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Owls (Y3)

Owls Class are our Year 3  group.

They are taught by Mrs Read on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and  by Mrs Davison on Thursdays and Fridays. They are assisted by Mrs White, Mrs Richards and Mrs Blem-Larsen.

Please click here for information on the Year 3 Curriculum Autumn 2019

Summer 2020

Saturday 18th July

Hello Owls

It was wonderful to see so many of you yesterday on the field, to play some games together and to get to hear some of your news. 

Even though it has been a very different kind of Summer Term Mrs White knows you will all be looking forward to spending a bit more time outside, and maybe even out and about, this Summer. On a trip a few years ago Mrs White made this beach owl to remind her of the class and also leave a little bit of Houghton School for everyone else to share for a while! Maybe you would like to create a kestrel or an owl out of natural materials.  Remember, like Mrs White's owl, it must be something that nature will reclaim over time and only use 'found' materials like pebbles, twigs and leaves that have already fallen to the floor.


All of us in Owls' team wish all of Owls a fantastic summer outside.You have been brilliant Owls and we know Mrs MacLennan is looking forward to welcoming you into Kestels Class in September.

Best wishes

Owls' Team


Sunday 12th July

Hello Owls

We were very disappointed not to see some of you on Friday due to the bad weather. We are hoping the sun will shine for us this coming Friday.

The school theme this week is butterflies. Mrs White hasn’t found any real butterflies in her garden this week (they prefer the sun to rain!) so she made some of her own. She is not sure you will find these on an identification chart! Why not have a go at making your own paper/ card butterflies? Mrs White's tip is to make sure the creases are very sharp ( use your fingernails to press along each fold) so that the wings hold their shape when opened out. Happy hunting/making.



Best wishes

From Owls' Team


Saturday 4th July

Hello Owls

We hope you are all keeping well and had a good week.

Mrs White noticed that this week's home learning theme was water and one suggestion is you could research the courageous story of Grace Darling. Last year, while on holiday in the Gower in Wales, Mrs White took a photo of this blue plaque commemorating  two more courageous women that Mrs White hadn't heard of before. They risked their lives to save drowning men from stormy seas by wading out into the treacherous waters, knotting the ends of their shawls together to use as ropes. The story was so amazing a journalist wrote a poem about the brave women called The Women of Mumbles Head which you can read here http://www.rainydaypoems.com/poems-for-kids/poems-teachers-ask-for/the-women-of-mumbles-head-by-clement-scott

Mrs White particularly liked the lines,

Off went the women's shawls, sir; in a second they're torn and rent,

Then knotting them into a rope of love, straight into the sea they went!

‚ÄčThe rescue was over 130 years ago and now there is a lovely café at the head of the Mumbles Pier near to where the dramatic scenes took place. It gave Mrs White a place to think about those brave women while she had a sneaky cuppa and a large slice of cake, sheltering from the Welsh rain! Maybe you will find some interesting stories about people and places you see over the summer too!


Mrs Davison's brother in America had a lovely surprise yesterday when he opened his front door and saw these lovely deer on his front lawn.

Keep safe and have a lovely week.

Best wishes from Owls' team


Sunday 28th June

Hello Owls

We hope you all had a good week.

This week Mrs Read took Simba, her puppy for his first groom. He really needed it as he had missed his first one during lock down. Mr Read didn't recognise him when he went to collect him, he looked like a different dog! He is enjoying being cooler and dries a lot quicker after he has been in the river. He is now ready for some more Summer adventures. 


After planting up the tomatoes into a grow bag last week, Mrs White was very excited to see the first flowers open! Flowers will eventually become  fruit, so hopefully there will be many more to come.

 Mrs White  also found some more yellow flowers on her walk, beautiful Bird's Foot Trefoil. Have you ever found this tiny yellow plant with its petals in the shape of a trefoil( 3 overlapping rings)? It reminds Mrs White of the Guiding and Scouting trefoil on their badges. The seed pods that come after the flowers look like a bird's claw and because the flowers are orange as well as yellow, sometimes its called the 'egg and bacon' plant! There are lots of wildflowers out at the moment, keep an eye out and maybe you can spot another one with an unusual shape!

