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Summer  2018 


Well done Hawks for an amazing leaver's assembly.  Have a wonderful summer and thank you so much for the amazing gifts and voucher.


Friday was our leavers treat day. We had fun at our own private screening at the cinema followed by lunch at Frankie and Benny's.


pop 2





pop 7

In the afternoon we had bubble and water fun on the field. 


We have been busy preparing and running our enterprise stalls- the children made an amazing £160 profit which they will be sending to charity.

Enterprise 002

Enterprise 003

Enterprise 007

Enterprise 010

Enterprise 012

Enterprise 021

Well done Hawks and Eagles class for their amazing performances this week. 

 WAK14  WAK12
 WAK7  WAK15
 WAK10  WAK5



What a busy week; we've had a great time improving our lawn bowls skills, rehearsing for next week's performances of 'What a Knight' and preparing for our enterprise stalls next week- we can't believe how quickly the term is disappearing. Well done Hawk's for your great SAT scores which also came out this week- you worked hard and it showed.


Advertising our businesses 


This week we held our Cultural Day. We all went to spend the morning with our houses and took part in fun activities based on countries from different continents. We made models, danced, painted, cooked and ate foods from around the world. It was lots of fun.

cultural 1

Indian dance

cultural 2

We made Indian Elephants, both big and small

cultural 7

Made Mexican Salsa 

cultural 5

Painted rangoli patterns on the playground

cultural 4

We even made hats

cultural 6


This week we have been putting our Maths and Geography skills to good use producing a scale map of the KS2 area and playground. We had to measure the atrium, classroom, cloakroom, toilets and circle area and then work out what this would look like as a map. Finally we had to decide on our scale so our map would fit onto our piece of paper. It was a real challenge but lots of fun. 

10 measuring

How to best measure the atrium

10 2

Working out what our maps would look like

10 m

Rechecking some measurements as we record the information in our maps

We have also been making bread. We started by tasting different types of breads and researching their origins. We then turned our hand at making our own breads. 

10 bread 1

Mixing the dough

10 bread 2

Forming our dough into shapes

10 bread 3

Some delicious finished loaves

10 bread 5

Throughout the past week we have also been keeping up with the World Cup, checking the scores and updating our own charts and graphs which we created to test our own predictions. 


Checking the scores each morning ready to update our graphs.



This week we have been absorbing ourselves in the magical book 'Lost Words'. After enjoying the book we went out into our beautiful meadow to see if we could find some of the creatures and plants from the book and to learn more about the wild plants and flowers on our doorstep.

Mrs L and Meadow 005

Sharing the exquisite book 

Mrs L and Meadow 022  Mrs L and Meadow 037

Making observational drawings while enjoying the space and tranquillity

Mrs L and Meadow 028

Mrs L and Meadow 031

A beautiful day in the meadow

Mrs L and Meadow 033

Lots to find and enjoy just a few steps from our classroom- we are so lucky.


After a busy and adventurous week at Hilltop, we have continued the outside theme with another fantastic bowls lesson. All children are making brilliant progress thanks to our expert tuition.

bowls bowls 2

bowls 4 bowls 5

bowls 6 bowls 7

On Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed reading with year 3, sharing some favourite books. 

reading together



A few memories from a wonderful visit to Hilltop. For a greater selection of photographs please visit our school facebook page. 

34559184 636177723395468 1208078002903056384 n

Our stop off at Sandringham

34536315 636322656714308 5365150662285852672 n

Enjoying ourselves

34510333 636292640050643 9214983729502486528 n

Who is our Katnis?

34605358 636332750046632 7381978948420239360 n

Having fun with friends


Taking risks and feeling proud of our achievements

IMG 7630


IMG 7673

IMG 7677

IMG 7653


34510275 636401233373117 1467743655375667200 n

The verdict on the food is that it is delicious!

34636614 636401260039781 1557165325449953280 n

Enjoying our freetime as well.

34707625 636447376701836 4403668382776295424 n

Lots of fun being together




On Tuesday we were fortunate to take part in a STEM Science morning. Lisa, our visiting scientist, worked with us to learn about DNA and helped us to extract real DNA from a strawberry. It was an amazing morning.  

