby friends

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 087

Time for some rock balancing after all the hard work

Hilltop day 2 rockpools 085

Thumbs up for a fab day

7.6.17 Hilltop Day One

To break the journey we stopped off at Sandringham Park

hilltop day 1 001

hilltop day 1 003

hilltop day 1 009

hilltop day 1 010

hilltop day 1 011

hilltop day 1 017

hilltop day 1 022

hilltop day 1 023

Once we got to Hilltop we went to our rooms to start unpacking.

hilltop day 1 025

hilltop day 1 027

hilltop day 1 030

Just chillin'

hilltop day 1 033

Then, after lunch, we started our activities

hilltop day 1 035

Safety gear on

hilltop day 1 038

hilltop day 1 045

Zip wire here we come

hilltop day 1 044

hilltop day 1 055

It's all about team work.

hilltop day 1 060Up we go!

hilltop day 1 062

Working together to help each other up

hilltop day 1 064

Up, up and away

hilltop day 1 068

More pictures to follow tomorrow.



What a busy week. We have been working on our Cookie Project. We gathered information to help us make informed decisions about the biscuits we will bake to sell and started to display this using a range of graphs and charts. 

debate the island 015

Collecting data

debate the island 019

We also brought in our home learning, some us us shared the cookies we had baked at home... very tasty!

In response to the book 'The Island' we role-played a court scene to decide the main character's fate; should he be allowed to stay and be cared for or sent back out to sea?

debate the island 022

1st we created our arguments, using the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights to back up our arguments.

debate the island 023

Next we held a mock court scene, playing lawyers representing both sides of the argument

debate the island 029


debate the island 051

After the drama we held a secret ballot. We voted overwhelmingly that 'the man' should be provided with food and shelter on the Island.

We finished the week with a visit from Dr Crawford, a scientist from Cambridge University. She wowed us with her amazing facts and photos. We even got to hold a real piece of meteor.

debate the island 060

Have a great half term everyone


On Thursday we took part in National Outdoor Learning Day. We started by choosing a tree in our wood to 'adopt'. Each pair came up with a name for their tree, these included King Groot, Twiglet, Cupcake and Justin Bieber! We then had to get to know our tree and write a detailed description including measurements of circumference and estimated height and instructions how to locate it using directions and angles of turn from a chosen starting point. We then swapped instructions and had to try to locate each other's trees. Later we wrote poetry inspired by our tree and then produced some art work in pencils and charcoals.  A great day.

  Outside learning 022Outside learning 023

Outside learning 027

Outside learning 038

Outside learning 039

Outside learning 044

Outside learning 047

Outside learning 050

Outside learning 056

Outside learning 060

Outside learning 077

Outside learning 078


We have all been working very hard this week completing our Year 6 SAT tests. After the last test we went on the field for some well earnt bubble fun.

bubbles big

We're forever...

bubbles E

...blowing bubbles...

Bubbles L

... pretty bubbles in the air...

bubbles GS

... they fly so high...

bubbles happy

...nearly reach the sky...

bubbles rest

... SATs are over!


Despite it only being a four day week we have been busy in Hawk's Class preparing for SATs next week. We took some time out from our studies however to enjoy our first session of archery. By the time we get to Hilltop we will be experts.

Week3 Archery

Taking aim...

week 3 archery 3

Release the arrow... 

Week 3 archery poseWeek 3 archery winner

What fantastic shots! 



Well done to our Year 6 Runners who took part in the cross country tournament at Priory Park last week. 

summer week 2 cross country

Well done all

We have been looking at the art work of Peter Thorpe, an artist you creates abstract backgrounds which have space themed images in the foreground. We have created some amazing pieces of art.

space art 002

Some super art

space art 004

space art 005


I hope everyone has had a great Easter. Year 6 returned this week keen and eager to work hard and learn; we have had a great start to what promises to be a busy term. 

Here are some key dates for your diary:

SATs 8th,9th,10th &11th May

Hilltop Residential 7th, 8th & 9th June

Year 5/6 production 27th &28th June

7th July Sport's Day

21st July Leaver's Assembly

... and many more dates to come.


