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Home Learning: 21/04/17



This week in Maths we have been practicing counting across 100.  If you’re spending any time in the car this weekend it would be helpful if you could count beyond 100 and take it in turns with your child to say the next number in the sequence.  If your child needs a challenge, ask them to count beyond 100 in multiples of 2, 5 and/or 10.


This week we have been thinking about past and present tense.  Please check your child’s book bag for this week’s spelling sheet.


Please aim to listen to your child read at least three times a week and sign their reading diary to indicate that they are ready for a new book. 

If you would like your child to have some extra reading practice in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check in June, visit the website www.phonicsplay.co.uk, click on ‘Free PhonicsPlay’, Parents, Interactive Resources, select either ‘Picnic on Pluto’, ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘Buried Treasure’ and select ‘All Phase 5’.  Your child will be familiar with all three games and should be able to explain to you what they need to do.    

Thank you for your continued support.

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