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Kingfishers (Y2)


Kingfishers Class are our Year 2 group.

They are taught by Mrs Grant. She is assisted by Miss Marshall.

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Spring Term 2020

17th July

Kingfishers….it was just great to see you all yesterday. I’m so glad that we all got to see each other’s lovely faces, hear each other’s voices before the end of your year in Year 2. It was great to hear your news, and to know that you are still keen and enthusiastic about everything! Here are some photos of our morning together yesterday:








I think of you whenever I find a feather and when I was out for a walk last night I found these two rather gorgeous ones…would you agree a jay and a magpie?


I think it’s rather special that I found a jay feather on our last day together, they are very unusual to find (I’ve wanted one for years!) so I will treasure it.

I loved my time with every one of you and feel so sad that it was cut short….however I have brilliant memories of a wonderfully, creative, enthusiastic, nature-mad class! Here is your Kingfisher, it is full of memories only we have that I hope will make you smile:



12th July

What a disappointment that we didn’t get to see each other on Thursday. I know that many of you will have felt really sad but it would have been pretty miserable sitting on the field in the pouring rain….it was very wet and we would have been absolutely soaked. I’m keeping a close eye on this week’s weather forecast (you can too!) and the good news is that it looks a lot better so I’m looking forward to seeing your lovely faces this coming Thursday.

We’ve had some very wet walks this week, it’s certainly been a week for wearing waterproofs. The good thing about walking in the rain is that it’s often very quiet (a lot of people prefer to stay indoors!) so we got to see some great wildlife whilst we were out and about – we’ve seen roe and muntjac deer, a fox, marsh harrier, red kite and kestrel plus there have been lots of butterflies around. Have you noticed that there seem to be lots of Red Admirals around at the moment?

Whilst we were walking we came across these beautiful sculptures:


There is a fen skater, a butterfly expert (lepidopterist) and an eel catcher – can you spot which is which?

I’ve also enjoyed the colour and dramatic skies that have been around over the week, look at this photo of a very stormy sky:


You’ll be glad to know that it didn’t rain and we finished our lovely walk in the sunshine!

Enjoy your week Kingfishers, Miss Marshall and I will look forward to seeing some of you on Thursday,

Mrs Grant x


5th July

Good morning Kingfishers, I hope you’re all OK and have had a good week. I’m really looking forward to seeing those of you who are able to come along to the field on Thursday – it’ll be great to be together again for a little while!

Mr Grant and I have set ourselves a walking challenge – we’ve been on some lovely walks along quiet river paths during lockdown and we’ve decided to walk all the way from Ely to St Ives along the river! We’ve actually done most of it and really enjoyed our walks, we now just have one more walk to go…from Ely itself to the Fish and Duck Marina then back again, I wonder if you can find our walk on a map? Here are some photos that Mr Grant took of our walk last week, no kingfishers spotted sadly but can you spot me in one of the photos?


I’ve also been trying really hard to learn the names of all the flowers that we see whilst we’re walking, so I’ve been using the Seek app to help me:


Since March I’ve seen 84 different flowers! I’ve also learned the names of all of the trees around where I live and was really pleased to come across a Guelder Rose tree, it has a really interesting flower in the Spring. Now there’s not so many flowers on the trees but there are lots of fruits appearing which will ripen during the Summer and into the Autumn. At the moment I'm sitting in our living room and I can hear a blackbird fledgling calling to its parents for food; earlier on the oystercatchers flew over on their way back to the river!

Miss Marshall’s house move went really well, Atthis and Dai Dragon have moved with her too and they’re enjoying their new home!

Have a great week lovely Kingfishers and I’ll see some of you soon!

Mrs Grant x


28th June

Good morning Kingfishers, I hope you’ve all had a great week and managed to find ways to stay cool in the sunshine….I imagine there’s been lots of ice lollies and ice cream eaten, and plenty of water in your gardens! We’ve been going for walks in the evening as it’s just been too hot at any other time; however it does mean we get to see different wildlife. We’ve watched bats flying round, zipping about and catching insects. We even managed to find out where the nearest bat roost to our house is – one of our neighbours spotted the bats pouring out and told us about it! Mr Grant has a bat detector so we can actually listen to the bats communicating by using echo location (similar to the way dolphins communicate).

Exciting news….our butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises over the weekend! It’s been amazing to see these beautiful Peacock butterflies so close, just look at the colours on the wings, isn’t it an absolute beauty?