Today was wear a hat for Brain Tumour Research Day and our class did Amelia proud with some fantastic creations. 

hats rainbow

Great communication is required to move around in this amazing creation...

hats 2

Showing our support for Amelia and Brain Tumour Research

This afternoon we enjoyed a sport's afternoon organised and run by our fabulous year 5. We got to take part in a range of activities designed to keep us active and fit.

hats sports

Skipping fun

hats and sports 2

Hula that hoop!

Sadly today we said goodbye to Mrs Kite who has been working with us this year. We will miss her but wish her luck in her new job.

hats mrs kite

Good bye and good luck Mrs Kite


This week we went to West Stowe, a reconstructed Anglo-Saxon Village in Suffolk. Here are some memories of the day.

10 west]

Working out riddles

10 west2

Exploring Saxon houses outside...

10 west5

... and in.

10 west6

Story telling in the grand hall


Ready for battle



This week in Science we have been investigating air resistance. We created a fair test involving the creation of different sized parachutes which we dropped using stunt men (plastic figures). We then repeated our experiment three times and calculated the mean time for each size parachute to hit the ground. Finally we plotted our results on a graph before coming to our conclusions. 

10 parachutes

Dropping the parachutes.

10 parachute launch

Collecting accurate timings.

10 parachutes timer

We also completed our mission to create playtime boxes for each class. The School Council had asked all the children for their opinions as to how we could improve their day to day experience at school and had received feedback that they wanted more to do at playtimes. The class reps ordered and the organised boxes for each class to use at playtime, creating signage and labelling all the equipment. They presented the boxes to the classes this week and each class is now enjoying using the new equipment at playtimes. Well done Year 6!

10 playtime equipment box labeling

The final preparations- creating and fixing on labels to the boxes.

10 play equipment

Year 3 enjoying the new equipment.


Some wonderful memories from our Gripping History Viking Day

9 viking class

We had a selection of great costumes

9 viking hat

We learn that Vikings didn't really have horns on their helmets

9 maoWe all gathered together to learn about who the Vikings were and where they came from.

9 viking game

 We enjoyed learning to play a Viking board game, it really made us think. 

9 skeleton

We dug down through many levels of archaeology to discuss what we could learn about this Viking burial- don't worry, Cathy reassured us that it wasn't a real body

9 dice

We played a trading game where we had to try to produce enough quality goods to trade to get the supplies we needed to make the dangerous journey over the sea to settle in England. After all our hard work though it came down to the roll of the dice as to whether we survived the journey.

9 viking line

After learning about weapons in the hall together we went out for battle practice

blues V reds

9 viking reds

Fight! (gently does it)

9 viking fight


We started the week by learning about the Anglo Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo. To get some idea of scale Mrs Smith challenged us to work together to mark out the outline of the boat using the dimensions taken from the dig site. We used cones, trundle wheels and photographs of the excavation to help us; when we had finished we were surprised how big it was. We then had to analyse the finds from the boat to deduce who was buried there. 

9 sutton Hoo

It was a very large ship!

This week we have also been working hard to write a non- chronological report on magical beasts. This is written for heroes such as Beowulf to help them when they face a new foe; each page created will be combined into a class book.

9 nonchron report

On Thursday we enjoyed working on our raps with Mr Daniels. We started to write and perform our own raps based on the story of three little pigs; it was great fun.

9 raps

Accompanying our raps


This week a brave bunch of year 6 volunteered to be in our quiz team for the Rotary Club Quiz. They worked brilliantly together and, although they didn't win, they did us proud.

8 houghton quiz night

Our super team

Members of Hawk's Class also took part in a girl's football cup match against Spaldwick, winning 13-0! Well done to our team! Also brilliant photos Izzy.

8 footballers

Ready for the second half.

8 footballers dab

Victory Dabs

8 girls

Well done girls!

In class we have started our Celtic sewing designs. We have drawn our patterns and started to sew along these to create our embroideries.  

8 sewing8 sewing 2

Last but not least we won the cloakroom award again! Well done Hawks and Owls.

8 cloakroom


We have continued to work on our forces work in Science. We created our own hypothesis about the effect of friction and then designed our own experiments to see if this was correct. We repeated our experiment several times and worked out the mean of our results so that we could draw accurate and reliable conclusions.

