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Home Learning - Hawks

 Hawks Home Learning during School Closure

As well as this week's flower themed activities posted on the school home web page, here are some suggested tasks and activities which can be undertaken at home while we are closed.

Firstly, and most importantly, please keep reading.

Something new to try: 

I know you all enjoyed our class writing based on 'Pigeon Impossible', so here is another funny short film for you to watch.


This film is called 'High Diving Giraffes'  and shows some sporty giraffes showing off their diving skills. Here are some ideas for activities you could try based on this film.

Sadly, the human's Olympics have been postponed for a year- what animal based sports could you invent?

  • Could you create a program of events for an animal Olympics?
  • If you have a pet, what sport would they be good at?
  • Who are the stars? Could you write an interview with a world famous hamster who is the favourite to win the peanut throwing event, or write a profile on a poodle who once beat Usain Bolt in a sprint?
  • What sport's wear would they wear? You could design a team UK animal kit.

You could write a sports commentary to go with the diving scene- you would need to use the present tense and include some spectacular adverbs. Maybe you could even get permission to use a phone or ipad, if you have one, to record it and play it back over the film footage.

You could think scientifically.

  • What animals are the fastest? How would they compare if they were to compete against humans?
  • Giraffes are fascinating creatures which have adapted amazingly to their environment. What fantastic facts can you find out about giraffes?
  • Maybe you could make a picture book on giraffes for younger children, or create a mock up of a web page.

To keep you thinking mathematically, why not look at the Whiterose maths activities onhttps://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

More information can be found on the homepage

You can also try this mathematical art activity from NRICH by following this link:

  • https://nrich.maths.org/7301
  • Draw a shape with a ruler, find and mark the middle and then join your marks to create a new shape. Why not try it with different shapes to see what happens. 
  • nrich problem
  • Great news! I know you were all disappointed that we wouldn't be able to take part in the Childnet film competition we were working on- well, they have been in touch to say that you can now enter from home! They have even opened a new category, so if you don't have the equipment to make the actual film you can enter your storyboards. If you are interested and think this might be fun, have a look at the link below and ask an adult for permission to enter. Happy filming/ planning!
  • https://www.childnet.com/resources/film-competition/2020
  • film competition
  • Those children who were here on the last day made themselves a stone buddy. You can easily make one of these at home by finding a stone you like from your garden and sticking or drawing on some eyes.

Last day 29 340 Copy

  • These stone buddies can get up to lots of fun adventures. Why not write a story about your buddy?
  • They can explore your garden or house? Think what would it be like for such a small creature- everything would seem large and strange. They might be able to use a leaf as a hammock or a puddle as a swimming pool.
  • Why not write a diary of what they get up to when everyone in the house is asleep? Are they naughty like the ‘elf on the shelf’ or do they help around the house tidying your socks away?
  • You could design and make them a little car, house and furniture using junk modeling materials such as old boxes.

If you want to do a little Science, next term we were going to be looking at plants.

  • Do you have any seeds or plants you could care for? Even a daisy growing in your lawn can be studied.
  • You could make a diary to see how they grow and change over time.
  • What happens when it doesn’t get water … or gets too much?
  • Watch what happens to a daisy as dusk falls…
  • Could you research plants that have adapted to their environment?
  • Can you come up with some questions that you could answer such as ‘Why is a cactus so prickly?’
  • Have some fun creating your own alien planet. Describe the environment and what is so special about it such as the weather, heat etc.
  • Can you create your own plants and creatures which have adapted to this planet?
  • Has the plant living there adapted to protect themselves from being eaten, or are they hoping to be eaten so that their seeds are spread?
  • You could make models in old boxes or draw pictures or labeled diagrams.

You can learn lots online. On the last day we learnt how to finger knit using YouTube tutorials.

  • What new skills can you learn? Maybe you could learn some more German, or maybe a little French or even Japanese?

Get crafting.

  • Can you learn to crochet or knit using the needles if you have any?
  • I know you are all great at sewing, so if you have basic sewing equipment and some scraps of fabric or clothes that are beyond use, you could make a favourite toy a new outfit or adapt/ up-cycle an old t-shirt. Make sure you ask an adult before you cut anything up though and be careful with those scissors.

Get cooking.

  • You could learn how to cook a simple meal with an adult.
  • You could write instructions for making this and then create your own recipe book.
  • Maybe pretend you have your own restaurant and make menus and advertising.

Fortunately, we managed to complete the year 6 Maths Curriculum just before school closed.

  • Explore Mathletics freely and have a go at any of the tasks to keep your skills sharp. Don’t forget there is also Rainforest Maths there to use and lots of other online games and activities.
  • If you want, you can try some of the booklets we sent out when we were expecting a 2 week closure, but please don’t worry as you won’t need to do the SAT practice anymore.

There are lots of fun activities on Purple Mash.

  • Learning to touch type is a skill which will last a lifetime, so why not give it a go.  
  • There are many fun and educational activities on the learning platform- I am not going to set you 2dos as this will restrict your choice, so instead have a go at any of the fun things out there.
  • I know you love the music and art apps, but there are also science, coding, English and Maths apps too.

I know some of you love to code so why not try https://hourofcode.com/uk

  • There are lots of fun and educational coding activities- 'Dance Party' is brilliant fun and educational -I know you guys love your music.

Remember to keep active.

  • Why not choose a favourite pop song and make up a dance routine to it which you can improve and change.
  • Maybe you can create your own song using the tune from one you know and giving it new words. 

Remember, have fun and do the activities you enjoy. Most importantly, keep in touch with one another and share what you have been up to and the fun, creative ideas you have had.

Take care my amazing Hawks,

Mrs Smith



If you've tried some of the booklets I sent home, here are some of the answers as I promised. Unfortunately, some of the documents are too large to upload. For arithmetic booklets answers, please scroll through to the last page. 

Multiples, factors and primes Place value Mixed operations Worded questions 1
Worded questions 2 Rounding Handling money 2D shapes
Equivalent Fractions Perimeter and area 3D shapes and nets Negative Numbers
Measuring and drawing Mass Reflection and translate Pictograms
Bar charts Arithmetic 7 Arithmetic 8 Arithmetic 9

English booklet answers, 

Throwing a tree Charge of the Light Brigade
Leisure SPaG booklets

Remember, you don't need to complete these as they were given to you before SATs were cancelled, but please feel free to have a go if you want to. 

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