Houghton Primary School

"Working hard to achieve our best"

Hawks (Y6)

  Hawks Class are our Year 6 group.

They are taught by Mrs Smith who is assisted by Mrs Leivers, Mr Johnson and Mrs Roberts.

Please click here for information on the Year 6 Curriculum Autumn 2019

Spring 2020 


Greetings Hawks. I hope you are all well and keeping busy. I wonder if any of you tried the animal Olympic idea from last week. We tried training Clara and Bertrude for the sprint, but they were only interested in the grass eating events.

guinea pigs 340

My stone class was missing some very special members last week- so here is the full team. Can you guess who is who?

TAs 2

Everyone sends their love. Mrs Leivers says to tell you that 'The Glitter Queen is ready to sprinkle her glitter on you the next time you meet' and Mrs Roberts has been doing a jigsaw and wonders if any of you have been doing one too. Mr Johnson stone was keen to keep you all active so took the class for the daily mile.

dily mile 340

As well as putting a rainbow in our windows, my village has set up a 'Bear Hunt'. Every day my bears have been in my window trying to make children and grown-ups smile as they take their excercise. Here are some of the things they have been up to. 

bears reading 340 bears teaparty 340  bears uno 340 

My stone class have been keeping a keen eye on the seeds we planted and are very impressed with their progress. 

plants growing 340

The ones inside have grown much quicker than those outside- why do you think that is?


We have also started a little experiment to see if we can grow tomato plants from some baby tomatoes which had gone soft. We will let you know if it works. Again, we have some inside and some outside. 

Tomato experiment 340 tomato inside 340

 As always, take care my wonderful Hawks. Look in again next week to see what Rock Hawks have been up to and how the plants are doing. Well done to everyone who has been on Mathletics- some impressive point scores and lots of certificates. Remember, keep in touch with each other, keep sharing what you have been doing and look after each other.


Greetings Hawks. I hope you are all doing alright and are keeping well and busy. My village is suggesting that people draw a rainbow to put into their window to make people smile as they go by. Here is mine - maybe you could do one too and put it in your window.

rock class rainbow 340 

I was thinking about the Houghton Rock buddies we made and as I have been missing you all, I decided to get creative and make my own rock class.  Because the weather has been nice, 'Rock Hawks' have been in the garden studying the plants and enjoying a bit of fresh air and exercise.

rock class grass 340

They have been also been busy doing some of the activities I put on our Home Learning page last week.They have been keeping a particularly close eye on some lettuce seeds they planted and are pleased with how they are growing. 

rock class 340

Take care my wonderful Hawks. Look in again next week to see what Rock Hawks have been up to. They might be having a go at some more of the home learning ideas: there will be more ideas added each week, so keep checking in to the home learning page. Remember, keep in touch with each other, keep sharing what you have been doing and look after each other.


Greetings Hawks. I hope you are all safe, well and happy. I know this week is going to be a bit different for us all, but I hope you enjoy and have fun having a go at some of the ideas I've put on the home-learning page. Remember what we talked about last week about using this as an opportunity to develop a skill, or to learn something new that you wouldn't normally have time for. I know you are all amazingly creative, so please feel free to adapt my ideas and share what you've done with each other.  Make sure you stay in touch and look after each other. You are an absolutely amazing bunch and I know that nothing will ever change that.    


I have been so unbelievably proud of my Hawks this week; you have all been amazing!

We have kept ourselves busy and active. They enjoyed designing and making electrical advertising posters with working components. 

Last day 11 340 Copy Copy

Happy world of 'Harry- Bow', Prince Harry loves 'em so.' An advert with a moving bow tie and lights, each operated by switches.

Last day 12 340 Copy Copy

Last day 14 340 Copy Copy

Advertising a new Hamster movie- the star has glowing eyes!

Last day 13 340 Copy Copy

Any one fancy some honey? A poster with moving and buzzing bees.

We also made ourselves some Houghton stone buddies to take home so we will always have a bit of Houghton School with us.