Last weekend we went for a lovely walk along the River Great Ouse to a place called Twenty Pence Cottage, we’ve been exploring lots of quiet paths over the last few months. As we crossed a bridge I heard a loud ‘peep peep peep’, a flash of blue….a Kingfisher! It flew up the river then turned around and came back so we had great views, I always feel so lucky to see one and it always makes me think of you. You won’t see the Kingfisher in this photo but I thought you’d like to see where we walked.


Miss Marshall has moved house this week, I’m really looking forward to chatting with her and finding out all about her new house. It’s always exciting moving to a different house although it’s very busy and tiring too!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the rest of your week Kingfishers….stay safe and happy,

Mrs Grant x


21st June

Good morning Kingfishers…hope you’re all OK today. I’ve had a busy week, managed to fit in plenty of walks which is always good – in the week we saw a beautiful male marsh harrier and we had our best views ever of a turtle dove! Why don’t you look those birds up in a bird book (lots of you told me you have a bird guide) or on the RSPB website? Turtle doves make a purring sound and are very good at hiding so we were really pleased that we saw one.

I was very excited yesterday as Mr Grant and I were allowed back to the woods to do our monthly dormouse box check; we hadn’t been able to go due to Coronavirus but were told that we could go if we kept away from other people and wore a mask and gloves. We had a great time at the woods and had lots of interesting finds. Mr Grant took these photos of some quite unusual butterlies:


The butterflies are a White Admiral, a Silver-Washed Fritillary and a Comma. There’s also a wasps nest that we came across – you can actually see the larvae and they were wriggling around in their cells! Amazing to think that a wasp made this nest out of tiny bits of wood isn’t it?

We also came across an old nest and a bird’s egg that didn’t hatch – we think it’s a wren’s egg, what do you think? It was tiny, you can just see a millipede slinking away in the corner so that gives you an idea of how small the egg was!



I also spotted these animal tracks – what do you think they belong to?


Have a great week Kingfishers, enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Grant x


14th June

Morning lovely Kingfishers….how are you all doing? What a funny old weather week – I was freezing on Monday and today I’m having to put sun cream on! As much as I know we needed a bit of rain it’s just great to see the blue skies again, there are some amazing cloud shapes at the moment too…it must be windy in the heavens!

I managed a walk to my favourite lake near to my house this week, I really wanted to check on the oystercatcher chicks and good news….they are now looking like mini oystercatchers! They have their grown up adult feathers (not just fluffy chick feathers) and are busy trying to find their own food. Have a look at this photo of the island in the middle of the lake, there are so many birds flying round and the pink colour is beautiful too. Mr Grant and I think that the pink flowers are mallow and maybe some red campion too.


When we were out walking we came across this lovely redshank too; it is very unusual to see a redshank sitting on a branch like this so we think it was protecting a chick or young redshank. It was very noisy and was clearly trying to scare away larger birds and predators. Look at the stormy skies too…we got very wet soon after I took this photo.


A friend of ours told us about a rare plant called a lizard orchid so we went out looking for it, it was a little bit like doing a treasure hunt! We managed to find it….isn’t it gorgeous? Mr Grant took these photos, I think the petals looks a bit like tiny lizards and perhaps that’s where it got its name.


Finally a photo I came across on Twitter and just knew you’d love it – a young (fledgling) kingfisher that has just come out of the nest for the very first time. I love the way that it looks all a bit grubby – do you remember that we learned about kingfishers being born in a muddy hole or burrow? I think this one needs to find a river to have a wash in!


Have a lovely weekend Kingfishers and enjoy your week,

Mrs Grant x

6th June

Hello Kingfishers….how are you all doing this weekend? Well it’s pretty grotty outside today so I’m waiting for a gap in the rain to go for a quick walk, I think I’d better take a waterproof though! I’ve had a busy week in school with Mrs Culpin, Miss Marshall and Vicky (who some of you will know from Phoenix) and I’ve bumped into a few of you out and about for a little chat too. I hope that you’ve been keeping yourselves busy and have maybe enjoyed some of the home learning that I’ve prepared for you, I love seeing your messages on Purple Mash when you’ve completed a task!

Look at this amazing photo of a kingfisher, doesn’t it look like it’s going incredibly fast?


I love the way it’s got its wings tucked in so it looks like a speeding bullet….brilliant!

