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Hawks (Y6)


Hawks' Class are our Year 6 group. They are taught by Mrs Smith who is assisted by Mrs Leivers and Mrs Garrick.

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Latest News

Autumn 2017


It snowed! Before the snow got too wet and hard we ventured out to inspire our grammar work. Some beautiful sentences written in the active and passive voice. 

snow and fayre 007

Taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings

snow and fayre 014

To get into the Christmas spirit we have started to make our Christmas cards. Helped by Mrs Brennan and Mrs Garrick, we made some beautiful Reindeer cards.

Christmas Card making 017

Proudly showing our cards.

Christmas Card making 016

On Thursday we enjoyed our School Christmas Lunch. We made special Christmas hats, paired up with a buddy from Robin's class and enjoyed a festive feast together.

CHristmas Lunch 003

Helping with the cutting.

CHristmas Lunch 004

CHristmas Lunch 006

Brothers and sisters enjoying their lunch

CHristmas Lunch 005

Delicious food. Thank you!

This week we have finished making our DT chairs. We painted or paper-mached coloured paper onto our white paper base to ensure a good quality finish.

week 13 001

Painting our models

week 13 004

We also enjoyed a shared reading session with Year 3. 

week 13 006

Sharing our love of books with each other

week 13 007

Finally we have worked hard to produce a totally recycled Christmas tree for our door. We used newspaper for the tree and recycled packaging and wrapping paper for the decorations. We even used old CDs to make a shiny star. Many thanks to Mrs Leivers, Mrs Brennan and Mrs Garrick for helping us put it together.



This week we have continued to work on our model chairs and have made a great start to the papier mache. We hope to be able to paint and decorate them to a high quality next week.

week 12 chairs

Busy at work

week 12 002

We have also been looking at mummification and have started the process of mummifying a tomato. We had to remove its organs (seeds) and dry the internal cavity before we encased it in salt. We will be making careful observations of the tomato over the next few weeks.

week 12 003

Our mummification bags upon the 'mummification station.'

week 12 004

We will compare our mummified tomato's decay with that of our control tomato which has not gone through the same process.


We started the week by performing our anti-bullying rap 'STOP' to the school in assembly

DT rap

This week's work has been themed around our DT project. We have been designing furniture for our client- a fictional character of our choice. We started the week by looking at how furniture design had changed through the ages, we then considered the needs of our 'client' and produced a range of designs for them. Some of us have started to make a newspaper model of our furniture ready to paper mache next week.

DT week

We have also based our writing upon our DT theme. Focusing upon the skill of writing with different levels of formality we wrote official formal letters to our clients about their furniture order, asking questions regarding styles and function, and then composing informal replies from the customers. We worked hard to peer edit our letters. 

DT week editting 2

Enjoying sharing our work

DT week edit

Checking our meaning is clear and looking to improve our writing.

We finished the week by orgainising a sport's morning for years 2-5. Great leadership year 6!

DT week sport


This week our work has had an anti-bullying theme to link in with Anti-bullying week. We produced some emotive descriptive writing based on the experiences of the characters in an animated film 'Wings'; produced information leaflets giving advice on bullying and even wrote our own anti-bullying raps which we are going to perform in assembly on Monday.

As well as all this work we also organised activities for the school to enjoy over lunchtime in aid of Children in Need. A great time was had by all and £500 raised. Well done year 6.

anti bully and children in need 023

Pin the patch on the Pudsey

anti bully and children in need 039

anti bully and children in need 025

Pudsey treasure hunts

anti bully and children in need 030

Pudsey beanbag game

anti bully and children in need 034

Organising Pudsey colouring in sessions

anti bully and children in need 033

Pudsey target practice


This week we have been looking at the concept of freedom. As we had been looking at sugar last week we looked at the link between this and slavery- learning about the slave triangle. We then found out about Harriet Tubman's link with the underground railway and bravery of Rosa Parks. We completed the week with some independent research on Nelson Mandela learning about his work towards equality in South Africa.


Working independently on our projects

Nelson M3

Some great creative responses 

Nelson M2

Also, well done to another sporting superstar!

9 medals



This week we have been investigating the fat and sugar in our food. We looked at packaging and found out how many grams of fat and sugar were in different food stuffs.To help us visualise this we weighed out the same amount of fat (lard) and sugar as we would consume in an average portion. 


Cutting up our fat


Accurately weighing out the amount per portion of our product


Some of our results

We then looked at the recommended daily intake for an adult and worked out the proportion of this we would eat in our portions. We displayed this information in pie charts.

We are now asking and researching questions as to the effect of exceeding our recommended daily intake.

We have also been finding out about the Aswan Dam in Egypt. We started to learn what a dam does and why a dam was thought to be needed on the Nile, using ourselves to model the effects of flooding and of the dam on the river flow.

nile flood

Our crops growing along side the banks of the Nile

nile flood 2

Along comes the flood water which carries the crops away!

 nile flood 009

The Aswan Dam would hold the flood waters back.

We then looked at the pros and cons of the dams construction, creating notes for a debate which we held in drama, pretending that the dam had not been constructed and deciding if the advantages outweighed the problems it would cause. We will be producing a balanced argument on this next week.


Finally, a well done to our sporting legend who proudly showed off his awards in our sharing assembly. Good luck representing Team GB next year!



This week we have been busy writing our tension filled, Egyptian inspired stories entitled 'The Tomb'.The children have worked very hard to plan, write and edit these and have done a great job. We finished the week by dimming the lights, getting out the torches and reading our stories to each other- some great performances and a few jumps.