DNA day 005 DNA day 008

Learning all about DNA

DNA day 016

First we squashed up our strawberries

DNA day 018

Then we measured our detergent and added salt

DNA day 024

We added the two mixtures together

DNA day 028

After the mixture had been left to combine we filtered out the solids from the liquids

DNA day 031

When we had our liquid we had to put on safety goggles to protect our eyes from the mixture Lisa added in.

DNA day 039

Looking cool lads

DNA day 045

We watched in amazement as the DNA separated to form on the top of the liquid

DNA day 051

Wow, we really made DNA!

We have continued the science theme by looking at how animals adapt to their surroundings. We experiemented with different shaped beaks (tweezers) and investigated how many seeds and what size seeds we could pick up in one minute. We used a sharp beak (thin tweezers) and a thick beak (blunt, large tweezers). We repeated the experiment three times and calculated the average. We discovered that sharp beaks were best at picking up the small seeds whereas the blunt beaks were best at picking up the bigger beans. We discussed how this would have affected the evolution of birds in different situations. 

seeds 002

Timing each other to pick up the seeds

seeds 009

We finished the week by having two days to design our own bird; we had to create some art work and then write about them in a style of our choice. 

birds 004

Aidan and William's amazing creations- spotted in their natural environment

birds 019

We put our work straight up onto display and year 2 were so interested they came to have a special look. We told them all about what we had learnt. 

birds 025

We are very proud of our work

birds 030


A huge well done to Hawk's class who have all worked so hard this week. You have given 100% and should all be very proud of your effort.

Post SATs 005

Post SAT Popcorn and 'Wonder'

Post SATs 007

A class rounders game in the sunshine, time to relax and have fun after a busy week.


It's been another busy week in Hawks class as we get ready for next week's SATs. The children have all been working so hard supporting each other and helping to develop their confidence and skills. Well done Hawks, you have worked your socks off!

sats week prep 001

Working together to answer the questions.

We still managed to get outside though and enjoyed a good game of rounders in the sunshine.

sats week prep 004

We finished our week by completing our LEGO creations. Have a good weekend all!

lego fun 010



Oh my goodness where did May spring from? We have been busy this week developing our reasoning skills, improving our SPaG knowledge and fine tuning our reading comprehension skills ready for the fast approaching SATs, however we still found time to get outside and active. We have been learning about word classes and made the most of a dry morning using the playground as our exercise book.


We also enjoyed a great sport's morning led by the year 5s.

sports morning

Watch us go!

sports morning 2


Today we wore silly socks to celebrate our own individuality as part of Autism Awareness week.

Silly socks 003

Silly socks on parade

Silly socks 004


We have been busy this week learning our spellings. We have challenged ourselves to learn 10 words which we could not spell from the Year 5/6 word list. We have been writing these onto the playground in chalk to practise. 

Summer week 1 003

Bruise was a tricky word to spell.

Summer week 1 005

Lots of double letters to trip us up

We then worked with our partners to go over our reasoning papers. We found our mistakes and worked out where we went wrong. When we marked the papers we were able to collect a LEGO brick for each mark we received and started to make some models. When we do more tests we will add more bricks to our creations.

Summer week 1 007

Look at some of our creations already

summer week 1 013

To revise nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs we went on a word hunt. We found lots of words and had some good discussions about what type of words they were.

Summer week 1 008

Looking for examples of each type of word, taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings.

Summer week 1 010

What a beautiful day! Oh look- an exclamation sentence.

Summer week 1 011

We have started a new Art unit on scultpure. We have been looking at the work of Richard Long, in particular at his circle sculptures. We have tried to create our own natural art inspired by his art.

Summer week 1 020

Starting work on our designs

Summer week 1 022

Adding height to our designs

Summer week 1 027

Incorporating our bodies 

Summer week 1 035

Starting to fill our shapes with natural materials

Summer week 1 033


Thursday was wear a hat day for Amelia's Charity Brain Tumour Research. We supported this by wearing some cool hats to school and by making a donation- amazingly our class donation came to over £90!

electricity and hats 014

Some of our funky hats!

