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Kestrels (Y4)


Kestrels Class are our Year 4 group.

They are taught by Mrs MacLennan on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. They are taught by Mrs Read on  Fridays. They are both assisted by Mrs Macey and Mrs Anderson.

Please click here for information on the Year 4 Curriculum Autumn 2019

Spring 2020

PE lessons will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout this term. Please ensure children have their PE kits in school. PE kits should contain: T-shirt, shorts, tracksuit top and bottoms and trainers. No football kits please. Long hair should be tied back. 

Friday 16th January

We held our first celebration assembly this week. We know the children get up to lots of exciting things outside of school and wanted to give them some dedicated time to share their experiences and achievements with us in school. With this in mind we started the celebration assemblies which will take place during our Thursday assemblies. This week, some of our class shared their medals from swimming galas that took place before Christmas- congratulations to you all fantastic work!

celebration assembly 2celebration assembly

Friday 10th January

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back! We've had a lovely start to the year with our "Brain Day" We had a visit from a STEM scientist who taught us about the biological structure and function of our brains and how amazing they are! We then followed this with a session on developing a "growth mindset" for 2020, followed by an afternoon of looking after our brains with a spot of mindfulness. 

brain 2brain 5brain 6brain 7

We are lucky enough to have sports coach Claire Davids working with us again. This term,she will be helping us develop our understanding of team tactics. This week the children were developing their understanding of possession, it was a lot of fun and the class displayed some excellent team skills.

games 1games 2games 3games 4

Friday 20th December

We've made it to the end of term! A third of the year has flown by, I think it has been a terrific term and I hope that you feel so too! We finished the term by learning about electricity and found the perfect way to apply our new found knowledge in the "light up" Christmas cards we made. The children were extremely proud of their creations and quite rightly so! I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all my lovely presents, they're very much appreciated and I feel thouroughly spoilt- thank you. And lastly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. 

Friday 6th December

On Monday we turned Kestrel's classroom into a pizzeria! The children all made delicious and healthy pizzas. After looking at the nutiritonal information on the packages of premade pizzas we set about developing a healthier recipe. We substituted 50% of the white flour for wholegrain flour. We also made our own tomato sauce with a range of lovely fresh vegetables with no added salt or sugar- they weren't sure at first however  all the feedback I received suggests they were the best pizzas EVER!

pizza 1pizza 2pizza 3pizza 4pizza 5pizza 6pizza 7pizza 8pizza 9pizza 10

Friday 29th November

This week, we have been learning about the physical geography of Italy. The children made 3D salt dough models which we will paint and label next week to identify some of the physical and human geographical features of Italy.

italy map 2italy map 3

italy map 1

Another fantastic week in the gym with Claire Davids. This week the children displayed some extraordinary team work to produce outstanding gymnastic displays. 

claire davids 2claire davids 3claire davids 5claire davids 6claire davids 7

Claire Davids 1

Friday 22nd November

This week in PE the children were absolutely amazing! We encouraged the children to use the apparatus in ways they may not have thought of before... And they blew us away with their creativity, power and team work, just take a look at some of the photos. 

apparatus 1apparatus 2apparatus 3apparatus 4apparatus 5

Friday 15th November

As part of kindness week we read the story of the red crayon and thought about who people are on the inside. We also made smiley faced biscuits to say thank you to the special people in our lives. 

kindness 1kindness 2kindness 3

Continuing with our Roman topic this week, we learnt about the Celtic revolt of 61AD when Boudicca of the Iceni tribe, (based in cambridgeshire) burned 3 Roman towns to the ground before leading her warriors on to face the Roman army at Watling street where they were defeated. The children recreated scenes from Boudicca's last few weeks, using a freeze frame drama technique.

boudicca 1boudicca 2boudicca 3boudicca 4

In PE they enjoyed getting the apparatus out during our gym session with Mrs Davids.

gym 1gym 2gym 3gym 4

Friday 8th November

Inspired by our work on the Romans, this week we have been designing our own catapults. The children used lolly-pop sticks, plastic spoons, bottle tops and elastic bands to make our catapults. We then tested them by measuring how far they could catapult a cotton wool ball, we used a target board to measure their accuracy and finally a plastic cup pyramid to test how powerful the catapults were. Whilst testing the catapults the children compared and evaluated their designs. making adjustments to help improve performance.

catapults 1catapults 2catapults 3catapults 4catapults 6catapults 7catapults 8catapults 9catapult 5

Friday 1st November

This term in PE we have been challenging ourselves, by developing our team work and leadership skills. One of our activities involved us being guided around an obstacle course blindfolded.



We have also enjoyed participating in Sports Mornings organised by Year 6.

SM 1

SM 3

SM 2

And today we got a little bit muddy practising our rugby skills, ready for watching England play in the World Cup Final tomorrow.


Rugby 3

Rugby 4


Friday 18th October

We've made it! I hope you have all enjoyed your first half term as a Kestrel. The children have all worked so hard but I hope they've had a lot of fun too. This week, we continued our topic work on the Romans; learning about roman art through making a large classroom mosaic, creating roman numerals using lolly-pop sticks and beginning to undertsand the chronolgy of the Roman Empire by sequencing a timeline of major events. After half term, we will be continuing our topic on the Romans, learning about how they conquored Britain and changed life here, forever. I hope you all have a great half term!

Roman numerals 1Roman numerals 2Roman numerals 3Roman numerals 4Roman numerlas 3

9th October

What a fab day Roman Day 2019 has been. The children have been super busy all day; making mosaic tiles, squeesing their own oil from olives, using traditional Roman cures to heal patients, making and writing on their own wax tablets, to name just a few. This was a super start to our Roman topic, now we're all fired up and ready to learn lots more!

 roman day 2019 012roman day 2019 014roman day 2019 164roman day 2019 166roman day 2019 181roman day 2019 194roman day 2019 200

20th September

We have been exploring place value in numbers up to 9999, this week. The children worked super hard to partition the numbers in different ways, using place value counters to help them visualise what was happening and consolidate their understanding. 

place value 1place value 2place value 3

Following on from our exploration work in Science last week, the children developed their own questions to investigate; "What affects the quality of sound from a string telephone? They investigated: the types of string, the length of string, the size of container and if adding knots to the string made any difference to the performance of the string telephone. We used our data loggers to measure the sound in decibels. Next week, we will collate their findings to design the best string telephone and test them out!

string telephone 1

10th September

sound 1sound 2sound 3sound 4sound 5

We have begun our Science topic on sound this week. The children have had a fantastic time exploring how sound is made by vibrations, in particular they have enjoyed using string telephones. Whilst "investigating" with the phones one of the pupils asked the question, "Would they work with a longer string?" someone else asked, "How long could we make a string telephone?" and I asked the question, "Could we make a string telephone that would work from one end of our school field to the other?" The children decided that they would like to find out the answers to these questions, so next week are going to hold a child-led investigation to do just that. Using our data loggers to measure the efficency of each string telephone, hence our request for tin cans!

7th September

I would like to wish you all a huge welcome to Kestrels class. I hope you've all had a fantastic summer and a good rest, the children were certainly ready and raring to go! We had a lovely day getting to know each other, sharing our summer memories as well as our ambitions for year 4. In the afternoon we played some very exciting parachute games. I do hope everyone enjoyed their first day as a Kestrel and look forward to sharing your child's learning journey this year.

Getting out and enjoying the sunshine completing our daily mile, today.

daily miledaily mile 2



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