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Eagles (Y5)


Eagles' Class are our Year 5 group. They are taught by Mrs Culpin who is assisted by Mrs Lemons and Mrs Anderson.

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Autumn 2017

Friday 13th October

The children were finding out this week what their blood is made up of and then creating characters based on red and white blood cells and platelets.





Friday 9th October

The children completed the circuit for the NSPCC sponsor event and all had a great time doing tricep dips, the plank, ladder runs and shuttle runs. The children will have a workshop next week on keeping safe.



Following on from our work on the circulatory system, the children had the opportunity this week to observe a lamb's heart and see the chambers inside and the arteries coming from it. The children were fascinated and were able to understand some of the ideas we were talking about in class.




Friday 29th September

Understanding Roman numerals was the aim this week in our maths lessons and trying to recognise years and do problem solving



Our home learning was fabulous and all the children produced a piece of work on their favourite book. We had lego models, scenes from particular books, book reviews, interviews with characters and super illustrations.



During the harvest assembly the class showed their perspective paintings of Autumn trees.


On Friday we held a Geburtstagparty for Franzi. We sang Zum Geburtstag viel Glück, had Geburtstagkuchen, gave Geburtstagkarten und Geburtstaggeschenk and played Topfklopfen. Great fun!



Friday 22nd September

Our science work this week looked at how the circulatory system worked. The children became blood and travelled to pick up oxygen from the lungs before going to the heart to be pumped around the body. They then had to write an explanation of how the system worked.

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We have been learning how to draw objects going into the distance using lines of perspective. We started looking at city scapes and buildings and we worked this week on an autumnal scene with trees which will become our Autumn landscape picture.

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Friday 15th September

This week we started gymnastics and have been working in pairs to compose a sequence of movements that link together.

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We started our work on the circulatory system and we were finding out where the heart and lungs are located in our body.

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Friday 8th September

What a great start to the year! All the children came back to school eager and ready to learn. The Home Learning the children produced is fabulous showing their creativity and hard work and certainly brightens up the classroom.035

We have been working on Growth Mindset this week and on Friday the children were presented with a task of making an origami penguin from a picture, We had comments ranging from 'I can't do that', 'That's impossible', to 'I've got an idea', 'I'm going to give it a try'. We have been discussing how mistakes help you learn and that things may take time and effort but as a learner you can always improve. A mindset in progress. Watch this space!

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Active maths today on our place value work.

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first week 023

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