 If you look at this week's Home Learning you will see that there is a whole school sporting challenge . There are lots of activities you can challenge yourself to throughout the week and you can try and beat your personal best.

Best wishes from Owls' Team

Sunday 21st June

Hello Owls

We hope you are all keeping well.

Do you remember that Mrs White had a raven that liked to pinch the hedgehog food? Well after the cat and the other birds also starting snacking on it something had to be done! So Mr White repurposed a plastic box and a bit of pipe to create a safe space for the   now socially distanced hedgehog to munch in peace.

Mrs White also found a rock snake near where she lives this week. It has been gradually growing longer every day with some beautifully painted pebbles.


Home learning is set as normal for our class or you might want to look at the themed learning for this week on the school Home Page. This week the theme is ‘Bodies’.

Best wishes from Owls’ Team

Sunday 14th June

Hello Owls 

We hope you have all had a good week.

Mrs Read was very excited this week. On the 10th May the swan by the Mill laid  five eggs on a giant nest. Every day since,  Mrs Read and her family have visited the swan nest on their daily dog walk to watch for progress. Finally 28 days later the cygnets were born. They are already swimming in the river but are staying close to their mum. If you get a chance go and have a look, they are very cute and fun to watch. Have a look for a  duck and her ducklings too, they were on the swan's nest yesterday resting. 



Home learning is set as usual on our Home Learning page or you might like to try this week's themed activities on the School Home Page. This week's theme is Patterns and Shapes 

Hope you all have a good week. Stay safe, enjoy time with your families and look after each other.

Best Wishes

The Owls' team. 

Sunday 7th June

Hello Owls

We hope you have had a good week despite the changes in weather. From shorts and t -shirts to coats and wellies! Mrs Davison and Mrs Read have both been busy in school this week, working with children and planning. It is strange in school, we do miss you all and really look forward to the time when we can see you all again. It has been lovely to see some of you walking around the village and hearing some of your news.

Mrs Richards and Mrs White have been busy at home.  It's amazing how much there always is to do in a garden! Mrs White has been deadheading, transplanting, taking cuttings, dividing plants and sowing seeds,  but always remembering to take a few minutes to sit and just enjoy the beautiful flowers. As you can see the tomatoes are now enjoying the fresh air in the garden. Mrs White's living room carpet is relieved! Did you see these amazing clouds last week? They look as if someone had been combing the sky!

Early Summer Flowers



Mrs Richard's was so happy to see the rain at last, it has been hard work watering all her pots in the garden and her allotment, Mrs Richard's had been doing rain dances- they ceratinly worked ! 




Home learning is set again on our Home Learning page or you might like to try this week's themed activities on the School Home Page. This week's theme is Buildings and Structures. 

Hope you all have a good week. Stay safe, enjoy time with your families and look after each other.

Best Wishes

The Owls' team. 

Sunday 31st May

Hello Owls

We hope you all enjoyed half term. It was a lovely sunny week so we hope you managed to get ouside in your gardens. Mrs Davison has been messaging her brother who lives in America. He has sent her some amazing pictures of some of the wildlife in his garden. First he sent pictures of this chipmunk in his garden and this amazing colourful bird that visits his bird table everyday. It’s called a cardinal.


Then he sent this photo. Can you spot what is in the tree?

It’s a black bear! Although they know they live in the wild in New Jersey they don't normally see them. However during lockdown they have been wandering the streets more and venturing into residential areas as it is so quiet. They are not being aggressive - just looking for food.

 Home learning is set again on our Home Learning page or you might like to try this week's themed activities on the School Home Page. This week's them is Eyes to the Skies.

Keep safe, be kind and have a lovely week.

From Owls’ Team

Sunday 24th May


Hello Owls

We hope you have all had a good week and are all keeping well.

It’s half term next week and the weather looks nice and sunny so we all hope to be outside in our gardens. Mrs Davison has bought a new BBQ and plans to try that out.

