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Wrens (Y1)

Wrens' Class are our Year 1 group. They are taught by Mrs Ferrett who is assisted by Mrs Williams and Mr Johnson.

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Hunstanton 1

We all had a fantastic time at Hunstanton on Tuesday! We were shocked to discover that it was raining heavily when we arrived but by the time we had visited the Sea Life Centre, the weather had brightened up (just in time for our visit to the beach!)


Hunstanton 2


Hunstanton 3


Hunstanton 4


Hunstanton 5


Hunstanton 9


Hunstanton 10


The children loved looking closely at all the different creatures at the Sea Life Centre.  The orphaned seals and the friendly otters were a big hit, as well as ‘Ernie’ the giant turtle.


After the Sea Life Centre, we got back on the coach and travelled round to the beach at Old Hunstanton.  We enjoyed our lunch on the lawn before heading down to the beach.  The children had great fun on the beach – building sandcastles, paddling and making collections of things that interested in.


Hunstanton 11

Hunstanton 12


Hunstanton 13


Hunstanton 14


Hunstanton 7

Unfortunately for the adults on the trip, the journey home was just as noisy as the journey there.  Where they get the energy from I do not know!

A huge thank you to the parents who volunteered to support us on the day.  


Class News

WB: 05/06/17

Below is a snapshot of what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks…

In English, the children were inspired by the book ‘Alien Tea on Planet Zum Zee’ to have a go at making their own dishes for an alien tea party.  They had great fun mixing the ingredients they discovered in the woodland to make their own disgusting dishes!

Alien Tea 1


Alien Tea 2


Alien Tea 3


Alien Tea 4

The children then had to apply their phonic knowledge to name the dishes they had created (according to a set brief!) and then write a short description about each, just as the author had done in the book.


Alien Tea 5

In PE, tennis coach, David Ivory, has been teaching the children for the last 3 weeks.  The children have had lots of fun playing team games to develop their hand-eye co-ordination and finished off this week by playing a match against the teachers.


Tennis Coaching 1


Tennis Coaching 2


Tennis Coaching 3          

In maths, the children have been using Bee Bots to help them develop their understanding of ‘clockwise’ and ‘anti-clockwise’.


Bee Bots

This photograph shows the children writing instructions to get their Bee Bot from one destination to another on the map.  They then had to test their instructions to see if they were right.



Class News - 01/05/17

Last week we started our new topic ‘By the Seaside’.  The children’s learning centred around the book ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ where they had the opportunity to explore their own pulley systems, write speech bubbles for the seagulls in the story and create their own class display.


Zipline 2

Display 2

Display 1


This week the children are writing their own stories to accompany a short animation, simply called ‘Lighthouse’.  They have also been tasked to make a boat for ‘Mr Grinling’ (the Lighthouse Keeper from last week’s story) to travel to his lighthouse….but it has to meet a given criteria.

Boat Building 1

Boat Building 2

Boat Building 3

Boat Building 4

Boat Building 5  


Class News - 15/03/17

Yesterday 'History Off the Page' visited our school to lead a 'Great Fire of London' day.

GFOL Setting the scene

GFOL Map  

When the children arrived in the hall they were told that a fire had just broken out in Pudding Lane but it was nothing to worry about.  In the meantime they should go and try some of the jobs people would have done in London in 1666, including Baker, Surgeon, Seamstress and Leather Worker.

GFOL Bread

GFOL Button Moulds


GFOL Leather Work

GFOL Surgeon


As the morning went on, the children were told that the fire on Pudding Lane was spreading and gradually getting worse.  They kept having to abandon their work to help fight the fire! Special effects, including a smoke machine, really helped the children to get into role!

GFOL Buckets

Working as a team to fight the fire with buckets.

GFOL Rat Catching

Removing the rats!

GFOL Speading the Word

Spreading the word to warn people about the fire.


It took the children until lunchtime to put the fire out!

In the afternoon, the children used 'Dig Boxes' to explore objects that had been buried during the Great Fire to help them learn about the people they belonged to.

GFOL Dig Boxes

Everyone had great fun and it was fantastic to see the children so immersed in their learning!

Thank you for providing costumes to help your child get into role and a speacial thank you to our parent helpers for making the day run so smoothly.



Class News – 26/02/17

The children really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London last week.  As an introduction to their new topic, they studied an old drawing of the Great Fire and answered questions like: What do you think is happening in the picture? Where is it set? How do you know?

Later on in the week, the children went for a walk around the village to look at the different types of houses and what they are like.  This later helped them to compare houses today and houses in London in 1666.  By the end of the week the children were able to draw on what they had learnt throughout the week to explain some of the factors that impacted the spread of the fire.

Next week we will be considering how fire fighting techniques have changed since 1666 and further developing our understanding of how/why the fire spread so quickly.

Other information

For the next 5 weeks the children will be taking part in ‘Infant Agility’ sessions with a coach every Tuesday afternoon.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for this. 

We are looking for one more volunteer to support us on our ‘Great Fire of London’ day on Tuesday 14th March.  You would need to be free for the day and happy to run a group session.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.          