Spring 6 measuring 

Working together to collect accurate readings

We  had great fun working on our music, creating a pulse to accompany our track 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air'.

Spring 6 music

We also put on our warm coats and went outside to take part in the RSPB Great School's Bird watch. We really enjoyed spotting a whole variety of birds on the school grounds and will send off our data to the RSPB and then use it in our Math's data work next half term. 

Spring 6 birds

Looking for birds

Spring 6 bird 2

Found some!

Spring 6 bird group

Recording what we saw

Have a great Half Term Everyone!


This week we have finished our epic tales. We have worked so hard developing our writing style, vocabulary, punctuation skills and our editing techniques. We are rightly proud of our achievements. 

Spring tree house

On Friday the year 6 fundraising and community committees proudly accepted the cheque from Mick George to help us with our school tree house project.

Spring 5 cloakroom

And finally... we won the cloakroom award again! well done everyone for showing care and respect for our school.


This week we have been working on our epic tales inspired by Beowulf. We wrote each chapter independently and then shared our writing with each other and worked together to evaluate it before we redrafted, edited and improved our stories.

Spring week 4 proof reading

Enjoying sharing each others writing

Spring week 4 proof reading together

What exciting adventures we have written

Spring week 4 story telling chair

Choosing to perform our own tales

On Friday we had an open math's morning where we opened our doors to our parents. Thank you to all those who were able to attend.  

Spring week 4 helping each other out

Working out the maths problems together

Spring week 4 maths morning

And finally... we won the cloakroom award!

Spring week 4 cloakroom


This week we were lucky enough to have been visited by a German Puppeteer. He introduced us to his puppets Casper and Gretel and taught us the traditional song to call the puppets up.

Spring week 3 german 2

We helped him to perform an exciting story involving bandits and travel.

Spring week 3 plpane

We even had to perform a dance to help Casper and his friends win 'The Max Factor' talent show.

Spring week 3 dancing

We have continued to share the story of Beowulf at the end of the day. To master our story telling skills some of us have volunteered to read to the class.

Spring week 3 reading

Finally CONGRATULATIONS to Hawks and Owls for coming joint first in the Cloakroom Award this week.



This week Hawk's class were visited by the Kick Ash Team, a group of year 10 pupils from St Peter's School working with the PHSE Service, who came to talk to the class about smoking and to dispel some myths about how many children actually smoke at secondary school. They had organised a range of activities which the class joined in with.  

Spring 2 group 2

Working together to collect our ideas

Spring 2 Kickash group 3


We also investigated magnets in Science, trying to write our observations using scientific language. 

Spring 2 magnets

Investigating whether magnets attract or repel



What a great start to the new year. Hawk's Class have returned keen and eager to learn and have worked hard on our class resolution to ensure all our work is beautifully presented.  Our new topic this term is 'Smashing Saxons and Vicious Vikings?'. To start our topic we went into our woods and gathered around to start listening to the tale of Beowulf, we are all hoping that a hero will arrive soon to save everyone from the hideous monster, Grendel.

Spring 1 Beowulf book 004 


A happy Christmas to everyone. Thank you so much for all the get well soon messages, Christmas cards and presents which Mrs Leivers has kindly delivered to me, they meant a lot. I am on the mend and am looking forward to seeing you all again in January. Have a brilliant break and rest. Mrs Smith

 1 christingle

9.12 16

Guten Tag! We have been very busy taking part in a week of German Christmas Festivities. On Wednesday we worked in our house groups to take part in a range of German Christmas craft activities. Here are some of our creations.

12 german day

We then prepared our activities for Friday's German Open Afternoon. We organised lots of fun games and crafty creations to entertain, teach and test our parents.

12 preparing

Testing our games work

12 german trees

Great team work guys

We really enjoyed having the opportunity to share our learning with everyone.  

12 sharing with parents

Felix and Franci help out

12 frogs



This week we have been investigating rust. We have all set our own enquiry question which we are investigating. Some are investigating how different materials rust, others how the temperature affects the rusting process and some how metal reacts in different liquids. Each morning we have been checking our experiment and recording our observations. 

12 science

It was the Christmas Fayre this week and we were hard at work selling, trying to raise money and awareness of our tree house appeal.  