There is no home learning set this week as it is half term. We hope you have a lovely week at home with your families.

Stay safe and look after each other.

From Owls’ Team

Sunday 17th May

Hello Owls

We hope you have had a good week, it has been a bit colder this week but we hope you have still managed to get outside and enjoy some activities.

We know from our phone calls that many of you are reading regularly and enjoying books. Mrs Davison has found a wonderful website with over 7000 free online books. If you click the button under the book that says' info ' it tells you what year group the book is suitable for. There are lots of super animal book she knows you will enjoy that are suitable for year 3.

Mrs Read has had a fun and busy week in school exploring the wildlife theme with the children. Did you watch the video clip that Mrs Grant suggested, all about wildlife venturing into towns and cities during lockdown? It was amazing and quite funny seeing some of the animals brave enough to explore the towns. With this in mind the children went to investigate for evidence of wildlife that had been visiting our school field. They found clues which suggested that the badgers have been very busy, but also that a fox and deer had visited, along with a bird prey. 

Mrs Blem- Larson has also been enjoying the outdoors.She enjoys listening to the joyous bird song along the river, but there are also some rather large, noisy birds called Canadian geese which live on the flood plain near her house. These birds live there all year, however there are some Canadian geese which migrate like the Arctic Tern we learnt about last term. Their baby goslings have just started hatching. The adults seem to look after the goslings in a big group, a kind of nursery. They all sleep on the flood plain, which is quite safe from predators, but interestingly, Mrs Blem Larson learnt that most river birds sleep on the water,so that if any prey appraoch them, they feel the ripples and wake them. 

geese 1 400

geese 2 400

Mrs White has been busy outside too,  photographing all the different birds she has seen this week. It's been very busy in the garden with squawking starlings, waddling woodpigeons, balancing blue tits and greedy greenfinches to name but a few. Unsteady fluffy fledglings have been flitting from branch to branch carefully avoiding the neighbourhood cats and the wily magpie, while Mrs White has been dashing out to stop the rascally raven from eating all the hedgehog food! 

Garden Birds May 20 400

hedgehog 400

Mrs Culpin has shared some fun activities on the school home page for our home learning theme this week, light and dark and don't forget there are more ideas on our Class home learning page. 

We are looking forward to speaking to more of you this week, have a good week.

Take care

Best Wishes from the Owls Team.

Sunday 10th May

Hello Owls

We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine this week. Mrs Davison went for a walk around her village and loved seeing all the bunting and flags that were put up for VE Day. Mrs Read also enjoyed the VE Day celebrations over the weekend. Her house was decorated with bunting and flags along with many others in the village. She loved seeing on her family walks lots of VE Day bunting made by you. They were beautifully decorated and coloured in - well done to you all! She also spent time helping Jamie to make carrot scones ready for afternoon tea, they were delicious. 

Mrs White has also been enjoying all the bunting and flags on the houses this week. She flew both the Union Flag and the Cambridgeshire flag at home. Can you see the River Cam on one of them? This got Mrs White wondering what a Houghton School flag would have on it. Maybe you could design one!


The tomato plants have been pricked out and are now spreading their roots out in individual pots. They have had to move to the living room as no longer fit on the windowsill!


Mrs Blem Larsen send her best wishes and says: Every day I enjoy walking my dog, Ruffles, along our incredible riverside.  The flat land on the opposite side of the river from where I live has no houses or roads. No one is allowed to build there because it is a flood plain.  Sheep graze there now, but back in February, when we had a lot of rain, the whole area flooded and it looked like a lake.


We enjoyed speaking to some of you this week during our calls to your families. It sounds like you are finding lots of ways to keep busy: playing badminton in the garden, making models, growing seeds, bird watching and lots more. It was good to hear that lots of you are loving using Purple Mash and we can see that many of you have been busy working on Mathletics. Well done if you got a certificate this week!

Mrs Grant has provided an Animal and Wildlife theme on the school Home Page and there is more home learning to choose from on our Owls’ Page.