Class News – WB: 23rd January

Church 2

Church 1

Church 3

Yesterday afternoon we visited the church as part of our learning on why the church is an important place for Christians.  Father Geoff was there to welcome us when we arrived and to find out from the children themselves why they had come.  The children eagerly told him about their spotter sheets and he agreed to help them on their search to look for the different features of the Christian church.  The children really enjoyed talking to Father Geoff and asking him lots of questions.  They are already looking forward to visiting the church again next week!

In other news, the children had a fantastic morning using the class junk modelling collection to build bridges.  In the days leading up to ‘the big build’ they learnt about the 3 main types of bridges: Beam, Arch and Suspension.  They could then choose which type of bridge they wanted to make as long as when they had finished, their bridge was strong enough to hold 3 toy cars.  The children all had great fun and all came up with completely different designs.

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

Bridge 4

Bridge 5

Bridge 6

Bridge 7




We have lots of exciting things planned for the term ahead! We start our new topic ‘Megastructures’ on Monday where we will be looking at different megastructures from around the world, including bridges, towers and cathedrals.  We will take inspiration from these great designs to build some megastructures of our own! Thank you for all of the junk modelling resources you have collected and sent in.  I think we have enough for now but I will let you know if/when we need more. 

Later on in the term we will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ and considering how this event impacted on how houses are build today.  ‘History Off The Page’ will be coming into school to deliver a Great Fire of London day for us on Tuesday 14th March which I’m sure the children will really enjoy.

Wrens class will also be taking part in ‘The Big Schools’ Bird Watch’ towards the end of this month.  Why not take part at home too and join in with ‘The Big Garden Birdwatch’ from 28th-30th January?  

Homework will start again from Friday so look out for it in book bags.



Last week the children were fascinated by the frost, which led us to this week’s theme: ‘Freezing & Melting’.

Frost 1


We have really enjoyed being scientists – drawing on our experiences to suggest answers to questions, making predictions, carrying out simple tests and gathering results!

So far this week we have investigated how different liquids freeze at different rates.

Frost 2

Frost 3

  We found out that thicker liquids like honey take a lot longer to freeze than thinner liquids like water and milk.

Frost 4

Today we have been using Lego men frozen in ice blocks to help us investigate melting. 

Frost 5

The children were challenged to excavate their Lego men quickly without causing him any damage! They came up with some fantastic ideas, from putting their ice block next to a warm oven, to scraping away the ice with toothpicks.  

Frost 6


Fundraising for Children In Need

Wacky Hair 1

Unicorn wacky hair

Wacky Hair 2

Rainbow wacky hair

Wacky Hair 3

Spotty wacky hair

Wacky Hair 4

Winner of wackiest hair

And the winner of the wackiest hair was......Annabelle!

Pin the eye patch on Pudsey

Pin the eye patch on Pudsey

Guess the Name of the Bear

Guess the name of the bear

Face Painting

Face painting

Colouring Competition

Colouring competition

Beanbags in Buckets

Beanbags in buckets


Henry looking smart for Children In Need!

A big thank you to the year 6's for organising some lovely activities!



Wow, what an enjoyable day Wrens class had at Salcey Forest yesterday! The children loved spending the day outside; running up and down ditches, climbing trees and generally exploring their new environment.

Salcey Class   

After meeting Jo (our host for the day), we walked for about 10 minutes to the area of the forest where we would spend the morning doing our maths activities.  On the way we were challenged to look carefully for shapes in the environment.

Salcey 1

Then we did a couple of lovely activities with sticks!  We were given different lengths of string and had to find sticks that were exactly the same length.  

Salcey 3

Salcey 2

Some children even found a branch that was taller than Mr Johnson!

Salcey 4

Lunchtime was a very wet affair!

Salcey 5

Luckily there was a makeshift shelter in the forest that we could eat our lunch in.  Can you see the water making the tarpaulin dip in this photograph?  Mrs Humby had the very important job of making sure that the branch holding the whole structure up, didn’t fall down (no pressure then Mrs Humby!)

Luckily the sunshine came back out for out treetop walk in the afternoon.  The children loved climbing to the top of the tower and being level with the top of the trees! I was extremely impressed with how brave all of the children were.  Everyone made it to the top in high spirits!

Salcey 8

Salcey 7

Salcey 9

A big thank you to our parent helpers for giving up their time to support on the trip! 



Wrens class have had a busy start to the week practicing their Harvest Festival assembly....... we hope to see lots of you there on Friday at 9am.

In maths this week we will be doing lots of mini investigations with Autumn leaves.  Today we took hoops out to the woodland to explore the different leaves we could find in a single area.  We then used leaf identification sheets to name the leaves we found. We had to look very closely at the shapes of the leaves to make sure we identified them correctly.  Finally we made rubbings of the leaves we found inside our hoops.  The children were fascinated by this activity and spent a lot of time experimenting with the marks they could make!   


Leaves 3

Leaves 2

Leaves 1          


A few photos taken by a visiting photographer at the beginning of term...

p105220724 2 p549864195 2
p671051543 2 p841942474 2

Photos: Alastair Grant/  http://www.bokehphotographic.co.uk

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