On Thursday we also celebrated Earth Day. We switched off everything electrical for an hour and used some of that time to improve our environment by clearing the litter from the field.

electricity and hats 011

Lots of litter collected.

We combined our learning from our angles, DT and Science to create electronic quiz machines to help children remember key angle facts. It was a tricky job which required lots of determination and resilience. 

wear a hat day 004

A successful duo with their 'Angles not angels' machine

wear a hat day 006

When the correct question and answer are selected the light shines.

We have continued with our dance based on the song 'This is me' taken from the Greatest Showman. We have really enjoyed working on our routines based on this uplifting song. 

dance and spag hunt 002

'Look out 'cause here I come...'

dance and spag hunt 004

'I'm marching on to the beat I drum...'

dance and spag hunt 006

'This is me!'

We went on a SPaG treasure hunt- the rain stopped us going outside but we made the most of our wonderful building and carried on anyway. A fun way to revise our Grammar knowledge. 

dance and spag hunt 010

On Monday we celebrated Easter, German style. We worked in our house groups to take part in a whole range of activities and had lots of fun.

Amy camera easter 1398

Decorating eggs

Easter day Hawks 002

Making Osterschokolade Nester using a recipe and instructions all in German!

Easter Day and displays 035

Die Osterschoko Nester waren lecker

Easter day Hawks 013

Lots of great creations and treats to take home


This week we worked with Mrs Sharpe to produce collages which represent diversity. We cut out pictures from magazines and created our art work to represent how we are all different. 

rainbow prep

Cutting out our images

rainbow flag

The final display

We also took part in our sport morning for Sport Relief and helped to raise an amazing £360!

sports morning 011

Enjoying the activities

sports morning 017


We have started to study the book 'The Island' by Armin Greder. This picture book explores the story of a man washed up on an island and the response of the islanders to his arrrival. To get to know the text we listened to the story and then role played some of the key scenes.

the island 007

Who is he? What should we do?

the island 008

He must be kept away from us!

the island 014

He is not like us. He must be dangerous!

the island 022

He must go! 

We then looked in detail at the artwork of the book and the impact this has on the reader. We had a go at producing our own versions of the illustrations. We then collected powerful verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives to describe the characters which we use in our writing next week.

the island 001

Looking at the use of colour

the island 003

Angry islanders meet the stranger

the island 005

The townsfolk are scared of the stranger

the island

They make up stories about him

the island 004

They force him to leave and build a wall around the island so that no stranger can ever trouble them again.

We also enjoyed a beautiful Spring day and took our computing work outside to complete on the tree house, so good to be outside.

readathon and outside 005

Well done to everyone who took part in our school's readathon event!

readathon and outside 002


This week we had a visit from two magistrates who came to talk to us about the justice system as part of our democracy topic. We found it very interesting and informative.  

magistrates 003

On Tuesday we held a music assembly so the children could show off their musical talents. We were entertained by pianists, recorder players and drummers. A wonderful demonstration of their amazing talents. 

magistrates 009

Wonderful pianists

magistrates 007

Talented recorder players

magistrates 011


magistrates 014

Talented guitarists

magistrates 016

...and amazing drummers

magistrates 020

magistrates 022

On Wednesday it was World Maths Day. For one of our activities we took part in the Mathletics challenge, competing online against children from around the world. We recorded who we competed with and were amazed to find that they had come from over 68 countries!

maths day

We listed the countries we had competed with. 