12 fayre

25. 11. 16

This week we undertook the boat challenge. We had to design and build vessels which would hold 200g afloat for 60 seconds. We had a range of resources available but each had a cost and we had to calculate the cost of each design before we could build it. Wooden sticks were priced at £1.15, plastic straws 75p, duct tape was 35p a cm, plastic cups £3.75 and food bags £1:02. We had to apply our knowledge of decimals to multiply and add the amounts to find the correct totals. 

Autumn 11 design

Discussing the best options and calculating costs.

Autumn 11 testing Autumn 11 boat

Testing our boats to see if they would float

We had to show real perseverance and resilience as we tried, failed and learnt from all our mistakes. Because of our determination we were eventually rewarded with success.

Autumn 11 boats which worked

Great teamwork Hawks!

Autumn 11 boat smiles

Autumn 11 smiles 2



Well done year 6 for organising and running our Children in Need Celebrations

Pin the patch on the Pudsey

Face painting- spots or paws anyone?

Autumn 11 Children in need close up

Being kind and caring as we raise money for Children in Need

Autumn 11 Children in need faces

Autumn 11 Children in need bag throw

Ball throw anyone?

11 children in need

What a team!

This week is anti-bullying week. As part of our Dance work we have been working on creating positions which represent the different emotions experienced when people are bullied or are bullying others. 

10 bully1 10 bully 4
10 bully 2 10 bully8
10 bully 7 10 bully 5

 We then started work on combining these positions to create a dance routine.

10 bully 9 10 bully 8



This week in science we have been investigating how to separate materials. We experimented with different mixes of materials using different techniques.

9 magnets

Sepatating a mixture of magnetic and non magnetic materials

9 magnets 2


9 sieving

...decanting and filtering too.

We have had some wonderful homelearning in this week: beautiful poems, stunning (and very glittery) pieces of art and even a full sized guy complete with wheel barrow!

9 guy

A penny for the guy?

9 fireworks

A miniature firework stand

Our poppies have returned looking beautiful. To mark Remembrance Day we arranged them on the grass mound to form the centrepiece to our Remembrance Assembly at which we also read some of our powerful writing based on a photo from WW1.

9 unpacking 1

Carefully unpacking our poppies.

9 poppy laying

The finished result looking amazing

4. 11.16

Welcome back after half term. This week we have been inspired by a poignant picture taken during World War one of a lone soldier. We have used this as inspiration for some writing which we are going to display in the school hall.

8 soldier

Inspiring our writing

8 hall display

Creating work to be proud of.

Also on the theme of remembrance we have glazed our poppies which we hope to have returned to us in time for Remembrance Day.

8 glazing

Making sure we got a good coat of red glaze

8 glazing 2

Beautiful poppies

8 poppies 1

We have also taken part in our school's sponsored skip for The British Heart Foundation. Well done to everyone and thank you to all of your parents, relatives and friends who have pledged sponsorship.

8 skipping

Watch us go!

8 skipping counting

Counting each others skips


This week we have been busy learning about how information is sent through the internet. We learnt that information is cut up into small pieces called packages and that these packages are labelled not only with information about where they are travelling to and from but with instructions for how they are to be reordered once they have arrived. To illustrate this we split into groups of four. Each group had a copy of the Jabberwocky poem which we had to send through the internet (piping). The poem was too big to send in one sheet (it got jammed) so we had to cut it into many small pieces. Before we did this each group had to decide how their pieces would be identified from the other groups copy and how they would know the order of the poem. 

7 internetDiscussing the best approach before we start to cut.

Once we thought all the pieces would be small enough to travel through the pipes (internet) all the pieces from each team were muddled up and sent though the pipes from one box (computer) to another.

7 internet pipesWill they fit? 

7 pipes internet

Creating our own model of the internet, the 'roadways' which allow information to travel from one computer to another.

Once the information had travelled through the internet it had to be sorted back into its separate documents. We had to see if we could identify the pieces of the poem which belonged to us.

7 sorting internet

Identifying our data.

We then had to follow our own instructions to reassemble the original poem.

7 jaberwocky


As well as learning about the internet we have been using our symmetry skills to create some Native American designs inspired by the book 'Paddle to the Sea'.

7 symmetry

Hard at work.

We have also been working hard on our gymnastics, again using symmetry to create our routines.

