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Home Learning - Owls

Date set:Friday 7th July

 As it is Feast Week next week the children can have an extra week to complete their home learning. Please hand in by Friday 14th July.

For your home learning this week please research one of the artists that have inspired the songs for our singing concert.

You can be as creative as you like in the way you present your learning.


 Lowry  (Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs)

Escher  (Hey Escher)

Geogia O'Keeffe (I Love The Flowers)

Edvard Munch  (Creepy Castle)

 Mathletics: Log on to www.mathletics.co.uk to find your personalised home learning. Your Mathletics user name and password are stuck in the front of your reading diaries.

We are encouraging the children to do other activities on Mathletics to support their learning. These activities do not have 'points' but will make a difference to your child's understanding, knowledge and skills. Thank you for supporting them at home.

Spellings - No spellings set this week.

   Times Tables - No times tables set this week.

Mild Medium Spicy
Times Tables




Tests for spelling and times tables will be on Thursdays

Reading:  For details look in the General Information section below.

Key Stage 2 Home Learning  -  General Information

In Key Stage 2 we will be setting home learning tasks each week in reading, spelling and maths. Home learning tasks will be set on Fridays, posted on our class webpage.

Reading: Every day (minimum 20 minutes)

Spelling: One activity a week

Times Tables: One activity a week

Mathletics: 2 or 3 activities a week

I will talk to the children about their €˜home learning€™ each week so that they know what they are doing. Some times the activities will be revising a concept, sometimes the activities will be practising something we are currently learning, sometimes the activities will be extending their learning.

Reading: At Houghton Primary School we ask that the children read every day at home. Your child can read their book from school (usually their Accelerated Reader book) or a book from home. If they read a book from home they may be able to quiz on it in school if it is on the Accelerated Reader system. We can check for them in school.

How much the children read each day will vary. Some children will happily read for an hour, most for less. We would like all children to read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day to build on the reading that we do with them in school. The children will record the books they have read in their Reading Diaries. There is nothing to €˜hand in€™. I will monitor the children€™s reading progress through their work with them in reading activities/lessons in school, through the regular structured reading conversations that I have with children and through the children's outcomes and €˜engaged reading times€™ on the Accelerated Reader programme which I check weekly.

Spelling: I will be setting spelling as a home learning task each week.They do not need to €˜hand in any €˜work€™ in to school. I will find out how they have got on with their spelling home learning when I test them on spelling, €“ usually on Thursdays. I will send their marked test home so that you can see how they have got on.

Times Tables: I will be setting activities relating to times tables as a home learning task each week. There will be 3 levels of times table task: Mild, Medium and Spicy. The children will work on one of the activities. I will guide them about which level to choose. Again, they do not need to hand in€™ any €work€™ in to school. I will find out how they have got on with their times tables home learning when I test them,€“ usually on Thursdays. I will send their marked test home so that you can see how they have got on.

Mathletics: I will set 3 activities a week which will need to be completed by the following Thursday.

Home Learning Journals

Every fortnight we will set the children a task which they will have a week to complete. The work will come home on a Friday and they will be expected to return this by the following Thursday.

We want the children to approach each activity in as creative a manner as possible. For example they could include booklets, lift out flaps, use collage techniques or computers to actually have fun and enjoy completing the work set in a way which interests them.

The children will still be expected to engage in their daily reading and Mathletics work, and will also continue to be assessed in their spelling and number work as normal.

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