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This week's Home Learning:

Home learning Journal Home Learning set 13.10.17

In Science we have been learning all about the human heart. This week we would like you to find out some interesting facts about the hearts of other living creatures. You could find out who has the biggest/ smallest heart; whether there are any creatures that don’t have a heart at all or even if some have more than one.  Maybe you are interested in investigating the pulse rates of different creatures.  Research something which intrigues you.

You can present your information in any way you wish.

Homework due in Tuesday 31st October  

Reading: In school we regularly talk to your child about their reading and monitor their engagement using our AR system which helps us to ensure that your children are reading regularly at home as well as at school. Please help your child by encouraging them to read quality books and by making time to discuss any unfamiliar words they come across with you. 

Mathletics: Studies have consistently  proved that children who engage regularly with Mathletics do significantly better in their assessments so please take advantage of this wonderful tool. If you encourage your child to complete more tasks and they gain a certificate these will be awarded in our Key Stage Assembly on Thursdays.


Spellings: This week we have 10 spellings to learn taken mainly from our spelling focus- words ending tious and cious. The children are to learn the root word (which are all nouns) and the adjectives which are created when the ending ious is added. 


2. fictitious

3. vice

4. vicious

5. caution

6. cautious

7. malice

8. malicious

9. different

10. difficult

Children will be tested upon these words on Friday 20th October

 Times Tables challenge: This week we are focusing on using and applying the 7 X tables. You will have three levels of challenge to work through. These will include missing number problems and applying their knowledge to facts beyond 12 X

Mild Meduim Spicy

Multiplication facts relating to the 7 X tables, for example:

6 X 7=

15 X 7 =

490 =_ X 7  

Division facts relating to the 7 X tables, for example:

1,449 ÷ 7 =

_  =  5,607 ÷ 7

7,049,140 ÷ 7 =

Creating fractions using the number facts, for example:

1/7 of 4,900 =

3/7 of 4,900 =

_ = 1/7 of 63,707

 Please ask me if you have any questions relating to homelearning or if you need any resources. 

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