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Robins' Class are our Reception group. They are taught by Mrs Taylor who is assisted by Mrs Race, Mrs Dennis and Ms Marshall.

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Many, many thanks for all the support you have all shown us in the past year.  You have made a big difference in helping us to help your child.  Robins have learnt such a great deal because they are an inquisitive bunch!  Also many thanks for your cards, best wishes and gifts. We hope you all enjoy a free and easy summer with no "school get ups" for weeks now!

From the Robins Team

Mrs Race

Mrs Dennis

Ms Marshall

Mrs  Taylor


wb 10.07.17

Many,, many thanks for supporting our sports day!  The children were all excited to perform their skills which they have been practising for a long time.  All were such good sports!  

Starting Monday we will be creating a dream holiday.  This might be at home or away.  We might need holiday catalogues and brochures to help us dream so if you have any please can you send them in?   We will write a brochure ourselves for "staycations" and those experiences which take us further afield.

In mathematics and phonics we will be revising previous ideas and work.  Just so you know if you are following us on the Phonics Play website we have begun work on Phase 5 phonics, especially the high frequency words which can also be found attached to the children's reading diaries.  Many thanks for supporting us by reading with your children at home.  It really helps!!

wb 19.06.17


This week we are learning about pirates - real and fictional.  Robins want to tell you:

1.  "Blackbeard was one of the fiercest pirates but Black Beard was not his real name. Edward Teach was." Emily

2.  "Pirates eat from square plates."  Leah  (..that is why we say "square meals" for good food)

3.  "Pirates had nasty biscuits and when it got really hot worms went eating the biscuit.  They had to tap it to get the worms out."  Elsa

4.  "There were girl pirates."  Ella M

5."They were fierce."  Olivia

6. "They were fierce fighters."  Oliver

7.  "Powder monkeys got the gun powder for emergencies like battles.  Powder monkeys were children."  Hallie

8  "Pirates bury treasure so other pirates don't go and get it and they bury it quickly during a battle. Henry, Sophie, Isabella.

9.  Pirates hardly ever made people walk the plank because they needed them to get more treasure.  Hallie



web page pirate hats

Making pirate hats

web page making pirate flags

Making scary pirate flags .  Hannah says they needed to be scary to scare the navy.


Pirate George below decks.pirate george


pirates treehouse 2 008web page pirate suppliesSupplying the ship


web page pirate foodPirate grub


web page pirates Hannah Olivia

                                                                        Lady pirates!!  Be afraid.


wb 12.06.17

What a great week of learning we have had!  We worked very hard on making sums for given numbers.  Some were very posh and even included negative numbers.  Children also explored what happens when you subtract using the same numbers.  Children know their doubles now and it would be very useful if you practised these regularly at home.  Many times children used theor knowledge of doubles to help them with calculating.  Estimation work has really come along too.  This can be practised at home also.

We spent the week baking remembering how wheat was made after a memorable trip to our water-powered mill.  Stories like The Little Red Hen were most useful!

Fires were built in the woodland and the children remembered this work from last November using words like "embers" and "oxygen" to explain what they saw.


web page the mill 1

On June 8th Robins visited Houghton Mill.  This is what they would like to tell you:

1.  "Water from the river makes the mill go." - Isabella

2.  "It turns the cogs on the big wheels inside the mill."  Ella M and George

3.  "The big wheels helps to grind the wheat into flour."  Felicity




wb 22.05.17

This week we will be using pennies in our maths so if you have any pennies you would like to get rid of please send them in.  We will be talking a great deal about money including saving it! We will be saving endangered sea life in our language work so if you have any books or toys to reflect this we would be grateful.  Afternoons will be spent out and about and  in the woodland looking at seasonal changes. 


This says it all for our weather this past week!19.05.17 WEB RAINY DAY

wb 02.05.17

Some memories from our Ladybird voyage:

WEB 27.04.17

WEB PAGE 2 27.04.17

WEB PAGE 3 27.04.17









wb 24.04.17





Onn Wednesday, 26th April Robins will be cruising the Ouse on The Ladybird.  By now you should all have received an email regarding this trip.  Please contact the school office if you have not received this information.  

To summarise, the trip will start at 10a.m. with one group of about 13 - 14 children.  Then it will return an hour later to swap with the remaining children.  No extra snacks... are needed but please have your child dress for the weather.  Sun cream on in the morning please.  Parents are asked to donate £3 for the cruise.

Hopefully we will cruise through the lock system as well  to support our work on water/rivers/oceans this term.

