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Hawks (Y6)

Hawks Class are our Year 6 group. They are taught by Mrs Smith who is assisted by Mrs Leivers, Mr Johnson and Mrs Garrick.

Autumn Term 2018

Please click here for Hawks Autumn 2018 Newsletter/Curriculum

Friday 12th October

Today we led the school's Harvest Assembly. We talked about the traditions of harvest and also about how a food bank works as this is where our donations were going. .  

DSC07449 340

Starting to put the donations out before assembly

DSC07451 340

Lots of wonderful food to help lots of people in crisis

DSC07459 340

We bagged it all up ready to be delivered to the food bank

We also took part in this years first inter-house sport's morning where we played football and tag rugby.

DSC07464 340

Lots of fun and exercise was had 

Lastly this week we have been learning the cup song which Mrs Young performed to the school on Monday in assembly. She joined us on Friday to see how we were getting on and has challenged us to perform with her next Friday in assembly. 

DSC07469 340


Friday 5th October

This week we have been working on our long division skills. We split into groups each led by an 'expert'. These 'experts' led their group through the calculation to solve the problems. Great team work and math's talk from all 

DSC07433 340

Wonderful Math's talk led by today's experts

DSC07435 340

In our writing we have been developing our use of powerful adjectives within our expanded noun phrases. We included these in our settings which we based on a short silent film clip of an alien planet. We then read our descriptions over the clip; we had to speak loud and clear over the backing music to make sure we were heard by the audience.

DSC07430 340

On Friday we also started to compose our Space themed music. We worked on the field and recorded our compositions so we can continue to develop them next week.


Great team work

music 2

Finally our amazing year 6 manned another cake stall on Monday which brought their fundraising total to £450 for Macmillan. We are all very proud of your efforts.

DSC07428 340


Friday 28th September

Where has September gone? Another busy week in Hawks class. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Lisa, a STEM ambassador, who taught us how to make ice cream by lowering the temperature of ice below freezing- an activity which was in equal parts fun, educational and delicious.

DSC07384 340

Working scientifically

DSC07401 340

Enjoying our efforts

DSC07406 340

DSC07399 340

Science never tasted so good!

During the week we have been researching a planet we were given at random so that we could become an expert on it. We had to give a oral pitch  to the class which would have persuaded Professor Brian Cox to focus on our planet in a new TV series on space.  We had to include lots of great facts and make it sound 'AMAZING' We then used the information we had gathered to write non-chronological reports.

DSC07381 340

Presenting our pitch to the class

We finished the week with our community and fundraising committees working together to run a Macmillan Coffee afternoon. Lots of fun was had by all and £382 raised. Well done kids!

DSC07409 340

Ready for service

DSC07410 340

Our fantastic team of helpers

Friday 21st September

This week we have continued to explore our space topic. We looked at the distance between planets; the numbers were so huge they were difficult to visualise so we used toilet paper to produce a scale representation. We calculated that one sheet of toilet paper was worth 10 million km of space. We then set about counting out the sheets and marking on the planets. 

toilet roll

It was a lot of paper!

toilet 2

When we had measured the distances out in the classroom we took the roll outside to unravel it on the field and mark where the planets were using children.

toilet 3

We found that the gaps between the inner planets were relatively small compared to the outer planets. We had to use the whole length of our school field just to get to Neptune and Pluto would have been almost twice as far again.

toilet 4

Unfortunately the wind was against us, but we got a good indication of the distances involved and it was fun.

toilet 5 

Oh dear!

We also organised and ran a sport's morning for Years 2,3,4 & 5.We had a great time and we hope the chidlren did too.

Sports Morning Sept 011

Encouraging the younger pupils 

Sports Morning Sept 013

Wiggle and giggle

We ended up the week by eating some of the homework which had been brought in- yummy meteor cakes. For more photos please look at our home learning page.

Sports Morning Sept 029

Friday 14th September

What an exciting week it's been. On Monday morning we went to the field to investigate a mysterious object which Mr James had  'found' during his early morning grounds check. He wondered if it could be a meteor, so the children set off to find out. They quickly discovered that meteors burn up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere so the investigation quickly changed into finding out if it could be a meteorite.

meteor 004

The children did lots of research and found out that most meteorites are magnetic due to their iron content, so they decided to get a magnet to check our mystery object. Unfortunately it wasn't magnetic. 

Autumn 2018 001

Others found out that it should weigh considerably more than a rock the same size, so they found one and weighed it, unfortunately our mystery object was lighter. Finally the class decided they wanted to try to break it open to check the internal structure as this should be open and bubble like and could also contain crystals, diamonds and gold. 

Autumn 2018 002

Unfortunately, when we broke it open we found it was a soft sedimentary rock and Mrs Smith confessed that it might be the one she found on Hunstanton beach. Never mind, we had fun finding out all about meteorites and it was a very exciting start to our space topic. We are currently working on newspaper articles all about our investigations which we hope to publish next week . 

Friday 7th September

What a great start to the school year Hawks class have had. They have been working very hard in all their lessons and have already enthusiastically started with some of their year 6 duties. They have begun their play leading duties, forming a rota and organising fun activities for other children to join in with during lunch time.

School council 009

Organising the troops

School council 010

Ready for the off

School council 012

Let the fun begin

They have also been busy applying for and being allocated roles within the school council. Once in committees they have worked hard to write an overview of the vision of their committee and a more specific action plan for the work they aim to complete this term. It is now over to them to organise their events and to make a real difference to the school. We think they are going to do a smashing job.

School council 014

The Community Committee

School council 015

The Fundraising Committee

School council 020

The Eco- Committee

School council 027

Class Reps

School council 029

The E-Safety Committee


Wednesday 6th September 

Image result for back to school

Welcome back, I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for the new school year. We have an exciting and varied term's learning planned for you all. 

Please remember your PE kits, we will be having inside PE on a Wednesday and outside  on a Thursday, however please bring them both in on Mondays and bring them home on a Friday in case we have any additional opportunities on other days. 

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