One evening this week Mr Grant and I came across loads of little black caterpillars on some stinging nettles:


We carefully collected them, along with plenty of stinging nettles, and have put them in nets at home so that we can watch the caterpillars turn into a chrysalis before they become butterflies. We think they’ll be Peacock butterflies (it’s sometimes a bit tricky to tell from the caterpillar) and then we can release them in our garden.


On our walks this week I’ve been watching the oystercatcher chicks…they are getting so big and eating an awful lot, their parents are busy finding food for them. We also came across these beautiful flowers, they are called bee orchids…..do you think the flower looks like a bee?


Have a lovely weekend Kingfishers and enjoy your week,

Mrs Grant x

31st May

Good morning Kingfishers….wow….looks like it’s going to be another glorious day of sunshine! I bet you’ve been out and about when you can enjoying the lovely weather, I wonder how many of you have had a paddling pool out in the garden?

I’ve had a nice half term week, I’ve loved spending time in the garden and have done so much painting (boring adult job!) but our garden is looking great and whilst I’m outside I’ve been loving watching and listening to the birds. We’ve had frogs and toads in the pond, don’t you think this frog looks quite happy?

wk1 1

We’ve also been enjoying going for walks in really quiet parts of the local countryside and have seen some fantastic wildlife – a weasel, beautiful dog fox, hares and plenty of birds. We live near some lakes and I love going here for walks because the birds make so much noise; there’s been lots of chicks over the last week or two, we’ve even seen little egret and oystercatcher chicks! On one of our walks last weekend we met a very friendly lamb who seemed to want to come with us:


Mr Grant has been enjoying taking photos whilst we’re out walking and he took one of me (I didn’t know!), I know you can’t see my face but I am definitely smiling!


Miss Marshall and Atthis are both well and this week have been joined by another familiar friend…Dai Dragon from Kingfishers! Apparently he was admiring Atthis’s gleaming clean feathers (thanks to Miss Marshall’s wash a few weeks ago) so he ended up having good old soapy sud clean too! I bet Atthis was really pleased to see him.


So Kingfishers…time to say goodbye for another week….be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x


24th May

Good morning Kingfishers and how are you doing today? I’m looking forward to a sunny half term week, although it’s a bit blustery at the moment! I’m planning to paint our garden furniture this week so it’ll be a good chance to enjoy the sunshine in the garden and watch what birds come along to the feeders. I love seeing them all but am always especially pleased when the greenfinches and goldfinches come along, they’re so pretty.

I’ve seen Miss Marshall a few times over the week at school, we’ve been doing a bit of sorting out an tidying up so it’s been a good excuse for a chat!

Mr Grant and I have been enjoying long walks at the weekends, we’re going to different places nearby where we can find quiet paths. Last weekend we came across the most beautiful buttercup meadow and all though our walk the colours were fantastic:



I’ve got a lovely Kingfisher photo for you this week, I like this one because of the way its head is turned….I wonder what it’s looking at or what it's heard?


Finally, a photo of a bird that you know I love but unfortunately won’t get to see this year; however I have seen these birds at this very spot, sat and watched them for hours. They’re brilliant birds and in this photo they look like they’re singing to each other – can you remember the name of these birds?


Have a good week lovely Kingfishers, be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x


18th May

Good morning Kingfishers and how have you been this week? It’s been a bit chilly but I’ve still managed to cycle to school every morning although I had to wear my gloves otherwise my hands would have been freezing! However the sun is shining today so I think we’ll be heading out somewhere for a walk (we try to find quiet paths so there aren’t many other people!) and will have a good look at the wildlife that’s out and about. I am hearing cuckoos calling quite a bit at the moment, as well as hearing my favourite swifts and the other night I was woken up by a tawny owl flying and calling somewhere close by!

Mr Grant and I have continued to be busy in the garden and this week when I got home Mr Grant had an amazing surprise for me – he had found a very old Dunnock nest with the old eggs still in! Aren’t the eggs the most beautiful colour? They are about the size of a chocolate mini-egg….I find it amazing that chicks are that tiny when they hatch out, with no feathers and completely helpless.


Like I said, this nest was old and the parent birds had left it a long time ago so don’t be tempted to go seeking out and moving nests in your garden, the birds are still using them and may will now be raising their second lot (brood) of chicks.

I’ve taken a photo of the lovely nest by our new garden wildlife pond, I thought it would help you to see the size and structure of the nest as well as being able to have a look at our pond!