7 gymn

Great partner work and concentration.

7 just hanging around

Just hangin' 

Have a great half term everyone.


This week we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to make clay poppies in readiness for Remembrance Day. We rolled out our clay and cut out six heart shapes which we formed into petals. We then used slip to 'glue' these onto a centre and finished them off with a decorated centre piece. 

6 dirty hands

Making objects with clay is dirty work.

6 C clay popy

Look what we have made

6 beautiful poppies

... stunningly beautiful poppies, we can't wait to glaze them.

In our gymnastics lessons we have been working on creating symmetrical movements within our gymnastic routines. We worked beautifully in our pairs to create some wonderful routines on the apparatus.

6 symmetrical routines

Working hard together

6 symmetry

Our skipping challenge continued with us all trying to break our previous totals. We now have our raw data and next week we will work out our average skip and our class total.

6 skipping

Look at us go! 

Not only have we been working hard at school but we have also been hard at work at home too completing some stunning home learning projects on our favourite books. 

6 homework holes

Our favourite authors

 6 homework


6 shop homework

... and favourite scenes. Here is Raj's corner shop, complete with special offers and Plummer's Weekly with a free U bend from Gangster's Granny. Well done everyone.


This week in our Maths lessons we have been working on our long multiplication skills. As well as deepening our understanding through number problems we have been explaining our methods to each other and justifying our answers.

5 explaining our thinking

Articulating our thinking to others helps us to learn

5 Working on our maths

Working together to agree on an accurate answer

We have also been keen to share our love of reading by sharing books with members of Owls' Class. 

5 sharing our books

A good story should always be shared

Today was our harvest festival and we helped to organise the collection of food donations for Godmanchester Food Bank. After a wonderful assembly by Wrens' class we helped to pack up the food and put it into Jude's car ready to be sorted and distributed by her team.  

5 collecting the donations

Packing up the donations into bags

5 food for collection

Lots and lots of wonderful food

5 food being taken away

Off it goes to families who really need it.

As part of our skipping challenge we have been trying to improve our skipping stamina and skill. After a week of training we counted how many skips we could do in 2 minutes. We will use this data next week in Maths and aim to improve our scores.

5 skipping challenge

Skip to keep our hearts fit


This week we were lucky enough to go on a voyage down the river on board 'The Ladybird'. We had a wonderful trip, experiencing going through a lock, seeing some wonderful wildlife including a kingfisher, cormorant and heron  and even watching the environment agency undertake a fish survey. On our return to school we applied our knowledge of expanded noun phrases to create some amazing shape poems based on our observations. 

ladybird girls

Enjoying our cruise

ladybird trip

ladybird E

Full steam ahead!

ladybird l

'Just messing about on the river'

In music this week we continued to learn about pulse and added some percussion to our performace of 'Livin on a prayer' by Bon Jovi.

Music lesson D

Keeping to the beat

music lesson E

 In science we made models of the water-cycle in food-bags. We drew a diagram of the water cycle on our bag and then filled them with water dyed with blue food colouring. We then stuck them to the window and watched the process of evaporation and condensation. 

Water cycle experiment

Creating our mini water cycle

watercycle on window

Setting up our experiment.

September 2016

As our theme this term is 'The River' we decided to go down to the river and make some sketches in preparation for our Seurat paintings.

1 river visit

 Making our sketches

While returning to school we spotted the strangest thing nestling in some reeds at the edge of the river. We stopped to look and discovered it was a tiny wooden carved boat with a little person in. Carefully, we picked it up and took it back to school where we started asking questions. We wondered where it had come from and where it might have been meant to journey too. We discussed who might have made it and why they had left it in the river. Many of us asked if we could make a boat which could go on a journey and therefore started to think about different materials which we could make such a boat from. It also reminded Mrs Smith of a book she had read called 'Paddle-to-the-sea' which we have started to read. 

1 river visit boat 

Our exciting discovery

In class we started to discuss how the properties of materials would impact on their suitability for making a boat. We decided to start by investigating solubility. We decided to plan and carry out our own experiments to investigate the relative solubility of different sweets. We have been recording our observations scientifically and have tried to give reasons for our findings. 

1 river visit science 

Making careful observations

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