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Kingfishers' Class are our Year 2 group. They are currently being taught by Mrs Read who is assisted by Mrs Stovold and Miss Furness.

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Latest News


We had a wonderful day at Hunstanton. We began our day visiting Hunstanton Sea Life Centre. We saw penguins being fed, the seal hospital, huge sting rays, all sorts of amazing fish, even snakes. Ernie the Turtle was a favourite with us all





H1 H2

We then had lunch in a hotel's garden before heading for the beach.



On the beach we paddled, dug holes, made sandcastles and collected things of interest.






Thank you to the parent helpers who volunteered to help us on this day out, we hope you had fun too! (Mrs Read)



Wow what a busy week!

It began first thing on Monday morning with tennis coachng from David from Huntingdon Tennis Club, we had lots of fun and have two more sessions, so make sure you have your kit ready for Monday. Then on Tuesday after having read The Journey, we took our own boats (which we had made in Science), down to the River and imagined launching them on a journey. We began planning our stories sitting by the river; a family of cygnets and plenty of ducks came to investigate.


R1 R2

On Thursday we had our first chance to explore the treehouse. It was amazing, we all loved it and can't wait to use it. 






Then on Friday we had our Sikh wedding. The children all looked fabuous in their wedding clothes and all performed their roles perfectly, Wrens class enjoyed watching. Here are some photographs taken by the offiial photographers Angus and Caleb. 

SW1 Sw2


Finally to finish the week it was lovely to see so many dads come and share their children's work. Have a lovely weekend.  (Mrs Read)


Fd3 Fd4



We have had a busy start to the half term working with different classes. On Wednesday Eagles class led us through lots of Sports Science activities to challenge our co-ordination, throwing and catching skills, speed jumping and reaction times. Thank you to Year 5, they did a great job encouraging us with the activities  and we had great fun. It was lovely to see some of the children challenging you afterwards at the parents event. 

SS1   SS2SS3


In Maths we have continued our measuring focus,  looking at bigger measurements- we have been measuring how far we can jump and how far we can throw and solving some maths challenges.    

M2  M 1

M3  M5

Owls came today to show us how to use Mathletics. We had a go at creating our own avatars, we challenged others on the live mathletics and tried some of the activities. Thank you to Owls. (Mrs Read)

Mat1  Mat2

Mat3 Mat4


We have continued our measuring topic in maths, we were challenged to find 3 different places outside where the temperature was different and think why it had changed.   (Mrs Read)Temp2

We also continued to measure the length concentarting on smaller measuements. We measured our feet and then compared and ordered them.                                                                                                                                                                





After all our hard work this half term we finished our week with a treat. Have a lovely break Kingfishers, enjoy being out and about. 



This week we have been busy finding out all about lighthouses. We enjoyed listening to the story of Grace Darling and her famous rescue and have written our own biographies about her. We then looked at lots of different types of lighthouses before designing and making our own. This afternoon we even managed to light them up. 

Designing our lighthouse.


Making and painting our lighthouses.



Making a circuit to light up our lighthouses.


The final product!


On Thursday we took part in Outdoor Learning Day. In Maths we had to measure the capacity of the container and then measure how big a puddle it made. 

OD1       OD2

OD4      OD3

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the village to look for places used by the community.

OD5  OD7


Last week we began our topic of 'By the seaside' by reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We enjoyed retelling the story and then writing our own versions.

Lighthouse keeper 1

This week has been all about problem solving. Our first challenge was to deisgn a disgusting sandwich to scare the seagulls away. We used amazing adjectives and super similes to describe our sandwiches, very imaginative ideas. Today Mr Grinling wrote to the class asking for their help, he needed a seagull proof basket to put his lunch in. The children made baskets out of twigs, foil and cardboard, great team work produced successsful baskets.


             BM3 BM4


We also had to work out how to transport Mr. Grinling's lunch, as his zip wire had broken. This was a bit of challenge but we managed to make our own zip wires and  we investigated how to make the basket move without us pushing it. We were lucky to have some year 4's come and help us.  Can anyone work out how we could get the lunch back to the cottage? Mrs Read


ZW3 ZW 5



We have had a very busy term, we have thoroughly enjoyed our topic of The Great Fire of London. We finished the topic this week by being newspaper reporters collecting lots of information so we could make our own newspaper, reporting the facts to others. The children did a fabulous job creating these reports in our Big Write. We also finished our science investigation to see if we had chosen the best material to save the ice trolls from melting, most of us were successful! Today we enjoyed participating in the Sports afternoon organised by Year 5, we tried lots of different activities. A highlight of our week was a visit from Mrs Grant, the chidren enjoyed sharing their news and Mrs Grant brought in a fascinating show and tell, a mummified wood mouse. The children have worked hard and have been a pleasure to teach, I hope you all have a lovely Easter break.Mrs Read

IT 1

IT 2



It was lovely to see so many Mums and a few Dads today, the children really enjoyed sharing their work with you, thank you for coming in. Mrs Read






We had a wonderful day on Tuesday on our Great Fire of London Day. The children looked fantastic and really entered into the spirit of the day. Thank you for helping the children play their role by providing their costumes. Also a big thank you to the parent helpers on the day, you helped make the day successful.

