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Owls (Y3)

Owls' Class are our Year 3  group. They are taught by Mrs Davison who is assisted by Mrs White, Mrs Richards, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Roberts.

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Latest News

21st July

A big thank you from the Owls' team for all your lovely cards, best wishes and gifts. Thank you also for your support over the last year.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer.

From the Owls' team: Mrs Davison, Mrs White, Mrs Richards, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Roberts

29th June

We finally got to visit The Manor in Hemingford Grey this week. We had a lovely walk across the meadow and through Hemingford Abbots on the way there, but unfortunately we did get rather wet walking back. The children loved the house and were very excited to 'step into' the setting of our class novel The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy Boston. We also learnt a lot about the history of the house. It is believed to be the oldest, continuously inhabited house in Britain and the back of the house dates back to Norman times. When we sat in the music room, Mrs Boston told us that people would have been sitting in that same room almost 900 years ago. The patchwork quilt room was amazing and has inspired the children to start creating their own tessellating patterns.


The children have also enjoyed playing in the new treehouse.


9th June

It has been a busy week in Owls' Class. On Tuesday a sports coach from Grafham Water came to do some outdoor and adventurous activities with the children. Unfortunately it was raining so we had to stay inside, but the children still had a lot of fun working together in teams to solve challenges. He will be coming every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks. We hope to get outside next week.

On Wednesday Owls' class enjoyed taking part in the Sports Science activities. The Year 5's  from Eagles' Class were brilliant at leading all the different activities and encouraging the children.

  This morning Owls' Class helped the children in Kingfishers' Class to get started on Mathletics. They helped them create their avatar and then showed them how to navigate the site. There was lots of excitement when they played Live Mathletics.

22nd May

Owls' Class had a great day at Flag Fen today learning about the Bronze Age. As well as being archaeologists and examing artefeacts (one was 6000 years old!) they also made clay pots in the same way they would have been made in the Bronze Age. The highlight was sitting round a campfire in the Roundhouse listening to a story.


Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorImage may contain: outdoor and natureImage may contain: 2 people, people sitting

 Image may contain: 2 people Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

19th May

On Thursday Owls took part in National Outdoor Learning day. They took their maths outside and worked together  to solve a maths trail around the playground. They also did colour matching and sketching on the field.



Owls have been busy learning about the Stone Age. They  made model hunters' shelters in the classroom, then went out on the field to make life size shelters. They had to use plastic sheeting instead of animal skins but they did cut their string using flint stones




28th April

Owls have a busy term ahead! Our topic this half term is the Stone Age,Bronze Age and Iron Age and we have a tripped planned to Flag Fen, the site of a Bronze Age settlement, in a few weeks time. We would also like to  invite you to our class assembly on Friday 26th May at 9 am in the School Hall.

31st March

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable Easter Holiday. We had a lovely end to the term this afternoon, playing games on the field that had been organised by year 5.


24th March

Congratulations to all of Owls' Class for their amazing performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

this week. They all sang and performed  brilliantly.Image may contain: 11 people, people standing

 If you would like to see more photographs of the show, please visit the school Facebook page.


17th March

Mexicolore visited us today and gave an amazing presentation to the children on the Ancient Maya.

The children got to dress up and participate in many different activities, including taking part in the ancient ball game pok-ta-pok. 

In class the children have been making clay pots in the same way the Maya would have made pots 2000

years ago.


  Some of Owls' Class did their Level 1 Bikeability training this week.


 We are also very proud of the children who took part in the  Yr 3/4 Hunts Schools' Sports Partnership Gymnastics Competition. 

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In addition to all these exciting activities, Owls' Class have also been busy practicing for our special presentation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next week. There has also been some well-deserved fun and relaxation at playtimes, trying out the games in our new playtime boxes.


10th March

This week the children have  been learning about how to care for their teeth. Mrs Palmer came and gave a very informative talk to the children. They should now all know the best way to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

We did an experiment in science to see what effect different drinks have on our teeth. We used egg shells to act as our teeth and left them submerged in different drinks for 3 nights.The results were shocking! The egg shell that was completely worn away , leaving just a very soft membrane round the egg, was the one that had been left in 'no added sugar' blackcurrant squash. 

10th February

Owls' Class have had a busy week! On Tuesday, Emma Cope from Hotel Chocolat, visited Years 3 and 4  and talked to the children about how chocolate is made. This inspired the children to design a new chocolate bar for Hotel Chocolat. They came up with some very mouth-watering suggestions. After brainstorming ideas and conducting some market research into the most popular flavours, they quickly got busy making their chocolate bars. Today they designed their wrappers and the bars are all ready for you taste. Please give feedback on the sheet the children have taken home.


