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Kestrels (Y4)

Kestrels Class are our Year 4 group. They are taught by Mrs MacLennan on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. They are taught by Mrs Read on  Fridays. They are both assisted by Mrs Macey.

Autumn Term 2018

Please click here for Kestrels Autumn 2018 Newsletter/Curriculum

Friday 8th December

Friday was a busy day, having enjoyed Robins Nativity play, the children completed their animations using Purple Mash. They then  posted them on our class display board so all the class could watch them and blog a comment. The children really enjoyed sharing and commenting on each other's work. In the afternoon Year 3 and 4 went to sing for the local community Over 60's group at their Christmas dinner. The children sang their hearts out, we were very proud of them, a wonderful performance. We are looking forward to them singing again next Friday at the KS2 Christmas Carol Concert, we hope you will be able to join us. 

Friday 23rd November

Another amazing week at school! We began by braving the cold with an outdoor maths session. The children made Mayan number lines using; shells, sticks and dots. Followed by a German birthday party for Franzi, we played a traditional German party game called; tap the pot. We also played a lot of the fantastic games that the children had made for home learning including; bingo, snakes and ladders, top- trumps, bounce target and a variety of card games- we were very busy.

mayan numbersmayan numbers 2mayan numbers 6mayan numbers 7mayan numbers 8mexicoloremexicolore 1mexicolore 2mexicolore 3mexicolore 4mexicolore 6

On Tuesday, the children had a fantastic time with our visitors from Mexicolore, they all got to participate and learnt a lot about the Ancient Mayan civilisation in a fun way. 

germangerman 1german 3german 2german 4german 6german5german 8german 7


Friday 16th November

This week, we have been reading the Mayan myth "Rain player" by David Wisniewski, as pasrt of our History topic. To encourage the children to step into  Pik's (the main character) shoes we had a go at some freeze frame drama. All of the children had great fun and developed their understanding of character feelings and emotions.

drama 2dramadrama 3drama 4drama 5

Friday 2nd November 

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic week. It has been really lovely catching up with the children this week who have come back ready for new challenges. This week, we began our new science topic, States of matter, by looking at "dancing" raisins and observing how a range of solids and liquids behave. Some of the more challenging materials to sort included; jelly and shaving foam! We also learnt to read and play some simple musical notes on the glockenspiel.

matter 7

matter 8

mattermatter 1matter 2matter 3matter 4matter 5matter 6

music 1

music 2

Friday 19th October

What a week to finish the half term! The children had an amazing time playing at being Mr Willy Wonka and let their imaginations run wild! They were all very excited by their creations, they looked and smelt amazing all of the children should feel extremely proud of their achievements. Not only did they design the chocolate bar but also developed a marketing plan including; identifying their target audience, developing a slogan and the wrapper. They recorded their ideas on a design board along with photos of their work, which I will be taking to Emma, at Hotel Chocolat, for the competition; I'm glad I'm not her- she's got a really tough job ahead of her. Thank you to you all for organising the ingredients for the chocolate bars:- I hope you have enjoyed eating them!

choco bars 1choco bar 2choco bar 3choco bar 4choco bar 5choco bar 6choco bar 7choco bar 8choco bar 9

Also this week, we have made beautiful poppy decorations for Rememberance day; as part of the wider community project. Look out for them appearing along the school fence in the coming weeks.

poppies 1poppies 2poppies 3poppies 4

Friday 12th October

We enjoyed a very exctiing visit from Hotel Chocolat this week. The children learnt  all about the the process of making chocolate from bean to bar. They were very surprised to discover that 100% pure chocolate tastes very bitter and unpleasant, they were then able to taste samples of chocolate with different amounts of cocoa solids. I think the creamy, sweet white chocolate proved to be the over all favourite.

The children have designed their own chocolate bars and will be making them next week on Wednesday and Thursday, don't forget to bring in your chosen ingredients. 

chocolate 1chocolate 2chocolate 3chocolate 4chocolate 5chocolate 7chocolate

Friday 28th September

We have had a very busy two weeks in Kestrels' class, learning lots about our digestive systems in particular. Firstly, we had an informative and fun visit from a dentist, (who also happens to be one of our wonderfully helpful parents- thank you)  who shared with us all about how our teeth are change as we grow up and why. As well as how we can look after them, setting us up for a scientific enquiry into tooth decay, using eggs and a variety of soft drinks. I hope the children have shared with you some of what they found- there were a few surprises! We also had a visit from a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths representative) who showed us how our digestive system works from gums to bums! Which was a lot of fun. The children also really enjoyed junk modelling their digestive systems and writing about the journey of their lunch!

dentist 1dentist 2dentist 3dentist 4dentist 5dentist 6dentist 7dentist 8dentist 8dentist 9stem 1stem 2stem 3stem 4stem 5stem 6stem 7stem 8stem 9stem 10stem 11stem 12stem 13stem 14stem 15stem 16stem 16stem 17

digestion 1digestion 2digestion 3digestion 4digestion 5digestion 7digestion 8home learning 13

Thank you for all the lovely home learning that's been going on.

home learning 6home learning 4home learning 8

Friday 14th September

What a fantastic day yesterday was! It was great fun immersing ourselves in Roald Dahl books all day. In the morning, we teamed up with Owls' class and the children worked together in mixed year group pairs. We made Marvellous "Medicinal" Smoothies, BFG dream catchers and Giant insects, inspired by the magic of James and the Giant peach. In the afternoon, we watched a Puffin virtually live Roald Dahl special, based on his book Billy and the Minpins. The children were inspired to create their own monstrous characters based on the "Hornswoggler," from the same book.  

roald dahl day 4roald day5

roald day 1roald day 2roald day 3roald day 6roald day 7roald day 8roald day 9roald day 10roald day 11

On Thursday 13th September we will be celebrating Roald Dahl  day in year 3 and 4, as part of this term's English work. Part of our activities will involve junk modelling, if you have any suitable materials e.g. toilet rolls, cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots etc. could you please send them into school- thank you for your help.

Welcome to Kestrels' class! I hope you've all had a fantastic summer, the children returned on Wednesday full of enthusiasm and excitement for the new school year and it was lovely to hear all the news from their summer holidays. On Wednesday we put together a Kestrels' time capsule, containing information about each child including; their height, hand span, favourite colour, TV programme, targets for the year! etc. We will open the capsule on the last day of term and see how much they have all grown and developed. 

1st day

1st day 1

In math, we have been revising our place value objectives from year 3, to help us warm-up our math brains for the new challenges of the year 4 curriculum!

1st day 21st day 41st day 31st day 5

This term, in science we will be learning about our teeth and digestive system. We began by looking at our own teeth and watching what happened in our mouths whilst eating pieces of apple. Some of us found this trickier than others- it's quite difficult to bite an apple when you're missing your incisors!1st day 81st day 71st day 91st day 11

1st day 6

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