Thursday was World Book Day. We entered into the spirit of the day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. It was great to see so many Year 6 pupils joining in with the fun.

book day and snow 003

What great costumes- can you find Wally?

book day and snow 001

We also took advantage of the snow for some outside fun.

book day and snow 008

On Wednesday we visited Ely. We started the day visiting Oliver Cromwell's house and learning all about his life in Ely and his family. We were also able to try on authentic Cromwellian clothes and armour.

ely cathedrel 187

Outside the museum, braving the snow and cold.

ely cathedrel 183

Trying on costumes and armour

ely cathedrel 175

It was a beautiful snowy day in Ely and the Cathedral looked stunning. 

ely cathedrel 191

After the museum we headed into the Cathedrel where we learnt about its history, taking part in an interactive tour which involved dressing up as various key characters in its history.

ely cathedrel 202

From nuns and monks...

ely cathedrel 160

... to Kings and Cromwell.

ely cathedrel 232

We also took part in some brass rubbing ativities and produced some great rubbings.

ely cathedrel 124



This week we have been learning all about Oliver Cromwell. In class we split into groups and, using the resources we borrowed from the Cromwell Museum, we each found out about different periods of his life. We then shared our group's understanding with the class.

cromwell 002

On Wednesday we started the morning looking at bus timetables and, once we had worked out the times, we caught the 10:15 bus to Huntingdon.

cromwell 004 

Once we had arrived at the bus station we walked to the Cromwell Museum where we worked in groups on four different activities.

cromwell 025

Trying on Civil War costumes

cromwell 047

We had fun with the helmet

cromwell 030

cromwell 041

We also studied the many amazing portraits of Cromwell and his family which were dotted around the museum.

cromwell 023

We learnt about Civil War soldiers and the equipment they would have carried and held a real Civil War cannon ball. We even learnt about the history of the building itself, including the alterations which had been made during its long history.

cromwell 029

After the museum we had lunch at All Saints Church which kindly opened its doors for us.

cromwell 054

After we had eaten we walked its labyrinth and learnt why these are often used in churches.

cromwell 056

We also found out that the font in the church used to belong to St John's church which was destroyed in the Civil War and would have been the font which Oliver Cromwell was baptised in.

cromwell 057

We then went for a walk around Huntingdon, following the trail of markings on the pavement, each with a quote from or about Cromwell. 

cromwell 060

We visited Cromwell's birthplace and the site of St John's Church before taking the bus home. We had a great day out.

cromwell 051

To finish a busy week 15 members of year 6 came back on Thursday evening to take part in the Rotary Club quiz night. There were three timed rounds of 50 questions. The children all worked very well together to answer them and had a great time. Thank you for the Rotary club who organised the event and donated £50 to school funds and to FoHPS for organising refreshments.  

quiz 2018 001

Deciding on the answers

quiz 2018 010

Our fantastic team


As part of our Readathon celebrations we have enjoyed sharing books with Owl's class.

Spring week 6 018

As part of our light topic we have continued to work on our stained glass designs.

Spring week 6 015

Adding glass paint to our outlines.

Spring week 6 016

We brought in some amazing home learning all about garden birds. It was great to see all the imaginative ways you had presented the work.

Spring week 6 012

Pixel art produced on Minecraft

Spring week 6 013

Cute robins

Spring week 6 014

Nesting Wood pigeons.

This week we also had our final gymnastics session with Mrs Davis. We worked on creating a sequence joining two balances using smooth transitions. 

Spring week 6 003

Balancing together.


This week we launched our School Readathon.

Houghton year 6 have been selected to be judges in the National 'Young Quills Award' for historical children's fiction. We are looking forward to enjoying the wonderful new books we have been sent as judges and will be writing reviews to help them decide upon  the winners; the extra minutes we spend reading these books will all also add to our individual and class Readathon totals. Very exciting.

 german and young quills 008

Wonderful new books to enjoy and review.

We have been working on our German, learning the months of the year and seasons by playing games. Lots of fun was had.

german and young quills 001

This week we took part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch. We walked down past the Mill and while we enjoyed listening to the birds singing we watched out to see how many we could spot enjoying the crisp morning. 

bird watching 002

Early excitement at a sighting of an unusual bird on a roof was short lived when we looked a little closer.

bird watching 003

Quietly watching out for the birds.

bird watching 006

bird watching 001

We even spotted that the snowdrops in the churchyard have now come into flower and were looking beautiful.

bird watching 014

When we got back to the classroom we shared our data. The following day we calculated the mean average of each bird spotted and then used this data to create our own pie charts.

bird watching 015

On Wednesday we had a visit from Kick Ash, year 10 students who helped us discuss  issues around smoking and peer pressure. We were all shocked to learn that only 1% of year 8 pupils in Cambridgeshire were regular smokers. 

kick ash 001

Deciding if we agree or disagree on a range of statements.

kick ash 004

Discussing which statements would best fit the character we were given and deciding how likey they were to start smoking.