The finished bars all wrapped and ready to go:

  We even have our own cacao tree plantation in the classroom.

The children have also been busy designing a new educational board game 'From Bean to Bar ' that explains how chocolate is made in a fun way. Eagles class helped us test them out and we enjoyed playing their maths board games.




27th January

It was lovely to have some mums and dads join us in our maths lesson this morning. The children enjoyed having them as a new talking partner and were brilliant at sharing their learning. Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Spring week 4 014

Well done to Owls' and Hawks' classes for winning the Tidiest Cloakroom Award this week. 

20th January

This week Tobias,  from The Goethe Institut, came to help with our German. He treated the children to a puppet and music show and they had the chance to help with the puppets, sing songs in German and learn lots of new vocabulary.


12th January

 Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

The children have come back full of enthusiasm and are already working hard. This week they have been learning to tell the time. In year 3,  children have to be able to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks. It would be very helpful if you could help your child to become confident at telling the time. There are lots of games and activities online that you could play with them, as well as referring regularly to the clocks in your house (and car). Wearing an analogue watch can also be a big help.

Games online include: the Time section in Rainforest Maths in Mathletics,                                                     http://www.teachingtime.co.uk/  also has a selection of games and activities                                                BBC Bitesize (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/maths/telling_the_time/play/) is good  for help with half past/quarter past/quarter to the hour.

Owls' Class have also made a great start to their new topic: Chocolate. They have written poems in the style of Michael Rosen after sampling some chocolate. They have conducted an experiment to see if their taste buds can distinguish between dark, white and milk chocolate, and they have started to research where chocolate comes from. More details about this term's learning can be found on our Newsletter which will be sent out shortly.

21st December

Mrs White, Mrs Richards, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Roberts and myself would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope that you all enjoy the Christmas break. We would also like to thank you for all the lovely cards, gifts and Christmas wishes. We shall look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

1 christingle

9th December

Thank you to everyone who came to our German Open Afternoon this afternoon. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with family and friends. 

Our 'German Market' Christmas door.

We hope you enjoyed our homemade German Lebkuchen.

The Apfelkuchen was delicious too!

Hast du ein Haustier?


25th November

Today the children sang brilliantly in the whole school sharing assembly. The song was called A River's Tale and was all about the course of a river. It also included many different rivers from different parts of the world. It was particularly impressive when they split into two parts at the end.

During the assembly three of Owls' class were also awarded prizes from competitions held during last week's Children In Need Day.

This afternoon we had a lovely time practicing our football, hockey, rugby and netbal skills during the Sports Afternoon.


11th November

This week in science we have been learning about food chains.The children created their own food chains identifying the producer, prey and predator in each chain.

 In art we are creating a river scene. The children worked in pairs on different parts of the collage.

Our  ceramic  poppies have been fired and glazed. They looked spectacular out on the mound. We all stood round them to observe the 2 minute silence today.



4th November 

This week we have been out in the autumn sunshine admiring the  colourful leaves on the trees.They have inspired some amazing descriptive poems and fantastic observational drawings.



21st October 2016

We had a lovely end to the half term today participating in the Sports Afternoon. There were lots of skipping and jumping activities. Lots of the children earned house points for demonstrating the Sports Values.


Earlier in the week Mr White visited from the Raptor Foundation. Now we are Owls' Class we loved seeing the different owls he brought in.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable  holiday.

 14th October

In English lessons Owls' Class have been reading The Raft by Jim Lamarche. They have also been busy designing, making and testing their own rafts.

Owls' Class have also been busy making a start on their clay poppies.

September 2016: Welcome to Owls' new class webpage.

Owls have had a great start to the new school year. They have settled very well into their new class and into Key Stage 2.They are already working very hard and are looking forward to sharing their learning with you this coming Friday (7.10.16) during the Open Afternoon

Last week we enjoyed a trip on the Ladybird Boat. We went through the lock and cruised up to Hemingford Grey. We saw lots of wildlife on the way including kingfishers, moorhens, coots ducks, swans and a cormorant.


 Back in class the children have been very  busy. 


Partitioning numbers in maths. 

Following the course of the Great Ouse on an Ordnance Survey map.

Investigating which fruits float and which sink. There were some surprising results!

A few photos taken by a visiting photographer at the start of term...

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Photos: Alastair Grant www.bokehphotographic.co.uk








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