There’s already wildlife turning up in it – so far we’ve had a toad and two frogs, do you like the picture of the little frog having a swim?



Miss Marshall has had a busy week, she’s been in school at times and has also been working at preschool too. Of course she has the very important job of looking after Atthis at the moment and look what he’s been up to this week:


Because he can’t get out to the river at the moment he’s been practising his fishing skills in Miss Marshall’s kitchen sink!

Have a good week lovely Kingfishers, be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x



10th May

Good morning Kingfishers and how are you all doing this morning? Hasn’t the weather been glorious over the last few days? It’s been lovely for walking, bike rides and enjoying doing some work in the garden – Mr Grant has nearly finished making our garden pond, we’re just waiting for a delivery of some plants and Welsh slates to go around the edge. It’s a wildlife pond so it’s really important that there’s lots of hidey holes for creatures to hide. Yesterday we found an enormous toad in our garden (it gave me a bit of a shock actually because it appeared from underneath some logs I was moving!) so we introduced it to the pond…we think it quite liked it!

I’ve noticed over the last week that there are lots of young birds around – when they’re big enough to leave the nest but not quite able to look after themselves they’re called fledglings. We have three blackbird fledglings around the garden and can hear plenty of other birds calling to their parents from their nests. We’ve also heard cuckoos calling every day and last week I even saw a hobby hunting dragonflies when I was out for my daily walk…it was amazing!

I’ve been busy reading too, I’m reading a book by Mike Dilger at the start of each month – it tells me what’s likely to happen in the lives of different birds in the month ahead. Guess what’s happening to Kingfishers right now? There’ll be young Kingfishers in their nests and the parents will be whizzing back and forth with fish to feed them! I came across these gorgeous photos of Kingfishers during the week, can you tell by their beaks if they’re male or female?


I’m looking forward to being in school this week with Mrs Read, I’ll be cycling in so you might spot me whizzing through Houghton! Miss Marshall sends you her love too, she has been busy knitting…I wonder if Atthis’s knitting skills are improving too?

Have a good week lovely Kingfishers, be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x

3rd May

Good morning Kingfishers and Happy May Day! If you fancy a listen to some Sam Kelly (remember him?!) music there’s a great song called Hal-an-Tow sung by Sam and a group called The Changing Room, it mentions a date this week and a big festival in Cornwall – why not have a listen? There are versions of the song in Cornish and English!

I’ve had a busy week again, I’ve enjoyed thinking about your home learning and finding some activities for you to do that I think you'll be interested in and have fun doing! It was so nice to chat with lots of you on the phone this week, I’ve loved hearing about what you’ve been up to and most importantly, that you’re happy and looking after yourself and your family.

In the Grant household we’ve started making a pond in the garden, I notice that Mrs MacLennan has too so I'll have to chat to her about the wildlife she gets in hers. We’ve wanted a garden pondfor ages so we spent much of yesterday digging and we’re really looking forward to seeing what wildlife we get in it…we’re hoping for frogs, toads, newts and maybe some dragonflies too. I’ve been enjoying my daily walk as always, the Summer birds are all back. I was so excited on Thursday morning to see my first swift and yesterday actually saw a cuckoo! We also heard a turtle dove purring - did you know a bird can purr?! Mrs Taylor and I love texting each other our wildlife sightings, it's great to keep in touch and chat to each other. This morning Mr Grant and I were up at 5.30am to listen to the dawn chorus in our garden as today is Dawn Chorus Day, I've been learning my different birdsongs all week so I could recognise them! I hope you’re enjoying a bit of nature time too, there’s so much to see and it just makes me feel really happy.

Atthis has been busy little kingfisher too. Miss Marshall has been teaching him to knit and he’s been busy making a scarf!


We had a bit of a find in the garden yesterday. Do you remember how much we love looking at skulls and bones in Kingfishers? Well at home we came a across a bat skeleton, you can imagine how excited we were! Here is a photo of a piece of its jaw bone next to my finger, isn’t it tiny? But it’s just incredible that you can see the small, sharp teeth and make out the shape of them…nature’s just amazing!


