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Eagles (Y5)


 Eagles Class are our Year 5 group. They are taught by Mrs Culpin who is assisted by Mrs Lemons, Mrs Blem-Larsen and Mrs Roberts.

Autumn Term 2018

Please click here for Eagles Autumn 2018 Newsletter/Curriculum


Friday 7th December

We have been investigating what affects the pitch of sounds. We had various tasks to do such as look at how the volume of water, length of straws and strings, thickness of bands and size of instrument can all affect pitch.

pitch 6

pitch 4

pitch 5

pitch 3


pitch 1

Friday 30th November

This week has been all about our eggnauts and designing and making a space landing module. We had a certain amount of materials to make a craft that would protect our eggnaut on their re-entry from space.

DSC09333 340

eggnaut2018 4

eggnaut2018 7

eggnaut2018 5

After making them we then tested them and hoped our designing skills would mean our eggnauts were safe.

eggnaut2018 8

eggnaut2018 9

Only 2 missions failed which we think is a good safety record!


Friday 23rd November

We watched a BBC science live lesson this week all about space. We were helping Doctor Who on her mission to bring light back to Earth after a mystery planet had blocked all of it.


Friday 16th November

We had fun on Monday making fizzy rockets and finding out how gases and heat combine to propel rockets into space. Ours did not reach those dizzying heights but we could see how carbon dioxide is used to thrust our plastic rockets skywards. If you look closely in the picture below you can see the trail of the rocket but the children's faces are the best thing ever.

rocket 1 340

rocket 2 340

Once again we teamed up with year 2 and had a great time on the field creating our own leaf art in the style of the artist James Brunt.

leaf art 2 340

leaf art 340

 leaf art 3 340

 Friday was Children in Need day and we came in non school uniform and the activities organised by year 6 at lunchtime were great. We even managed to colour in Pudsey using our German vocabulary knowledge.


cin 2

Friday 9th November

This week we have been commemorating the end of World War 1 and basing all our learning on this. We have been finding out about the causes and creating a timeline. We looked at trench warfare and what it was like in battle. From this we wrote powerful poetry. We constructed graphs that showed the casualties of the different countries and researched other areas such as women in war, medicine, the use of animals and life at home. The children were so enthusiastic in their learning of this very important topic.

poppy 1

Our wonderful collage art work represents the Flanders fields with the poppies. Some even have some Belgian newspapers within them.

poppy 2

We were also lucky to have visitors in school who live in the village to tell us all about the men from Houghton and Wyton who lost their lives in action. They brought in medals, photographs and even shell casements. It was fascinating.


Monday 5th November

Today we visited the National Space Centre in Leicester and had a lot of fun. During the day we had a planetarium show about the stars and our solar system which was 'so cool' according to the children. We also learnt about the space race, what qualities an astronaut needs and how rockets and space craft work.

leicester 6

leicester 1leicester 7leicester 8leicester 9leicester 10leicester 11

Friday 2nd November

What a fantastic response to the home learning set over half term. Eagles' are such a creative lot. They presented their work on the moon in such a variety of ways.

leicester 3

We have been looking at the stars this week and posing questions and then trying to find out the answers. We even made our own star gazers looking at constellations.

leicester 2

In art we looked at Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and did our own interpretations of the picture.

van gogh 1

van gogh 2

2 girls from Eagles brought in some space food for us to try - Astronaut Neapolitan icecream sandwich. We liked it!

leicester 4

Amy played the flute in assembly this week to get ready for her exam. We were really impressed and wish her luck. 

stars 3

Friday 19th October

We have been focussing on partner work in gymnastics this half term, concentrating on balances and jumps.

music 1

music 7

music 8

In music we have been listening to The Planet Suite by Gustav Holst and so this week we created our own piece of music that represented the planet Earth .

music 5

music 6

music 4


We helped Year 2 on Friday to collect leaves ready for their art project next half term. It was lovely to be out in the sunshine.

year2 2

year2 3

year2 4

year2 1

Friday 12th October

Mr Johnson came into our class this week to teach us all about American flag football. We have only just started but everyone had great fun. We are looking forward to learning more.

nfl 4

nfl 2


nfl 1

Aliens invaded our classroom this week! Great homework projects by the children, showing how their alien has adapted to its environment.

alien 1


alien 2

alien 3


Friday 5th October

We have been looking at the Earth's and Moon's orbits this week and tried to recreate this on the playground. We learnt a lot of facts.

DSC09118 340

In our German lessons we have been looking at how you have conversations on the phone and the numbers 1-12. We played bingo and did some German maths calculations to help us remember the vocabulary.

DSC07492 340

DSC07490 340

Our art work was completed this week. We studied the artist Peter Thorpe and recreated his style of space art. We think we did a pretty good job. They are in display in the classroom and atrium if you want to come and have a look. 

DSC09129 340

DSC09130 340

Friday 28th September

Our first home learning produced fantastic results from the children. You could tell how hard they had worked on their project and the care taken. They were a delight to read, look at and eat!

icecream 1icecream 2icecream 3

icecream 6icecream 4icecream 7

icecream 8icecream 11icecream 12

icecream 13icecream 14

We had a visit this week from Lisa, the scientist who made ice cream with us. We were looking at the science behind it and the changes of state- freezing, melting, evaporating and condensing. It was great fun and we got to eat our experiment. Yum!

Adding ice

icecream 16

Which flavour?

icecream 19

icecream 22

mixing the powder in the milk

icecream 23

All busy rocking our mixture in ice.

icecream 27

The best bit!

icecream 29

icecream 31

Friday 21st September

Planets has been the topic this week and we have been investigating the size of the planets in relation to the Sun and representing them in fruit form.

planets 2

planets 1

We then began to think about how far they were from the Sun.We realised we wouldn't be able to get the exact distances so we used a scale - 1 piece of toilet tisuue for every 10 million kilometres. We had to go on to the field to measure it out.

planets 3

planets 4

We were amazed at how far Neptune would really be.

To find out more about the planets we conducted a bit of planet speed dating. Great fun! Now we are ready to write our own fact files.

speed dating 2

speed dating 1

Friday 14th September

We have gone meteor mad this week in class. On Monday a rock was discovered on the field and it looked like a meteorite. We then used books and the internet to find out about meteors and meteorites and whether it could have been. We tested it to find out if it was magnetic and the weight of it. Finally, Mrs Smith cut it in half and we were disappointed to discover it was nothing more than a crumbly rock.

meteor 2

meteor 3

meteor 6

meteor 4

 meteor 1

This then led us into investigating craters and the impact they make and we conducted an experiment to see whether different weights of 'meteorites' create different depths of craters.

crater 2 Copy

Ensuring a fair test 

crater 1

Welcome back! Everyone has come back refreshed and ready to learn. We have already had a busy 3 days starting our science topic- Space, getting outside to start playleading and trying some active maths and writing a recount about a little yellow alien. We are all looking forward to the new term and the challenges ahead.

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