The children began their day by meeting Master Patrick in London, who told them a fire had started in Pudding Lane but not to worry as it was in the distance. The children all took on different jobs like sewing, weaving, making scent bags, writing with quills, catching rats, playing grusome barber surgeons, bread making, grinding herbs to make medicine, designing and making leather book marks and clay pot moulds for making buttons. Throughout the morning as the fire spread the children were given lots of information and took part in lots of exciting role play as well as trying different activities/ jobs. In the afternoon the children became archaeologists looking in Dig boxes to see what was left behind and using the clues to work out who they might belong to. The children all enjoyed the day and learnt lots.  Mrs Read


In our last week of the half term our focus was the RSPB School Bird Watch.We began the week by following instructions to prepare a Cheerio and a Cookie Cutter bird seed feeder to attract the birds to the playground. We also made and then wrote our own instructions for a fat ball feeder. We hung these in the trees and on a bird table outside our classroom,which Mr. James kindly found for us and waited patiently. On Friday afternoon we took part in different  bird activities ( Top Trump Birds, pastel drawings, lego and play dough models) whilst we each took our turn to count birds visiting the school. Mrs Read

 BW11  BW10

BW9   BW8

BW6  BW5





Thank you for coming in today to the Maths Open Morning, I know the children thoroughly enjoyed working with you and sharing their addition strategies.We have had a busy two weeks. We enjoyed a  materials hunt around the school to find out what things are made from.We have looked at lots of bridges; did you know you could run a whole marathon over the longest bridge in the world and the tallest bridge is taller than the Eiffel Tower. We have rewritten our own version of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, we have had flies, dormice, foxes, dogs all crossing the Troll's Bridge! This week we visited our local church and asked Reverend Boucher lots of questions.In Art and Technology we painted mega structure buildings using different techniques and today we finally had chance to use lots of our boxes to build! Mrs Read


Painting 2


Church 2

Church 1

Materials 4

Materials 2



Bridges 1

Bridges 2

7.1. 17

Happy New Year to you all. We have had a lovely two days hearing about the children's Christmas holdays; some very early Christmas mornings!  I have enjoyed getting to know the children, they have made a super start to the new term and have come back full of enthusiasm. I have sent home with the children a little' All About Me Bag' and have asked them  to put  one thing in that they would like to share with the class to tell me about themselves; during the week they will have an opportunity to share these. I look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks.Thank you for all the boxes, this will help us with our topic for the term on Megastructures. At the moment we have quite a lot, so I will let you know when we need some more. Mrs Read                                 Week 1Week 1 2

                    Week 1 3Week 1 4


We are currently busy practising for our Christmas assembly which takes place next week; I have put a link to all of the song words on our 'Home Learning' page....please feel free to learn at home.  It is useful if your child can bring their script back and forth to school each day as we need them for rehearsals, I will then send them home each afternoon.


We've had some lovely afternoons this week, getting out and about enjoying the chilly but glorious weather.  This afternoon we went for a walk around the village on the hunt for buildings and places that are used, but not lived in, by people in our community.  Yesterday, we drew maps of our playground - we identified key features and attempted to create an aerial view which was quite tricky! The children impressed me with the way they focused on their learning outdoors and worked so well with their talking partners.








What a busy couple of weeks we've had! On Friday we took part in our sponsored skip in order to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.  We enjoyed our afternoon of skipping and jumping activities along with Mrs Read and Kestrels (Y4).




Thank you for sponsoring your child (and for contacting friends and family further afield to sponsor!); we've really enjoyed learning to skip and have all made some progress with how many skips we can do.

This afternoon we had a great afternoon with Wrens - we held a joint sports afternoon and took part in a circuit of activities along with other members of our houses.  We were helped by a group of Year 5 and 6 Play Leaders - thanks to all of you.





It was a chilly afternoon but we kept ourselves warm by carrying out our activities very enthusiastically; however please ensure that your child has warm trousers and a sweatshirt (not just their usual school jumper or cardigan) as we will be doing outdoor PE throughout the year unless it is too wet. 


Our Trip to Salcey Forest

 We had a brilliant time on our trip to Salcey Forest!  We loved looking for shapes and numbers in the environment around us, and were excellent at measuring sticks to build a fraction wall.  Undoubtedly our favourite part of the day was the Treetop walk.....it was a little wobbly and very high at the top but everyone leaving having a real 'bird's eye view' from the very top.  Some people were convinced that they could see the school, London and even France! Kingfishers were great to take out for the day and their behaviour was first class.

Thanks to our parent volunteers who accompanied us on the day.

 salcey1 salcey2  salcey3 
 salcey4  salcey5 salcey6 
 salcey7 salcey8   salcey9
salcey10  salcey 11   salcey12



Salcey Forest Trip Information

The following information will be sent home as a letter this evening:

"Kingfishers trip to Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire will take place next Tuesday (11th October).  The whole day will take place outdoors so children need to come to school suitably prepared:

*waterproof jacket

*comfortable wellies/walking shoes

*warm socks (if wearing wellies) and spare pair of socks

*jeans or outdoor trousers

*no school uniform!

*snacks and packed lunch


All of this needs to be packed into a comfortable rucksack that your child can carry about with them – we will not be leaving rucksacks at the coach or centre!

It would be a good idea for your child to have plenty of smaller food items to eat during the day as we may do a bit of ‘grazing’ whilst we’re on the go or moving from one place to another.

Please feel free to see me if you have any queries or questions; we’re all really looking forward to our trip and I have no doubt that we’ll have a fantastic, fun-packed day."

 Monday 3rd October

 Welcome to our new website and Kingfishers web page! We've had a great start to the term and really enjoyed our trip along the river on the Ladybird Boat.  We were lucky enough to see kingfishers, swans and herons along the way. 

 river1web river2web river3web

river4web river5web river6web river7web

We're really looking forward to our trip to Salcey Forest (Tuesday 11th October); we're prepared for walking and being outdoors for the day. 


 A few photos taken by a visiting photographer at the start of term...

p174135445 2   p583462526 2
p717984051 2 p199319714 2 p763901063 2
p856825340 2   p867134856 2

Photos: Alastair Grant www.bokehphotographic.co.uk

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