I’m off out for my daily walk soon. Later on I’m going to bake a cake and cook a Sunday roast…yum! Have a good week lovely Kingfishers, be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x

26th April

Good morning Kingfishers! I hope you’re all OK and have been enjoying the glorious weather we’ve had this week. I was in school with Mrs Read the last week as we were looking after some children whilst their parents went to work. I cycled from my home to Houghton every day which was lovely, I’m determined to keep myself fit and active so thought I’d combine my travelling with my daily exercise! It was great to see a few birds on my way to school as I whizzed along the Thicket. It was also especially lovely to see a few familiar faces walking past and have a little chat…I’ll be phoning you all this week so will look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to.

Miss Marshall and I have been very excited to see the badgers on the camera trap that’s been in the woodland – have you had a chance to look at the films? When the camera sense movement it starts to film, here is the link:


I think one of the badgers looks a little bit fluffier and smaller so I’m wondering if it’s one of the youngsters that’s been born earlier this year…what do you think? Here’s a picture of one of them:


I’m going to get out in the garden soon and go for a walk this afternoon to see what wildlife I can spot. Some friends of mine have heard cuckoos and I’ve seen a swallow and some common terns by the river…I love seeing all the wildlife returning at this time of year. I wonder what you’ll be able to spot out and about or in your garden?

Have a good week lovely Kingfishers…be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x


20th April

Good morning Kingfishers! It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day, have you got any outdoor plans today? I think we’ll spend some time in the garden and then head off for a walk this afternoon. Exciting bird news…I saw my first swallow of the year yesterday! It whizzed past us when we were out walking, it was a male swallow because I could see its long tail streamers. It made me really happy to see so now I’m just on the lookout for cuckoos, terns and turtle doves. We also saw a bittern and a bearded tit, they’re really unusual birds so you might want to find out why I was really pleased to see them…have a look on the RSPB website!

You’ll be glad to know that Atthis is well and enjoying spending time with Miss Marshall, unfortunately he was a bit of a rascal this week and found Miss Marshall’s Easter eggs! I don’t think she was terribly happy with him…I wonder how many he managed to eat?!


I’ve found a really unusual kingfisher photo for you this week – look closely because this is the same kingfisher on one photograph. How do you think the photographer managed to do that? It helps you to see just how quickly a kingfisher moves its wings when it’s coming out of the water – pretty amazing don’t you think?


Have a good week lovely Kingfishers…be kind and happy,

Mrs Grant x


13th April

Good morning Kingfishers! I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter, did the Easter bunny make a delivery to your house? He certainly came to ours…and left two Easter cakes on our doorstep!

We’ve been really enjoying getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful sunshine, we’ve been very busy in our garden again and have plenty of birds coming in. The sparrowhawk flew through on Thursday but didn’t land this time. We’ve been lucky enough to have buzzards circling high above (I can hear them calling to each other!) and yesterday we saw our first sand martins of the year - it’s amazing to think that they’ve flown all the way from Africa. I went for a walk in the nature reserve near our house on Friday, heard a rustle in some dry leaves, looked round and there was….a grass snake! Mr Grant was very jealous as it always seems to be me that spots snakes out and about, not him! I’m really enjoying seeing the nature around my garden and on my walks – there’s been plenty of butterflies and insects around this week too, have you spotted anything interesting?

I’m also enjoying reading books, I’ve nearly finished my third book since we finished school which in adult books is over one thousand pages!

I’ve been keeping an eye out for beautiful kingfisher pictures for you and this week I found two amazing ones; they’ve both been described as perfect. I can’t choose my favourite, which do you like best?






5th April

Good morning Kingfishers….what a beautiful weekend we’re having! I hope you’ve been able to get out and about a little and enjoy the sunshine. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the garden, Mr Grant and I are planting out some seeds so that we’ll have a few vegetables later in the year. I’ve also been enjoying my daily walks; this week the blossom on the trees has been beautiful!

You’ll be glad to know that Atthis has been enjoying the great outdoors too. He went for a walk with Miss Marshall to Hinchingbrooke Park yesterday….he had a quick fly around the lake to exercise his wings but is making sure he stays safe and well at home too! Don’t forget to check out our Kingfisher’s Home Learning page, I've put something there you'll enjoy.

Have a lovely week leading up to Easter Kingfishers….be kind and happy!

Mrs Grant x



30th March 2020

Dear Kingfishers,

I hope you are all well, happy and have enjoyed doing some of the tasks from our website about birds. I’ve had two lovely walks over the weekend and yesterday saw a peregrine falcon…we were so excited! Have you seen plenty of birds this week?