This week we have been starting to use our new computing app called Purple Mash. We started to explore their coding app called 2code. We enjoyed the challenge.

purple mash 003

Trying to work out the right code.

On Wednesday we shared our books with Owl's class. We always enjoy the opportunity to read together.

shadows 001

In Science this week we have been creating our own hypothesises which we then shared. We had to decide what we though the link was between the size and shape of shadows and the object which made them. We then created an experiment to see if we were right and recorded our findings using Scientific language. 

shadows 018

Working out how a shadow is made.


We started the week working with Mrs Davies from HSP on our gymnastics skills. We are working on performing  a conditional phrase- ensuring that we consistently hold our positions and working on our linking movements. 

PE and light 001

Hold for the count of three..

We also worked on some tricky partner balances. We had to communicate well and try to keep our balance.  

PE and light 013

In Science we have started our new topic of light. We have been learning that light travels in a straight line and about how we can see objects because of it.

PE and light 016

We mapped out the path of the light using string.

PE and light 018 

We finished the week by organising and running a sport's morning for years 2,3,4 and 5.

sport morning 001

Well done all for such hard work. 



On Wednesday we had a visit from Gripping History. We came into the hall and found a sleeping medieval woman called Lady Catherine. Once we had gently woken her up she told us about her life and, as her ladies-in-waiting were not there, we helped her to dress- learning all about the clothes which she and her husband -the Baron- would have worn. 

gripping history 001

Shh,don't wake her up...

gripping history 003

Helping her to find all the layers of her clothing

gripping history 004

We played a role playing game where we had to survive the year as peasants. We had to do lots of tasks such as produce wool bales and collect the crops. 

gripping history 018

We collected beans and got them ready for market to sell. We thought we had enough to survive on, but then the king sent a message demanding more taxes and we were not at all happy as all our money had gone! 

gripping history 031

Next we learnt all about how ink and parchment was produced. We used real quills to write our letters asking our Baron- Sir Robert- to ask King John to stop being so unfair to us.

gripping history 041

Unfortunately King John heard that some us had been complaining about him so he threw us into prison without a trial even though he had no evidence. 

gripping history 059

Because our local Baron had not been able to pay some of his taxes, us peasants were forced to go to war to fight for the king. We had to learn fast. 

gripping history 066

Attacking positions

gripping history 055

Listening to orders

gripping history 049

Lunging forward

gripping history 050


We had a great day, but I think we are all thankful that we were not medieval peasants.


Happy New Year everyone!

Year 6 have started to learn all about 'Growth Mind Sets'. Mrs Smith surprised us by asking us to make an origami penguin with just a picture of the finished item to help us- it was very hard. We then learnt all about Growth Mind Sets and about how we can approach different challenges in our lives; it was really interesting. We all tried again to make our penguins and with time and effort we were all successful. 

new year penguins 008 

We also went for a walk to enjoy our local surroundings. We went to see the river in flood and experience the power of nature. We also enjoyed some quiet time.

floods 001

Watching the power of the river.

floods 006

Listening to the water rushing by.

floods 015

We took the ipads to record scenes we found beautiful or inspiring and so we can see how the environment changes as the year goes by.

floods 016

Some brilliant questions were asked about why the water was still there.

We finished the week by working together to place all the kings and queens of England into order. We had to show a lot of teamwork to complete this challenging task. We are now looking forward to our Magna Carta Day next Wednesday.

kings and queens 004

Starting to sort our information and coming up with a strategy

kings and queens 008

Successfully ordered- now we all have lots of questions which we want answered...