Have a good week and stay safe.

From Owls’ Team

Sunday 3rd May

Hello Owls

We have really enjoyed speaking to you and hearing about the wonderful things you have been doing over the past week. It sounds like you have all been busy.

This week is a special week as the country celebrates VE Day, 75 years since the end of WW2 in Europe. Unfortunately lots of planned parties have been cancelled but that doesn't mean people won't be remembering and celebrating. We have suggested some activities for you to try at home to help celebrate, have a look on our home learning page.   

Mrs Davison is looking forward to the VE Day celebrations this week. All her family are musicians and play in  different  Big Bands.

They would have been playing some Glenn Miller music at a concert on Friday if we weren't in lockdown. Instead they will just have to play at home instead. If they open the windows, perhaps the neighbours will enjoy listening.

Her son James has been busy recording at home to produce a music video. His friends in the Big Band he plays in have all recorded themselves playing at home. They recorded their individual parts first, then videoed themselves playing, then one of them put everything together. The result is this recording of Into the Unknown from Frozen 2. After just hearing James playing his part lots of times to get it just right, it was very exciting to  see and hear the finished product.


Louis Dowdeswell, Tom Walsh, Ryan Quigley are Vincent Bach performing artists Show less Read more Popular uploads Play all. 9:09 "THE INCREDIBLES" SUITE ...

Mrs Richards has been out enjoying her daily walks , she heard a cuckoo and saw a gaggle of geese.


Mrs Read has been waiting to see if the swans were going to nest by the wall by the Mill again this year. She was delighted to see they have, on Monday there was one egg, by the weekend there were 5! She also spotted some visitors to the school playground on her daily walk. 

Swan Ducks

Mrs White has been pleasedwith her seedlings' progress this week and the tomatoes are almost ready for pricking out (potting into individual containers). No more peas have germinated but the two that have, have their first true leaves.

Mrs White has also been preparing for VE celebrations on Friday. She has been practsing her scones, ready for a virtual street party and had a go at bunting to decorate the front windows. 


Mrs Blem Larson has started to spring clean her house. Her Russian friend told her that in cities in Russia,  before they clean their own houses everyone spends one day at the end of April cleaning the city. They have music, food and drink to enjoy while they work. The streets are swept, walls are washed and parks cleaned,so the city is spotless and beautiful. Sounds like a good idea.

Mrs Blem Larson's daughter has been very creative whilst clearing out, making new clothes from old fabric. She has been cutting some patches and sewing them on jeans to make them colourful and interesting. 

We hope you all have a good week and enjoy the Bank Holiday and any VE Day celebrations. As well as Owls Home learning , there are more ideas on the school home page, this week the theme is Space. 

Stay safe, enjoy time with your families and look after each other.

Best Wishes

The Owls Team


Sunday 26th April

Hello Owls

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. It has been lovely to speak to some of you on the telephone this week and hear what you have been up to. We will be calling more of you again next week.

Mrs Davison has had to give up on taking a photo of the badgers who were visiting her neighbour’s garden. The neighbour got fed up with them digging up her lawn and blocked the hole in the hedge where they were coming through. However, Mr Read has taken some amazing videos of the badgers on our school field (see below).

Over the last month, Mrs Read has really enjoyed spending lots of time outdoors on our school playing field with Mrs Grant and with the children in school. They have spent time observing wildlife, discovering new places and enjoying watching things change.  They noticed that there were more signs of the wildlife exploring further, especially the badgers. There are 2 active entrances to their sett, lots of snuffle holes and a well-worn path. So, with the help of Mr Read, a camera has been put out for several nights in different locations. If you click on the link you can see who has been using the school playing field when we are all asleep! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG0B3T3u-VZpEFV2ClUlPaw/

If you want to find out more about these amazing creatures as part of your home learning, look on our Home Learning page.

We know a lot of you love singing so Mrs White has found a new song you might like to learn at home. Just follow the following link:



 Mrs White is also pleased to report some of her seeds have germinated. The tomato seedlings are looking healthy but only one pea plant has pushed it's way out of the soil so far.