First we found our stone in the woods...

Last day 20 340 Copy

Then we made them into our new buddies

Last day 31 340 Copy

Last day 25 340 Copy

Last day 26 340 Copy

Last day 27 340 Copy

Last day 29 340 Copy

We hope these little chaps will have lots of adventures and keep in touch with each other over the following weeks.

...we even played archery

Last day 24 340 Copy

They continuously supported each other, kept smiling, laughing and showing just how amazing they all are through this toughest of weeks.

Take care and stay safe and well my amazing class- I will miss teaching you all. 


Today was Sport's Relief and year 6 had a busy sporting day. We enjoyed our daily mile and rang along with Robin's class.

Sports relief 9 340

Running together

Sports relief 10 340


We had a go at lots of new sports including archery. It was great fun.

Sports relief 14 340

Sports relief 12 340

Some members of the school netball team even competed against staff. It was a great game which ended 3-3.

We have started our new Science topic of electricty this week. We were looking at how to make circuits and experimented with adding extra bulbs into circuits and observing the changes. 

Sports relief 8 340

Making observations and predictions

Sports relief 5 340


On Wednesday Hawk's Class visited Ely to further our study of Oliver Cromwell and to visit the Cathedral. On leaving the bus, we were amazed by how beautiful the Cathedral was and enjoyed looking at all the intricate stone work.

Ely 5 340 Copy

We visited Oliver Cromwell's home first, learning all about how he lived in Ely and about life at that time. We were fascinated to learn all about the food and loved exploring his kitchen. 

Ely 10 340 Copy

What a large chimney!

Ely 14 340 Copy

Ely 16 340 Copy

Some of the facts we discovered really surprised us.

Ely 18 340 Copy

When we moved upstairs, we learnt about Civil War era clothes and got to try some on. We also had the opportunity to play with some toys and games from the era- it was great fun.

Ely 23 340 Copy

We love to dress up!

Ely 28 340 Copy

Ely 40 340 Copy

Ely 41 340 Copy

Great hats!

Ely 42 340 Copy

Ely 51 340

Ely 38 340 Copy

Writing with a quill

Ely 47 340

Playing on hobby horses

Ely 48 340

Sword fighting

After our lunch at the cathedral we turned our hand to brass rubbing. We really enjoyed that too.

Ely 65 340

Later we explored the cathedral. We learnt all about how it was founded and its history; we spent a lot of time looking up as the ceilings and roof were so beautifully decorated.

Ely 78 340

Ely 81 340

Ely 87 340

The octagonal ceiling

Ely 92 340

At the entrance we found a labyrinthwhich we walked- we were amazed to find out that the journey around this was the same as if we had walked straight up to the roof.

Ely 97 340

We had a brilliant day .

Ely 59 340



Last night 17 members of Hawks class returned to school at 7pm to take part in The Rotary Club Quiz Night. Our team competed with other teams from around Huntingdonshire completing 3 rounds of questions.

Rotary quiz 4 340

The team worked very well together and had lots of fun.

Rotary quiz 6 340 

On Wednesday Hawk's Class set off to Huntingdon on the bus to learn more about Oliver Cromwell. 

HUntingdon 9 340 Copy

 Off on the 45A

We learnt lots looking around all the exhibits at the newly restored Cromwell Museum- we were really lucky as it hasn't even officially opened yet!

HUntingdon 10 340 Copy

Lots of exciting things to look at

There were experts there who showed us some of the weaponry from the time of the Civil War.

HUntingdon 23 340 Copy

Learning how to load a musket- it was a slow process. 

HUntingdon 31 340

We even got to have a go- don't worry, it wasn't loaded!

HUntingdon 38 340

We got to try some Civil War clothing on. The replica armour was surprisingly heavy.

HUntingdon 17 340 Copy

Watch out- Roundhead about!

HUntingdon 62 340

We enjoyed putting on the clothes

HUntingdon 27 340 Copy

I think we suited the fashion of the time and it was surprisingly warm.