Autumn 2017


Something very strange happened in Hawk's Class today. We discovered that, through the magic of Christmas, our class had been overrun with naughty elves. As soon as our backs were turned they started exploring all around the classroom and getting up to all sorts of mischief. 

Christmas Elves 021

The strangely familiar looking elves were climbing on the whiteboard,

Christmas Elves 023

hanging off our Christmas tree,

Christmas Elves 026

dangling from our decorations,

Christmas Elves 028

exploring in the pencil pots,

Christmas Elves 029

and even hanging out with Felix and Franzi!

Christmas Elves 017

Fortunately they eventually wore themselves out and fell asleep on our model furniture...

Christmas Elves 003

... so were were able to catch them and bring them home.

Have a great Christmas everyone! We look forward to welcoming you all back on Thursday 4th January 2018. 


Well done to our half million and millionaire readers. Keep up the good work!

Christmas Elves 002


It snowed! Before the snow got too wet and hard we ventured out to inspire our grammar work. Some beautiful sentences written in the active and passive voice. 

snow and fayre 007

Taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings

snow and fayre 014

To get into the Christmas spirit we have started to make our Christmas cards. Helped by Mrs Brennan and Mrs Garrick, we made some beautiful Reindeer cards.

Christmas Card making 017

Proudly showing our cards.

Christmas Card making 016

On Thursday we enjoyed our School Christmas Lunch. We made special Christmas hats, paired up with a buddy from Robin's class and enjoyed a festive feast together.

CHristmas Lunch 003

Helping with the cutting.

CHristmas Lunch 004

CHristmas Lunch 006

Brothers and sisters enjoying their lunch

CHristmas Lunch 005

Delicious food. Thank you!

This week we have finished making our DT chairs. We painted or paper-mached coloured paper onto our white paper base to ensure a good quality finish.

week 13 001

Painting our models

week 13 004

We also enjoyed a shared reading session with Year 3. 

week 13 006

Sharing our love of books with each other

week 13 007

Finally we have worked hard to produce a totally recycled Christmas tree for our door. We used newspaper for the tree and recycled packaging and wrapping paper for the decorations. We even used old CDs to make a shiny star. Many thanks to Mrs Leivers, Mrs Brennan and Mrs Garrick for helping us put it together.



This week we have continued to work on our model chairs and have made a great start to the papier mache. We hope to be able to paint and decorate them to a high quality next week.

week 12 chairs

Busy at work

week 12 002

We have also been looking at mummification and have started the process of mummifying a tomato. We had to remove its organs (seeds) and dry the internal cavity before we encased it in salt. We will be making careful observations of the tomato over the next few weeks.

week 12 003

Our mummification bags upon the 'mummification station.'

week 12 004

We will compare our mummified tomato's decay with that of our control tomato which has not gone through the same process.


We started the week by performing our anti-bullying rap 'STOP' to the school in assembly

DT rap

This week's work has been themed around our DT project. We have been designing furniture for our client- a fictional character of our choice. We started the week by looking at how furniture design had changed through the ages, we then considered the needs of our 'client' and produced a range of designs for them. Some of us have started to make a newspaper model of our furniture ready to paper mache next week.

DT week

We have also based our writing upon our DT theme. Focusing upon the skill of writing with different levels of formality we wrote official formal letters to our clients about their furniture order, asking questions regarding styles and function, and then composing informal replies from the customers. We worked hard to peer edit our letters. 

DT week editting 2

Enjoying sharing our work

DT week edit

Checking our meaning is clear and looking to improve our writing.

We finished the week by orgainising a sport's morning for years 2-5. Great leadership year 6!

DT week sport


This week our work has had an anti-bullying theme to link in with Anti-bullying week. We produced some emotive descriptive writing based on the experiences of the characters in an animated film 'Wings'; produced information leaflets giving advice on bullying and even wrote our own anti-bullying raps which we are going to perform in assembly on Monday.