As well as this year 6 planned, organised and ran another sport's afternoon, this time for years 2,3,4 and 5. Despite the weather the children did a wonderful job keeping the children active and inspiring them to have a go at some different activities.

sports 2

Brilliantly run and organised activities.

sport 2

Keeping the children active at all times

sport 3

Year 6 leading the way

13.10.17 Carrying on our Science work the children have been investigating the effect of exercise on our heart. We took our pulse when resting, after a brisk walk and after skipping.

pulse 002

Taking our pulse

pulse 005

Taking quick bursts of intensive exercise

pulse 004

Measuring our pulse again to see the effect.

We repeated each activity three times, taking our pulse each time so that we could calculate the average, we then displayed this information in charts and graphs.

We were also fortunate enough to receive an excellent informative session from the NSPCC.

pulse 006

Thank you for all the sponsor money we have received, please remember this should be in by Monday.


Today we looked at a real animal heart. We cut it open to look at the left and right atriums.

heart 047

We thought of different questions we had about the heart and used the new ipads to research our answers. 

heart 049

This week we set up the KS2 NSPCC physical challenge for our sponsored event. We all enjoyed taking part in our circuit of activities designed to get our hearts racing and muscles' pumping. 

nspcc 001

Lots of activities to energise and stretch.

nspcc 006

Also this week we have continued with our dance based on the theme ' Why bully me?' The children have been producing some powerful movements based on our discussions around the effects of bullying. 

why bully me 005

why bully me 007


What amazing home learning you produced last week. You obviously love your books and I was so pleased to see the imaginative way you had aproached the task.

harvest 054

From giant books...

harvest 062

...to interactive wanted posters - Harry Potter style.

Our big focus this week was supporting the Godmanchester Foodbank. We wrote accounts imagining that we were in need and how we would feel using the service- they were very powerful. On Friday it was our Harvest Festival and the Community Committee led the way collecting and displaying the food which was brought in. 

harvest 027

Hawks displaying their donations

harvest 048

Wow, look how much we collected altogether!

harvest 049

After assembly we bagged all the food up ready to be collected by Phil from the Foodbank.

harvest 050

We all worked together as a team to get the job done.

harvest 2017 010

At the end of the day Phil from the foodbank arrived and we helped to load up his car. In a while we will find out how many families our food will help. Thank you everyone at Houghton for your kind donations.

Finally we have been learning about blood. We learnt that blood is made up of plasma, platelets and red and white blood cells. To help us understand we made some fake blood using yellow water for the plasma, red jelly hoops for the red blood cells, oats for the platelets and small marshmallows for the white blood cells. 

blood 001

Here is our end product.   


This week we have been learning about the heart. We learnt how the heart pumps blood around the body in order that it can collect oxygen from the lungs, bring it to all areas of our bodies and bring back waste carbon dioxide which we breathe out.

We used blood cards to reenact this process, turning them over from oxygenated to deoxygenated on our journey to and from the left and right chambers of the heart. One of us played the blood; one the heart, who gave us a gentle push; one the lungs, which took the carbon dioxide and supplied the oxygen and one various body parts which used up the oxygen in order to function.

3 heart 2

The heart gently pushes us on so we can continue our journey.

3 heart

Freshly oxgenated having picked up oxygen from the lungs, we return to the heart for another push.

Friday morning we ran the KS2 sport's morning. We organised and ran our own activites which we delivered to 9 groups of years 3,4 and 5. We worked very hard setting up our activities and demonstrating and explaining the tasks.

3 sports afternoon number

Calling our groups over.

3 sport 2

Explaining the activity

3 sport 4

Enouraging and motivating

3 sport 3

All of KS2 busy and active. Well done Year 6


This week we have been learning about how the internet is not the same as the World Wide Web. We started to find out about how the internet worked and carried out a practical activity to mimic how a document is sent.

internet 006

We were all given a copy of the Jabberwocky and had the task of sending it through some thin pipes. The poem had to be cut small enough to pass through the pipes and we all had to be able to identify our pieces once they had been mixed up and be able to correctly reassemble our poem the other side. 

internet 008

We all came up with our own solutions to this problem. This showed us how information is broken down into packets and sent through the internet, with information as to where it came from, where it is going and how it needs to be assembled once it has arrived at its destination.

internet 010

We are also planning our 'visit' to Egypt by plotting the route we would take on a plane and imagining the views we would see out of the window. We then wrote imaginative descriptions describing our journey and the views from the plane window.

plotting to egypt 008

We ended the week by starting to think about our Science topic 'The circulatory system'. We drew around a 'willing volunteer' and then discussed the size and location of the heart and lungs.

drawing around the body

Making an outline

drawing heart

Working out where to place the heart and lungs.


What a great start to the term we have had. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all. We have been looking at the home learning which you produced over the Summer. Some great work has come in and it is not too late to add to our collection. 

week 1 homelearning

Beautiful embroidery

week 1 homelearning 2

Information on hieroglyhics 

week 1 homelearning 3

Research on gods

In class we have been learning all about the weather in Egypt and have plotted temperatures and precipitation levels on line graphs. We had to work out our own scales and decide upon the best way to set out the data. We then used the information to decide when we would visit Egypt if we had a choice. 

We have also been thinking about which school council committee we would like to go on and have written persuasive letters to Mrs Smith to try to get into the group we want.

We ended the week with music singing 'Livin on a prayer' by Bon Jovi as part of our Rock unit. A smashing first week.


Image result for back to school

Welcome back, I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for the new school year. We have an exciting and varied term's learning planned for you all. 

We are looking forward to seeing the Summer homelearning tasks you have completed - a board is backed and ready to display all your wonderful work.

Please remember your inside and outside PE kits, these can be left at school during the week and brought home on a Friday.  

 See you all next week.

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