HUntingdon 35 340

Great hats!

HUntingdon 34 340 

HUntingdon 50 340

HUntingdon 60 340

HUntingdon 54 340

HUntingdon 65 340

After our lunch in the courtroom at the Town Hall, we went to see the arch which had been replaced on the Norman Bridge which had been blown up during the Civil War to stop troops crossing between Godmanchester and Huntingdon. We then traveled even further back in time to see the earthworks left by Huntingdon's Norman Castle. We had great fun having a run around down the mot and bailey. 

HUntingdon 75 340

We had a great day out and we only had to travel down the road. 

HUntingdon 71 340




On Tuesday we had a special visitor, Nick from the visual impairment charity Camb Sight who taught us how to play Goal Ball. We had to wear blindfolds and listen carefully for the ball to roll our way. Great fun and a great introduction to a new sport. 

Goal Ball 17 340

Blindfolds on

Goal Ball 18 340

Great oral communication was needed to play this activity

Goal Ball 19 340

Goal Ball 22 340

Goal Ball 10 340

 In position, ready for a game of Goal Ball

In RE we have been learning about Buddhist beliefs regarding happiness. Here are some of our poems and ideas based on The Four Noble Truths.

happiness 1 340

happiness 22 340

happiness 23 340

happiness 24 340

happiness 25 340

DSC09359 340

We have also been working on our blogging skills: some of our class puppets have been rather busy when we've been at home it seems.

happiness 15 340

Ratus, Ratus' blog 

As well as keeping our minds active, we have continued to keep ourselves physically active with our daily mile. 

happiness 3 340

 Have a great half term everyone!


This week we have continued our exploration of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. We wrote poetry based on the quote 'Do not shake thy gory locks at me!' describing the change in atmosphere from before to after the appearance of the ghostly apparition of Banquo.  

new displays 1 340

Here is our new display

We have also been learning about the Feudal system in History as we explore the theme of democracy. 

new displays 3 340

We thought about the pros and cons from the point of view of The King, Barons, Knights and Peasants.  

new displays 4 340

We have also continued with our optical illusion art. Here is some of our amazing work so far. 

new displays 2 340

As we have worked so hard this week and as it was such a beautiful day, we decided to 'escape' for a while and have a mindful walk in our beautiful village.  

Nature walk 3 340

We looked at how the dew formed droplets on the leaves of the snowdrops

Nature walk 4 340

A villager told us where to find a poem to a Victorian village blacksmith on one of the graves and where we can find his name on his old house.

Nature walk 7 340

We reflected on the imagery in a reading comprehension we examined yesterday which described the sea as a glass table. 

Nature walk 8 340

We felt the mud slip under our feet

Nature walk 15 340

We played Pooh-sticks. So much fun!

Nature walk 26 340


This week we have been learning about how democracy works in our country. We learnt all about the role of the Queen, parliament and the government. We  showed this understanding through creating scenes using models.

Parliament 13 340

Vote for me!

We have been also learn how to read music and, using a chalked up stave, we positioned ourselves to create words using the musical notes, A-G.

week 4 2 340

Can you guess the word?

During the week we have worked very hard on our spellings, learning 4 new spellings each day. We have 2 minutes to remember and spell as many words as possible using the table as a whiteboard.

week 4 8 340

Forcing our brains to remember

On Wednesday we were pleased to join the rest of KS2 to welcome back Amy and Kasie from the American NFL adventure. Well done girls, we are so proud of you both!

week 4 7 340

Welcoming back our superstars. 



What a full week we've had.

In our science lessons we have been focusing on making observations of shadows, focusing on how they are the same or different as the object that cast them. 

cake sale 1 340

We used words such as elongated and indistinct.

cake sale 3 340

In our gymnastics we were working on partner balances. We had to work closely together and communicate well.

cake sale 9 340

cake sale 10 340

cake sale 14 340

cake sale 19 340

After hearing about the impact of the wildfires on Australian Wildlife,  Hawk's class decided to hold a cake stall to raise funds for RSPCA Australia. 

cake sale 31 340

We brought cakes in from home and also decorated some to sell.

cake sale 46 340

We enjoyed selling our cakes.

cake sale 45 340

cake sale 41 340

Rose even made little plaster animals to sell and made over £20!

cake sale 43 340

Our total is just over £200 and there is still some money to come in. Well done Hawks, that will really help the animals in need. 