In mathematics and science we will be thinking about weight and floating/sinking.  In our language activities we will be working on Wind in the Willows with numerous trips to our own riverbank to see if we can spot Moley and Ratty. Story-telling will take place under a willow tree near the river bank.  We will also be taking a close look at all sorts of boats.

Children will be building their own boats this week so recycling treasures would be greatly appreciated!

Again, many thanks for your on-going support especially with the phonics and reading.  It makes such a difference!

 ROBINS' CLASS TRIP (TO BE CONFIRMED) :  We will be cruising down the River Ouse on The Ladybird on Wednesdday, April 26th from 10 - 12 a.m..  We will send further information before we break up for Easter once the trip is confirmed.  We usually make a donation of £3 per child to cover running costs.  I will send a letter home to all parents nearer to the time.


wb 27.03.17 

Here is a message from Robins:

"Dear Mums and Dads,

Next week please can we bring books about rabbits or Easter to school because that is what we will be learning about."

xxxooo Robins


wb 20.03.17


This week will involve MANY stories about bears and much of the work will be outdoors.  Based on Old Bear, we will be comparing lengths and distances in Mathematics stressing language surrounding the topic. The children will continue to write labels, captions and sentences based on their phonic knowledge and spelling of tricky words.  Robins will also be solving problems like how on earth will we move the enormous Teddy from the library to the classroom.

WEB PAGE 20.03.17  Just dancing, like you do in a school day.

 WEB .17.03.17  The winner of our dodecagon challenge is Nicole who worked out how to cover the dodecagon space 7 different ways!

wb 13.03.17


This week we will allow our brains to absorb  the huge amount of new information learnt in the last week or so.  Robins will practise these new ideas in their choosing times too (e.g. sharing, halving, doubling, patterning, comparing masses/weights, counting, writing sentences, reading with fluency).

I have just one quick request for this week.  In phonics we will be learning the ear sound in words (as in fear).  If you have any books in which this sound is prominent please send it in and we will share it.  It's a tricky one so we will focus only on this in phonics.  Please support your child by practising the tricky words in their bags too. Many thanks for your support!


wb 06.03.17

This week it's all about doubles, halves and sharing   This is easily supported at home by getting your children to help with practical tasks at home like sorting socks... .  The book focus is Norah's Ark along with other books on the same topic of doubling.  The children will also be building arks with hammers, saws and nails for which we will need kitchen roll and cereal boxes if you have any to donate.  

We will be outdoors a great deal of the time so we will be needing their wellies and waterproofs.

wb 20.02.17

Hopefully after a long break we will be free of the many illnesses that have been hindering us just before half term! In mathematics Robins will be exploring what makes 5.  This is harder than it seems! They will also carry on counting accurately well beyond ten and twenty, using their "counting in tens skills" to help them.  

We will carry on with the Elephants theme by looking at fiction and non-fiction. Robins will use their phonic knowledge to write with growing independence.  Role play concerning the welfare of animals will continue based on texts and documentaries.  Phase 3 Phonics will continue concentrating on two tricky digraphs or and ur. Please continue practising the sounds, letters and words which are sent home regularly.

There will also be some pretty tricky problem-solving opportunities on the playground this week, which hopefully your children will be able to explain.  Robins are also busy painting pictures which look amazingly like the artist Paul Klee. 

WEB PAGE OLIVIAProving Mrs Taylor is not always right!


Investigating how many counters a space can holdWEB PICTURE HANNAH

WEB PAGE KLEE PAINTING WITH JAKEA Paul Klee artist in the making!


wb 30.01.17

We have had a great week consolidating some amazing knowledge in mathematics exploring many different shapes.  Now we are ready to move on to measuring things and comparing our findings using some properly posh words!! This week's work will really make us think!

Our stories will have an international flavour exploring the varying ideas of how the world might have started according to different cultures.  We have talked a great deal about differences this past week and how these make us all a bit more interesting.  Robins have also concluded it's great that we are not all the same as this would make our lives confusing and, not to mention, boring!

Our jog around the village was sustained for an extra three minutes at least this past week! Go Robins!  Please remember to send a good pair of trainers.

WB 23.01.17

As you can see from below the Robins Class has been busy learning to be elephant rescuers thanks to a little help from our documentary, Elephant Diaries.  They have been working together as small teams solving the many problems of orphaned baby elephants, showing a great deal of empathy and engagement. Alongside this new learning their vocabulary has grown immensely and they have been able to stick to a theme for extended periods.  They have also been writing about their learning surprising us with beautiful letter formation and phonic knowledge.  This theme will carry on next week when we use the text "The Hunter" which will get them all thinking carefully!