Because it was tree week as home learning, Mrs White was looking for trees on her walk and found a lovely crab apple in full blossom. Looks like it will get lots of fruit this year!

Finally, after watching a new daily craft programme on channel 4, Mrs White was inspired to make a friendly owl to remind her of all of Owls Class!

Mrs Richards says she has been busy drawing and painting birthday cards for her friends and family this week- seven altogether ! She hopes Owls are painting and drawing as they are great artists ! This week, she has seen ducklings and goslings on her daily walk and this morning she heard a cuckoo.  She has also got  some very exciting news -she is going to be a grandmother again in the Autumn. 

Mrs Blem-Larsen has also been in touch and has a story to share about some unwelcome visitors to her home.

I have a small problem. A week ago I spotted a rat feeding at my neighbour's bird table. Then I started to hear scratching and chewing noises in my loft. I immediately went online to search for ways to get rid of the pesky rat. One suggestion was to put owl feathers near its hideout (why owl feathers?), but they aren't easy to get hold of! Apparently they don't like the smell of onions, and that seems to have worked. I still see it in my garden, though, digging up buried squirrel nuts. If only there was a farm nearby, as they don't like the smell of cowpats either, or my daughter suggested leaving a rubber snake in the grass.
Rat is an anagram for art. This is from a picture by an artist called Banksy. While at home in isolation like all of us, he has drawn sketches of rats causing chaos in his bathroom. Can you spot the rat in the mirror doing a tally of how many days it's been in lockdown?

Remember that as well as home learning for our class, there are also ideas on the main page of the website. This week the theme is water and there are lots of activities for you to do.

Stay safe and well.

Best wishes from everyone in Owls’ team

Sunday 19th April

Hello Owls.

We have had another lovely week of weather, at times it has felt like Summer! We have really enjoyed hearing from our phonecalls all about the activities you have been doing, you have been busy!

Mrs Richards is missing you all but has kept herself busy by reading; drawing and painting all the Spring Flowers in her garden; going for her daily walk across the fields, keeping in touch with her family through face time and Zoom and enjoying hoola  - hooping! 

Mrs White has watched a great programme on iplayer this week called The British Garden: Life and Death on your Lawn! All about a year in a garden it really shows what you can find just outside your door if you look hard enough! Mrs White was lucky enough to see two hedgehogs this week and one stopped for a photo opportunity. She also found some old seed packets at the back of the shed,so she has made mini greenhouses on her window sill to see if (and what!!) they will grow. But the best part of this week for Mrs White was having a virtual cup of tea with Mrs Anderson from Kestrels class! Always lovely to catch up with your friends and have a natter.

Easter 6Easter 8Easter 7

Mrs Davison has also been enjoying her garden . Unfortunately she hasn't managed to get a photo of the badgers visiting her next door neighbours' garden. However, she took this photo yesterday of a robin that is a regular visitor to her garden. I wonder if it will nest there.

Easter 5

Have you had any visitors to your garden like Mrs White and Mrs Davison?

Mrs Read took part in her familys' annual egg decorating competition, family took part from Shropshire and the Midlands, then they were judged via Face Time. She has also enjoyed cooking with Jamie. For Easter tea he made a delicious chocolate cake with a hidden Easter surprise. Have you baked anything or made any Easter crafts? Mrs Read has also had fun in the garden playing lots of games including tennis, even pool and she is improving her goal keeping skills! 

Easter 4 400Easter 3 400

 Easter 1Easter 2

This week the theme for home learning is Trees. There are lots of ideas for activities on the school home page. Have you got any trees in your garden? How many different ones can you spot on a walk? Or if you prefer there is a daily Maths/ English/ PE / curriculum subject activity for you to try on our class page. This week I have been trying out some of Gareth Metcalfes brilliant Maths challenges, everyone who loves a challenge should give them a go. http://www.iseemaths.com/lessons34/ 

We look forward to hearing more of your news when we make our phone calls this week. We hope you all have a good week, take care of each other and be happy.