This week we have continued to read and enjoy Macbeth. We thought about the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and how they are seen by others and how they really are inside. We made a big outline and used post-its to write aspects of their character, sticking them inside and outside the outline to demonstrate this. 

Macbeth week2 4 340

We then acted out the scene from the play where Macbeth and Banquo meet the witches and are told the 'future'. We then wrote this section in prose, focusing on setting our dialogue out correctly.

Macbeth week2 7 340

In PE we continued to work on our gymnastics. This week we worked in pairs making sequences based on some of the holds from our conditioned phrase. 

Macbeth week2 11 340

Macbeth week2 19 340

We really enjoy our sessions with Mrs David

Macbeth week2 15 340

On Friday the school held a special assembly to say good luck to our NFL team who are off to America next week to represent the country. Good luck to Amy and Kasie from Hawks who are part of the winning team. 

nfl 1 340

nfl 3 340

nfl 4 340


Hawk's class have made a brilliant start to 2020. We started our new Science topic on Light by proving that light travels in straight lines. We cut wholes in two pieces of cards and lined them up, we then made the class as dark as possible and shone a torch through the hole and saw that the shape was projected onto the back sheet.

Brain 8 340

When the moved the holes out of alignment and found that when we shone the torch the light did not project. This proved that light only travels in straight lines.  

Brain 12 340

On Monday we also started work on our new text 'Macbeth'. We acted out scenes from the first section of the story and developed our vocabulary to describe the battle and the 3 weird sisters.

Brain 2 340

Hawks in battle mode

Brain 3 340

Later in the week we wrote a narrative of the strange opening to the play using our newly learnt vocabulary. We learnt new words such as desolate, malevolent, attire and withered. 

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to be visited by Liza a STEM ambassador, who taught us all about how our brain works. We made brain hats which explained all the different sections of the brain and also got to see and handle a real lambs brain. It was all very exciting. 

Brain 17 340

Look at our big brains!

Brain 22 340

Brain 25 340

Examining a real brain. 

Brain 32 340


We celebrated Christmas today by sharing our delicious Christmas dinner with our buddies from Robins.

Christmas 3 340


Christmas 5 340


We all made Christingles

Christmas 10 340


At the end of the day we met together in the hall for our Christingle service.

Christmas 20 340

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for the cards and gifts!


This week we have enjoyed our DT lessons. After studying Art Deco and Clarice Cliff in our Art lessons, we used applique to add our own Art Deco inspired designs on the front of a pillow. We learnt lots of different stitches and how to use a sewing allowance and to turn our product out ready to stuff. 

Sewing 14 340

First we cut our designs out of felt and pinned them in place. 

Sewing 15 340

Next we used an applique stitch to attach the design to our front piece of fabric. 

Sewing 26 340

We turned our fabric so that the wrong sides were together and used running stitch to attached the back and front together. Once this was done we turned it back the correct way and stuffed our pillows. 

Sewing 28 340

We were really pleased with our final products.

Sewing 38 340


This week we have continued to learn about the fascinating Ancient Egyptians. We investigated different ways to make nets for a model pyramid and then made our own net which we decorated with pyramid facts. 

This week 5 340

We also learnt all about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and wrote diaries as if we were Howard Carter himself. After learning how he knew that the tomb was undisturbed, we were keen to find out about seals. We tried out different seals on our classroom door, much to our amusement when someone came in. 

This week 2 Copy 340

This week 3 340

We also looked at the amazing artifacts found in the tomb and made our own art work based on these.