You’ll be glad to know that Atthis is fine and is staying with Miss Marshall at the moment (he wasn’t really allowed to be near the river) and this week he had a bath! Miss Marshall said that he loved all the fragrant bubbles and he didn’t want to leave the lovely, warm water…she had to coax him out with a tasty bit of fish.

Stay safe and well lovely Kingfishers…be kind and have a great week.

Mrs Grant x



Sunday 22nd March

Hello Kingfishers...I hope you are all well, happy and have been able to enjoy the lovely sunshine, isn't it great to hear the birds and see so many flowers? You all have so many good ideas that I bet you've been keeping yourselves busy, I thought you might like to hear about what I've seen and heard over the weekend, perhaps you'll be lucky enough to spot some of these too! I've spotted red kites, buzzards and a kestrel as well as hearing chiffchaff, yellowhammer and skylarks. Butterflies are starting to be on the wing too and I've spotted these ones: peacock, brimstone and comma. Why don't you find out what they look like? Have a great week, be kind and happy...goodbye for now lovely Kingfishers xx

Wednesday 18th March

Kingfishers have been amazing this week...we have loved every minute we've spent with them and have done everything possible to make them smile and leave school happy over the last few days, whilst their young brains have tried to cope with adult worries. Today was no different - we've danced liked polar bears, learned about birds of prey and been out and about looking for evidence of birds (feathers, poo, tracks and birdsong). This afternoon we were incredibly lucky to get great views of a sparrowhawk,  heard a chiffchaff singing for the first time this Spring and found a skull...nature is wonderful!









Thursday 27th February

We had a brilliant time at the Shuttleworth Collection on Tuesday, I was so impressed with the children's enthusiasm and knowledge. They talked about aviation pioneers and spotted so many relevant items in the hangars. They loved the activities and were able to apply their learning from the classroom, there were some great discussions going on all day! Amongst the hightlights were having lunch underneath a glider, the vintage bus ride, sitting in amongst the planes and spotting photos of pioneers who we'de learned about back at school....what a fantastic day, thank you Kingfishers!











Wednesday 5th February

We're really enjoying our 'Up' topic - this week we've been learning about the achievements of the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart. We've also had a go at making our own paper aeroplanes (tricky!) and loved making paper spinners. We've started thinking about how the size of our spinners will affect the speed and will also see if using a different type of paper has any effect. We're starting to feel excited about our trip to the Shuttleworth Collection just after half-term, it'll be amazing to see real planes and gliders from the past!





Monday 13th January

Happy New Year....I hope you've had a great start to 2020, I think I have managed to catch up with most parents since we started back! We've had a very busy start and it's been lovely that the children have been so enthusiastic and keen to settle back into their learning again. Our topic this term is 'Up!' so last week we had a think about different ways to fly. We illustrated and wrote about how we would like to fly and enjoyed sharing our work with a friend:




We'll be having PE every Monday and Wednesday this term; Wednesday's lessons will be delivered by Mrs David (Hunts School Sports Partnership). We will be continuing with our Monday 'first thing' PE lesson and hope to get outside in this session as much as possible. The children store their trainers in the cloakroom so these don't come home every week but PE kits will be sent home for a freshen up every Friday...please make sure that your child has a sweatshirt as part of their kit for the chillier mornings! Here we are enjoying this morning's sunshine: 







Autumn 2019

Friday 13th December

What a great term we've had and what a brilliant week to finish our first term together in Kingfishers! I was so proud of the children earlier this week during their Christmas assembly, they were so independent and confident in their performance and even I was amazed with the poem and song words that they managed to learn by heart - thank you to those of you at home who helped with the learning and in providing their lovely Christmas outfits. We followed that with a fantastic day on Wednesday with BBC wildlife presenter Mike Dilger; Kingfishers relished the opportunity to talk to a true expert and couldn't wait to show off their work around the classroom to both Mike and Mr Grant (who came in to take photos of the day). They asked really thoughtful questions and were so interested in the information that he had to share with them, again a day to be proud of the confident and enthusiastic learners they are all growing in to and a great memory fro Kingfishers. I think that the children are now very ready for a good break over the holiday. Miss Marshall and myself wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year...we'll see you in 2020!


Tuesday 19th November

Wow...what an amazing start to our day! We received reports that a seal was feeding in the mill pond so we decided to go for a walk to see if we could spot it - we saw the seal and also saw a kingfisher fly past and land. Kingfishers are currently all on a complete high and can't quite believe our luck, we are so lucky to live in such a lovely area and to be able to go out and spot wildlife when it's about...what a wonderful memory to treasure!