Using an aeroplane to go and rescue elephants in trouble



Being an elephant keeper takes a gentle heart!

Building a nursery for baby elephantsELEPHANT DIARIESIND. CHOOSING TIME 008 MELISSA AND SOPHIE


Looking after poorly babies

Building a rescue centre as seen on Elephant DiariesELEPHANT DIARIESIND. CHOOSING TIME 052 FELICITY ELSA



Receiving an emergency call at the elephant rescue centre


In mathematics we will be continuing to look at 2 and 3-dimensional shapes, talking about their properties and using extremely posh mathematical language.  We don't shy away from using words like e.g. tetrahedron (meaning four-faed).  We can't always remember the names of shapes yet but we are great at explaining them by using words such as faces and edges, so if you have any opportunities to look at shapes you may be amazed by their knowledge.

We are working on phase 3 in Phonics now and you will notice work in your child's book bags reflecting the letters/digraphs (2 letters which make one sound) of the week.  The more engagement there is at home, the more this reflects in their work at school, so thank you for supporting!  Robins' reading and writing is coming on "gang-busers" so please continue supporting at home by checking their reading diaries.

On Tuesday afternoons we go for jogs around the village so it would be great to have a good pair of trainers and suitable clothing in the P.E. bags.


I realise I have forgotten to say a big thank you from all the Robins staff for all the kind Christmas cards, wishes and presents. The children delighted in sharing these with us!


wb 09.01.17

In the next half term we will be learning about elephants.  As a basis to their learning we will be watching Elephant Diaries which will inform their problem solving, role play, working collaboratively and writing.  Information books will be used to further their knowledge on the topic.  Children will learn to use a contents page to help them with their enquiry.

In Mathematics this week we will be counting, comparing, recognising and ordering numbers well beyond 20.

We will begin Phase 3 phonics in earnest but we have dipped into this in the past few weeks for Christmas.  New letters will appear in your child's book bags this week.

Children have been re-grouped simply in order to make new friendships.  They may tell you their new group's name. 


wb 19.12.16

Thank you for supporting our Christmas assembly with applause and enthusiasm!  The children were absolutely delighted with your response.  This week has been a calming week in all the chaos, and it has to be said Robins have coped remarkably well.  We've been for a long walk around the village to inspect chimneys.  The children had great suggestions about how Santa might navigate them!  The last two days of school will include a Christingle service with real candles; a fitting way to leave the term and look forward to a happy Christmas. 

Please be warned there have been many illnesses in the class so your children may just need a very quiet a restful weekend to be able to fight off viruses.  Please remember, it's a good idea to have a plan for when your child becomes ill.  If they are looking a little green around the gills before they come to school, it's probably a good idea to let them have a day or two off.  

wb 05.12.16

We had a great week reading The Jolly Christmas Postman, revisiting many traditional tales.  We treated the wolf to a cozy fire for his den.  We even made him furniture from logs as a reward for "breaking good".  Apologies for coats smelling of camp fire smoke.  

This coming week will be all about keeping it real before Christmas.  In Mathematics we will be covering number bonds and strategies when we are stuck.  We will be making and writing Christmas cards. On Thursday we will be baking gingerbread biscuits.

Just a begging request:  Please can you donate any wrapping paper and some re-cycling (small boxes are ideal) if you can, so we can have a Santa's workshop.  

Many thanks for sending in extra socks for wellies.  We had warm feet and no complaints about being to cold in the woodland!


The beginnings of a nice roaring fire for the poor old wolf!

web site campfire

wb 28.11.16 Website making wolf dens Getting logs to make a cozy wolf den.


wb 21.11.16

This week we will be thinking about what makes a "jolly good" story so if your child has a favourite book at home and they'd like to share it please send it in with their name written on it somewhere.  Robins are beginning to take a real interest in writing and will begin to write captions for stories they make up . Check your book bags for new phonic sounds and letters.  

In mathematics we will be looking at more complex patterns and what is needed to make a pattern "a pattern".  

We will be doing some P.E. outdoors so joggers, socks and trainers are needed now please. 

The children have done some marvellous work on stars this past week, asking amazing questions!  They have also fallen in love with writing!  Can't stop them now.  Please see pictures below.

web 18.11.16 Aaron

Making symmetry.

