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Home Learning - Eagles

Home Learning during School Closure

As well as the themed activities posted on the home page, here are some suggested tasks and activities that can be undertaken at home when we are closed.

Some more ideas for you to try :

Create your own robot like The Iron Man- draw or make it. What can it do? Is it helpful? Write your own story or comic strip about your robot.

A great website for year 5/6 maths is : http://www.iseemaths.com/   Go to the home learning page

I was thinking about how there are less aeroplanes in the sky at the moment and whether you could test 3 different paper planes. How far do they go? Newsround produced a short clip on how to make the ‘perfect plane’.     https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/26050831

Reading:  read books, comics, magazines or listen to audio books. Why not have a story time, taking it in turns to read a story to each other.


  • Create a book review of one of the books you’ve read or listened to, to inspire others to read that book

  • Write a story/playscript on the prequel to the Iron Man – who made him? Where had he come from?

  • Write an adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/ story or playscript. You could also provide the illustrations.


  • Log onto mathletics and do any set tasks and enjoy revisiting areas we’ve completed this year. You could try other topics too such as shape, angles or measure

  • Keep practicing your times tables

  • Use purple mash -they have lots of fraction games to practice

Other ideas:

Sketch or draw something amazing!

Play a board game with someone or complete a jigsaw. You could even create a board game yourself.

Coding with purple mash or try some of the other fun areas on the site. Why not practice your touch typing; a great skill to have. You could try the Hour of code.

Play in the garden and make up a game that could be used in our play leading sessions when we return. Write an instruction card for it.

Help in the kitchen to cook a meal or bake and write down the recipe to share with others.

Watch something wonderful (A wildlife documentary / Blue Planet etc) and discuss it with others

Listen to different types of music… you could even have a dance!

 Remember Eagles’ I sent an exercise book should you wish to record anything. I look forward to seeing them.

 Passwords for Purple Mash and Mathletics have been given out and most of the children do know them. A wealth of companies are developing activity/home learning packs and videos which are being shared widely on social media....these are a valuable resource if your child wishes to use them and you find them useful.

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