Monday 11th November

This week in school we are having a 'It's Cool to be Kind' week. Different classes are thinking about being kind in different ways but in Kingfishers we are focusing on little things that we can do everyday to be kind to others....from giving someone a compliment to holding the door open to asking if someone wants to play outside. We are keeping a kindness diary throughout the week, and if we're struggling to think of a way we've been kind then we'll write about someone else's kindness! It would be lovely to hear about any ways that your child has shown kindness to somebody else at home or outside of school - please feel free to send in notes or photos!



Thursday 17th October

It feels like we've all been together in Kingfishers for ages! Miss Marshall and I are really proud of the progress that our Kingfishers have made since they joined us last month - they are really keen to learn and have taken on a lot of new responsibility over the last few weeks...I think we're all ready for a week off! Today we met with Year 3 to try Mathletics for the first time - your child has a personal login and the website address in the inside cover of their reading diary. We've also been playing instruments and singing in Music, as well as designing our own flags in Art. We've loved looking at the atlases recently, especially all the different flag designs, and are continuing to develop our knowledge of continents and oceans.







Thursday 3rd October

We've really enjoyed being out and about on the field over the ast few weeks and have loved learning about the different trees - we've looked at bark and fruits but have really focused on the different leaves. This week we have made a tree map of the field and have used the work of James Brunt to inspire our Art work...some of our creations are below:


Friday 20th September

It's been a lovely week in Kingfishers, we've worked hard and have had a great time with all of our learning! This morning we took part in our first Sports Morning - these take place about once a month, throughout the year, and all of the children in Years 2 - 6 take part in games and multiskills activities. It's a great way for nearly the whole schoo to be active together and for the younger children to spend time with those older than them. Please ensure that your child's PE kit comes to school on a Monday and stays in school until Friday afternoon - often PE days change due to the weather and for other reasons, plus we need them for Sports Mornings!








Reading books and diaries: Everyone now has a reading book and diary to take home every evening and which needs to come back to school every morning - we remind children to change their reading book in the morning when they come in to school. You will see quite a wide variety of books coming home as it is important that the children start to make their own choices. Please feel feel free to read books fom home and library books, it is fine to log these in reading diaries. We check reading diaries every Thursday morning as we are looking for children to read, log and have initialled their home reading at least 4 times every week. Some of you may be aware of AR (Accelerated Reader) - we start this scheme at different intervals through the year with a few children going on to this sytem at a time as it is quite a big learning curve!

Painting Aprons: It would be great if you could send in an old t-shirt/shirt (an old unwanted adult t-shrt is ideal!) for us to cover up during our messier painting times, it's also helpful if you can add pop your child's name on it.

PE days: PE this term will take place on a Monday and Wednesday; however PE kit should come into school every Monday and go home every Friday. We will go outside as often as possible and PE days sometimes change according to the weather! Kit should consist of: t-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms, socks and trainers (not plimsolls). Trainers get muddy as the ground gets wetter so a carrier bag is useful too.

Wellies : Wellies are very useful to have in school as we tend to use the field throughout the year. Please ensure that your child's name is inside their wellies and pop them outside our classroom under the canopy.

Mornings: I will be on the door every morning to greet the children and to exchange any quick messages, we expect them to come in and organise themselves independently, as they do throughout the day. It was nice to have a quick hello with a few parents before and after school today, I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks.

Thursday 5th September

We've had a lovely day today and I hope that your children have come home happy after a great first day in Year 2! We've been busy getting into the swing of being a Kingfisher and are excited about completing our class Kingfisher display over the next week or so.

PE days: PE this term will take place on a Monday and Wednesday; however PE kit should come into school every Monday and go home every Friday. We will go outside as often as possible and PE days sometimes change according to the weather! Kit should consist of: t-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms, socks and trainers (not plimsolls). Trainers get muddy as the ground gets wetter so a carrier bag is useful too.

Wellies : Wellies are very useful to have in school as we tend to use the field throughout the year. Please ensure that your child's name is inside their wellies and pop them outside our classroom under the canopy.

Mornings: I will be on the door every morning to greet the children and to exchange any quick messages, we expect them to come in and organise themselves independently, as they do throughout the day. It was nice to have a quick hello with a few parents before and after school today, I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks.


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