Web 18.11.16 Alex and AvaMaking stars

web 18.11.16 Felicity

Making "posh shapes" like prisms and pyramids and explaining them too!

Web 18.11.16 Hugo

web 18.11.16 Henry

wb 14.11.16

It's all about the stars this week!  We will be using non-fiction texts to find answers to their many questions which have come up over the last week's work such as "Why can we see the sun during the day but not the other stars?" In Mathematics we will be exploring multiples of 3, 4 and even 6 as part of their work on repeated addition but we will do this by making stars from triangles, squares and hexagons. In phonics we will consolidate our knowledge thus far and begin to  write messages, labels and captions.

Please see below our picture from our work last week.  Children worked hard outdoors all week and especially enjoyed our camp fires.

                                                                                                 Making an owl's nest:

Owls nest Alex and Bella

Sparklers AvaSparklers!


website marshmallows












Roasting marshmallows

wb 07.11.16

Our emphasis continues to be on "Up" and next week we will be talking about darkness, using The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark as a basis of learning in Mathematics, Literature and Language as well as Science/Geography.  Much of the work will take place outdoors so wellies are a must.

Many thanks for your donations for the outdoor classroom.  We will be planting the bulbs in old wellies and placing these in our trees in the woodland in order to watch them grow over time.

P.E. starts in earnest now so please send a full kit for indoor and outdoor P.E. sessions.


Many thanks!





wb 31.10.16

Please remember, Monday 31st October is a training day.

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for supporting Robins in their very first assembly.  They really did you all proud, singing so beautifully and speaking clearly.

After the half term we will be outdoors a great deal again.  Our topic work is called "Up", so anything in this broad realm goes.  As usual, we will let the children choose pathways in their enquiries, all the while practising skills like "researching", in many ways to find answers as well as beginning to "write" labels for their findings based on their phonic knowledge.

We are revamping our outdoor classroom and we could do with a little help.  If you can donate any of the following it would be a great help:

-  interesting stones and rocks

- bits of wood

- bulbs and seeds

- pots for planting

- rope

-clothes pegs

- tarpaulin

Many thanks!

The following are just a few of the many things we have done in the last 2 weeks:

reading web site 10th oct 036Reading!

web page henry 10th oct 001Making slime!

website owls 2016 002












And last but not least owls!!


wb 10.10.16

 Here is a message from your children: 

 Robins want to bring a collection to school.  They said it can be collections of conkers, sticks, feathers, conker shells....  We will add these things to our Autumn collection.

This week will be all about fiction and non-fiction texts centred around castles and fairy tales, so if you have any books you would like to share, please do!  The  children will draw "real-life" drwings of castles and will be building them using photographs to help.

 Mathematics will revolve around those pesky teen numbers.  We will also be counting in tens.  Patterning with more than 2 elements will make up a large part of our work, which of course will take place outdoors. 

 Phonics will continue daily.  This week we will learn m and d.  Robins will learn to blend to read words and they will also spell these words using magnetic letters.  Also children will begin to learn some high frequency words.

Don't forget our class assembly takes place Oct. 21st at 9.00 a.m. in the hall.  Parents are welcome!

 Our Teddy Bear Picnic re-enactment

web picture October 6 020

 web picture October 6 014

September 2016: Our first weeks at school

We have now settled!  Children know their routines and are able to access their environment independently!  You might notice how tired the children are; indeed we have had a number of "sleepers" in the afternoons!  In the next week children will be using size and shape vocabulary and will be thinking about these quite deeply, using rich vocabulary.

Robins are curious!  They ask loads of good questions so in the next week they will get busy finding the answers using a variety of sources.  One of our questions was "how is plastic and metal made?" so for homework they may ask you to look at some cling film and aluminium foil.  They might explain to you how they are made.

We have progressed to learning a few sounds and letters.  Pre-handwriting work is coming along beautifully.  They now know most letters start at the top.  They are beginning to write their names with accurate formation.

web pictures

 Some puddle fun!

web page october 2016

We went on a Bear Hunt hunt, looking for parts of the story and found a river...

long wavy grass

                         ...and long wavy grass!

frozen dancing

Topping our days off with a spot of "Frozen" dancing, of course!


A few more photos taken by a visiting photographer at the start of term...

p9221207 2 p41897643 2 p923056918 2
 p1017669919 2  p951697403 2  p996898064 2
 p829537403 2  p543501351 2  p539428290 2
p710855860 2 p838034980 2 p894627783 2

p460899302 2

   Photos: Alistair Grant / www.bokehphotographic.co.uk







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