As well as all this work we also organised activities for the school to enjoy over lunchtime in aid of Children in Need. A great time was had by all and £500 raised. Well done year 6.

anti bully and children in need 023

Pin the patch on the Pudsey

anti bully and children in need 039

anti bully and children in need 025

Pudsey treasure hunts

anti bully and children in need 030

Pudsey beanbag game

anti bully and children in need 034

Organising Pudsey colouring in sessions

anti bully and children in need 033

Pudsey target practice


This week we have been looking at the concept of freedom. As we had been looking at sugar last week we looked at the link between this and slavery- learning about the slave triangle. We then found out about Harriet Tubman's link with the underground railway and bravery of Rosa Parks. We completed the week with some independent research on Nelson Mandela learning about his work towards equality in South Africa.


Working independently on our projects

Nelson M3

Some great creative responses 

Nelson M2

Also, well done to another sporting superstar!

9 medals



This week we have been investigating the fat and sugar in our food. We looked at packaging and found out how many grams of fat and sugar were in different food stuffs.To help us visualise this we weighed out the same amount of fat (lard) and sugar as we would consume in an average portion. 


Cutting up our fat


Accurately weighing out the amount per portion of our product


Some of our results

We then looked at the recommended daily intake for an adult and worked out the proportion of this we would eat in our portions. We displayed this information in pie charts.

We are now asking and researching questions as to the effect of exceeding our recommended daily intake.

We have also been finding out about the Aswan Dam in Egypt. We started to learn what a dam does and why a dam was thought to be needed on the Nile, using ourselves to model the effects of flooding and of the dam on the river flow.

nile flood

Our crops growing along side the banks of the Nile

nile flood 2

Along comes the flood water which carries the crops away!

 nile flood 009

The Aswan Dam would hold the flood waters back.

We then looked at the pros and cons of the dams construction, creating notes for a debate which we held in drama, pretending that the dam had not been constructed and deciding if the advantages outweighed the problems it would cause. We will be producing a balanced argument on this next week.


Finally, a well done to our sporting legend who proudly showed off his awards in our sharing assembly. Good luck representing Team GB next year!



This week we have been busy writing our tension filled, Egyptian inspired stories entitled 'The Tomb'.The children have worked very hard to plan, write and edit these and have done a great job. We finished the week by dimming the lights, getting out the torches and reading our stories to each other- some great performances and a few jumps.

As well as this year 6 planned, organised and ran another sport's afternoon, this time for years 2,3,4 and 5. Despite the weather the children did a wonderful job keeping the children active and inspiring them to have a go at some different activities.

sports 2

Brilliantly run and organised activities.

sport 2

Keeping the children active at all times

sport 3

Year 6 leading the way

13.10.17 Carrying on our Science work the children have been investigating the effect of exercise on our heart. We took our pulse when resting, after a brisk walk and after skipping.

pulse 002

Taking our pulse

pulse 005

Taking quick bursts of intensive exercise

pulse 004

Measuring our pulse again to see the effect.

We repeated each activity three times, taking our pulse each time so that we could calculate the average, we then displayed this information in charts and graphs.

We were also fortunate enough to receive an excellent informative session from the NSPCC.

pulse 006

Thank you for all the sponsor money we have received, please remember this should be in by Monday.


Today we looked at a real animal heart. We cut it open to look at the left and right atriums.

heart 047

We thought of different questions we had about the heart and used the new ipads to research our answers. 

heart 049

This week we set up the KS2 NSPCC physical challenge for our sponsored event. We all enjoyed taking part in our circuit of activities designed to get our hearts racing and muscles' pumping. 

nspcc 001

Lots of activities to energise and stretch.

nspcc 006

Also this week we have continued with our dance based on the theme ' Why bully me?' The children have been producing some powerful movements based on our discussions around the effects of bullying. 

why bully me 005

why bully me 007


What amazing home learning you produced last week. You obviously love your books and I was so pleased to see the imaginative way you had aproached the task.

harvest 054

From giant books...

harvest 062

...to interactive wanted posters - Harry Potter style.