We hope you like our finished display.

display T

We also enjoyed a quiet moment with a cup of hot chocolate while we watched Newsround and caught up on the news of the day.

This week 4 340

Mummy update- all mummified oranges appear to be weighing less day by day, observations have also been made regarding the colour and texture of the fruits.


After learning about how and why the Ancient Egyptian's Mummified important people, this week we have tried to mummified oranges. We scooped out the flesh and stuffed the dry skin with a mixture of salt, bicarbonate of soda and cinnamon to make it smell nice. We then wrapped the orange in bandages.  We weighed the orange straight after it was 'mummified' and made observations. We will be observing and weighing the orange daily to see how the preservation process changes the weight and appearance of the fruit. 

orange mummification 1 340

Making an incision across the orange .

orange mummification 2 340

Scooping out the oranges inners.

orange mummification 6 340

We dried the empty orange and then filled it with the salt, bicarb and cinnamon. 

orange mummification 3 340

Finally we wrapped the mummified orange.

mummy orange 340

We weighed the orange so we can plot how its weight changes over the mummification process.


The children have been learning about the life and work of Picasso. They have produced some eye-catching cubist inspired art.  

Piccasso 2 340

Piccasso 3 340

As part of their Science work on the Human Circulatory System, Hawks Class have also investigated the fat and sugar content of food. We were surprised how much fat and sugar was hidden in food and weighed out the equivalent amounts so we could visualise the quantities. 

IMG 0280 340

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Sally, a paramedic who works with MAGPAS. She taught us how to cope in a medical emergency and let us practice CPR on her 'Little Anne' models. It was an informative and enjoyable session and we all felt we had learnt a lot. 

Magpas 2 340

We practiced timing our compressions to the song 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees.

Magpas 4 340


This week Hawks have been thinking about remembrance as part of our school's focus on being kind.

On Monday, we visited the churchyard and placed a poppy on the graves of the 24 servicemen (WW1 and WW2) who are buried there as an act of kindness during Remembrance Day. It gave us the opportunity to think about loss and how remembering those who gave everything for others is so important, no matter how long ago it was.

 Poppy 1 340
poppy 3 340
One child stood for each fallen soldier
Poppy 2 340
We also worked very hard to organise fun Children in Need activities and helped the school to raise a magnificent £405.51

Hawks have been learning about the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff as part of their Art Deco project. They have been writing about her life and have produced some beautiful art work based on her designs.

poppy 5 340

Autumn 2019 3 340

Hawks have started working with sport's coach Clare David on a new gymnastics unit based on the theme of bullying. They have been learning how to create a movement phrase. 

Autumn 2019 16 340

Autumn 2019 9 340



This week we have been thinking about religion and what it means to be a Christian. We have also been learning that there are many different denominations of Christianity. As part of our learning, we were very fortunate to welcome Father Geoff to our classroom to talk to us and answer our questions. 

Week 6 3 340

4. 10.19

Another great week in Hawk's class. We have been busy organising Harvest Festival and our food collection for Godmanchester Foodbank.

Harvest 4 340

Displaying the food.

Harvest 29 340

So much food!

Harvest 35 340

Sorting the food into boxes for the foodbank.

Harvest 39 340

This will save the foodbank people a job! All the beans in one box, all the soup in another...

Harvest 43 340

Look at all the food that we have collected- thank you everyone!

In lessons we have been thinking about varying our sentence starters and applying all the writing skills we have learnt so far this term. We have been imagining that we were lost in a Cairo market and have been writing descriptions to explain how we felt and what we could see.

week 5 5 340

Writing different types of sentences 

week 5 6 340

We love writing on post it notes

DSC08979 340

Our final work has been displayed ready for open afternoon- we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


Wow, we have been very scientific this week- welcoming not one, but two scientists to our classroom.

On Monday we were visited by a scientist who taught us all about genes, genetics and DNA. We learnt all about how DNA can be extracted and even had a go at extracting some from a Strawberry. It was great fun and we learnt lots. 