Our big focus this week was supporting the Godmanchester Foodbank. We wrote accounts imagining that we were in need and how we would feel using the service- they were very powerful. On Friday it was our Harvest Festival and the Community Committee led the way collecting and displaying the food which was brought in. 

harvest 027

Hawks displaying their donations

harvest 048

Wow, look how much we collected altogether!

harvest 049

After assembly we bagged all the food up ready to be collected by Phil from the Foodbank.

harvest 050

We all worked together as a team to get the job done.

harvest 2017 010

At the end of the day Phil from the foodbank arrived and we helped to load up his car. In a while we will find out how many families our food will help. Thank you everyone at Houghton for your kind donations.

Finally we have been learning about blood. We learnt that blood is made up of plasma, platelets and red and white blood cells. To help us understand we made some fake blood using yellow water for the plasma, red jelly hoops for the red blood cells, oats for the platelets and small marshmallows for the white blood cells. 

blood 001

Here is our end product.   


This week we have been learning about the heart. We learnt how the heart pumps blood around the body in order that it can collect oxygen from the lungs, bring it to all areas of our bodies and bring back waste carbon dioxide which we breathe out.

We used blood cards to reenact this process, turning them over from oxygenated to deoxygenated on our journey to and from the left and right chambers of the heart. One of us played the blood; one the heart, who gave us a gentle push; one the lungs, which took the carbon dioxide and supplied the oxygen and one various body parts which used up the oxygen in order to function.

3 heart 2

The heart gently pushes us on so we can continue our journey.

3 heart

Freshly oxgenated having picked up oxygen from the lungs, we return to the heart for another push.

Friday morning we ran the KS2 sport's morning. We organised and ran our own activites which we delivered to 9 groups of years 3,4 and 5. We worked very hard setting up our activities and demonstrating and explaining the tasks.

3 sports afternoon number

Calling our groups over.

3 sport 2

Explaining the activity

3 sport 4

Enouraging and motivating

3 sport 3

All of KS2 busy and active. Well done Year 6


This week we have been learning about how the internet is not the same as the World Wide Web. We started to find out about how the internet worked and carried out a practical activity to mimic how a document is sent.

internet 006

We were all given a copy of the Jabberwocky and had the task of sending it through some thin pipes. The poem had to be cut small enough to pass through the pipes and we all had to be able to identify our pieces once they had been mixed up and be able to correctly reassemble our poem the other side. 

internet 008

We all came up with our own solutions to this problem. This showed us how information is broken down into packets and sent through the internet, with information as to where it came from, where it is going and how it needs to be assembled once it has arrived at its destination.

internet 010

We are also planning our 'visit' to Egypt by plotting the route we would take on a plane and imagining the views we would see out of the window. We then wrote imaginative descriptions describing our journey and the views from the plane window.

plotting to egypt 008

We ended the week by starting to think about our Science topic 'The circulatory system'. We drew around a 'willing volunteer' and then discussed the size and location of the heart and lungs.

drawing around the body

Making an outline

drawing heart

Working out where to place the heart and lungs.


What a great start to the term we have had. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all. We have been looking at the home learning which you produced over the Summer. Some great work has come in and it is not too late to add to our collection. 

week 1 homelearning

Beautiful embroidery

week 1 homelearning 2

Information on hieroglyhics 

week 1 homelearning 3

Research on gods

In class we have been learning all about the weather in Egypt and have plotted temperatures and precipitation levels on line graphs. We had to work out our own scales and decide upon the best way to set out the data. We then used the information to decide when we would visit Egypt if we had a choice. 

We have also been thinking about which school council committee we would like to go on and have written persuasive letters to Mrs Smith to try to get into the group we want.

We ended the week with music singing 'Livin on a prayer' by Bon Jovi as part of our Rock unit. A smashing first week.


Image result for back to school

Welcome back, I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for the new school year. We have an exciting and varied term's learning planned for you all. 

We are looking forward to seeing the Summer homelearning tasks you have completed - a board is backed and ready to display all your wonderful work.

Please remember your inside and outside PE kits, these can be left at school during the week and brought home on a Friday.  

 See you all next week.

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