Genome 27 340 Copy

Mushing up the strawberry to break down the structure

Genome 32 340

Genome 34 340

After adding detergent and salt to break the cells down we strained the solution to remove the solids.

Genome 35 340

Genome 52 340 Copy

After adding ethanol we were able to remove the DNA

Genome 47 340

We also made models of a helix and bracelets of DNA sequences.

Genome 28 340

Genome 20 340

On Friday we were visited by Mr MacLennan and a group of six form students from St Peters School, who helped us to dissect a real lamb's heart.

heart dissection year 6 2 340

We were able to hold a real heart

heart dissection year 6 4 340

Listening to one of our six form volunteers as she explained what we could see.

heart dissection year 6 8 340

heart dissection year 6 9 340

We found the aorta and were able to put our finger in it. It was bigger than we thought. 

heart dissection year 6 10 340

At the end of the session, Mr MacLennan showed us a complete lungs and heart. He pumped air into the lungs and we could see them inflate.

heart dissection year 6 14 340

At the end of such a busy week, the chidlren still found the energy to run a MacMillan Coffee morning for the school and village. Well done year 6!

MacMillan 21 340


This week we have been learning about the circulatory system. We took roles as blood cells and organs and moved around learning how the oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported around the body.

Buddy 2 340

The lungs breathe out the carbon dioxide and breathe in the oxygen.

Buddy 4 340

We used the heart to push the blood cells around the body, bringing the fresh oxygenated blood to the organs and removing the waste carbon dioxide. 

We also had a visit from Bobby the dog.

Buddy 5 340

We loved our little visitor

Buddy 15 340

On Friday we led  sport's morning for years 2-5. The children did a great job.

Sports morning 3 340

The children created games, explained how they worked and encouraged younger pupils to take part. 

Sports morning 8 340


This week we have started working in our School Council committees to set out our aims for the next term. 

The Community Committee

Schoo Council 4 340

We are aiming to bring the school and local community together this term. We are hoping to do a Macmillan coffee morning; we are also hoping to do a pumpkin carving competition as well as a ginger bread competition. These events are for fun rather than to raise money. We will be involving the class reps and fundraising committees.

The Fundraising Committee

Schoo Council 10 340

This year we are aiming to raise as much money and awareness as possible for different charities and for our school. We are going to be raising money for ‘Children In Need’, ‘Red Nose Day’, ‘MacMillan’ and ‘Wear A Hat Day’.

We are going to meet regularly for meetings about fundraising to discuss events. We will work with other committees to help us arrange events.

The Eco- Committee

Schoo Council 2 340

As the eco committee our main aim this term is to reduce the litter and plastic in the school grounds. We are going to monitor the type and amount of litter at school and look at ways this can be reduced. We are hoping to plan a Litter week were pupils will learn all about litter, this will include a big litter hunt.

Class Reps

Schoo Council 6 340

We are aiming to be friendly class reps and make some new friends along the way. We want the children to be more aware of us so we will introduce ourselves early on. As class reps we want to have closer links with teachers, children and the other committees. Hopefully we will find out what new school equipment children want and what is important to them. One of the first things we want to do is read to the children and have regular meetings. For all of these things to happen we will need the help of everyone in the school including adults.

The E-Safety Committee

Schoo Council 7 340

This term the E-safety committee are aiming to help pupils at our school avoid online scams aimed at children. We will do this through making posters which we will put up around the school and by making a short film which we hope to share on the website. The film will explain what online scams are around and how they can avoid them.

 For more information on our school council please visit the Community section of our website.


Welcome to Year 6.

The new Hawks Class have made a brilliant start to the year. They have settled in very well and have already been thinking deeply about some tricky Maths problems and have written some application letters to apply for the School Council.

They have also been thinking about the qualities needed to be successful and happy and watched a clip from Frozen Planet about a very determined penguin. We have created some posters to help us remember that we should not give up if we want to be successful. 


Please note that PE lessons will be on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this term, but that trainers will be needed every day for the daily mile.

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