Best Wishes from the Owls Team. 


Monday 13th April

Hello Owls

We hope you had a lovely Easter and that you have been enjoying the sunshine.

We have been ringing some of your mums and dads this week and it has been lovely to hear that you are all keeping safe and well. Some of you have been trying out some of our home learning activities too or making up projects of your own. We will be contacting more of you this week.

Mrs Davison had a surprise last night. She was looking out of her bedroom window as she pulled her curtains and she saw a badger in her next door neighbour's garden! Apparently he has been visiting her neighbour every night. She will keep a look out and see if she can get a photo to show you. 

Mrs White has been thinking about all the daisies on our school field that you are usually making into super necklaces for Mrs Leivers, Mrs Blem Larson and others. She had a go herself before Mr White cut the grass! She's also been seeing lots of different cloud patterns around. Maybe you can start keeping a record of what you see and find out their names.

We hope you enjoy the second week of your Easter holiday.

 Best wishes from everyone in the Owls' team

Sunday 5th April

Hello Owls, what a beautiful weekend, perfect weather to enjoy being outdoors in the garden or enjoying your daily exercise. We hope you have had fun exploring the theme of Spring flowers this week. 

Mrs Davison, Mrs Richards and Mrs Blem Larsen  have enjoyed being outside looking at the wonderful variety of Spring flowers in their gardens.  Mrs White has been finding a few new paths to explore near her house this week.



Mrs Read has continued to watch the pigeon nesting in her garden, there is an egg now, we will let you know when it hatches. She has also spent time enjoying the Spring flowers with Simba, her puppy, on walks and he has helped whilst gardening!

Simba 1Simba 2


This is  a good time to challenge yourself and learn something new. Mrs White has been busy learning the 'cup song' and is getting quite good! There are lots of tutorials online of how to do it. Why not give it a go and then you can share it with Mrs White and the class when we get back. 


It is good to see so many of you have been on Mathletics, some have got over 1000 points each week, well done to you all. We hope you are also continuing to enjoy your reading too. This will really help when we come back to school.

Owls, have a lovely week, the weather looks like it is going to continue to be warm and sunny. If you would like to do a few Easter activities , remember to have a look on the home learning page.

Enjoy your week and continue to be helpful and happy. 

Best Wishes from the Owls Team. 



Sunday 29th March

Hello Owls

We hope you are all well and that you managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine last week. It was lovely seeing a couple of you from a distance when we were on our daily walks. Another great way to keep fit is to log on to Joe Wicks’ daily online P.E. lessons, especially if the weather isn’t so good outside.

We hope you enjoyed some of the home learning suggestions last week. Mrs Davison saw a woodpecker in her garden and Mrs Read has been watching a pigeon build a nest in her garden.

 This week our theme is spring flowers and there are lots of ideas on the school home page. 

Mrs Richards, Mrs White and Mrs Blem-Larsen all send their best wishes. Mrs Richards is very excited about this week’s theme. She is already painting a vase of spring flowers and has pressed some primroses and violets.

Mrs White says she hopes everyone is practising the 12345 song on their fingers. How fast can you sing it and still be accurate!? Can you teach it to someone else in your house? Or make up your own words to the same tune? Keep smiling, keep singing!

Keep safe and check in again next week.

The Year 3 team


Monday 23rd March

Hello Owls, we hope you have all had a lovely weekend out in the sunshine. I know I saw some of you from a distance enjoying a walk around the village. It was so nice to enjoy the sun, spring flowers and beautiful skies.

This week will be a bit different for us all, most of you will be at home so we have collected some ideas for you to have a go at and enjoy with your family. On the home page is the theme for the week 'Birds' with some suggested fun activities and then on the class home learning page there are some further ideas.

Enjoy time with your family, stay safe and look after each other.

Have a good week. From the Year 3 team. 


Friday 20th March

Owls have been amazing this week. They have continued to work hard. 

We began the week with fractions, finishing this topic by making posters showing all our understanding. We  also learnt about Scott's journey to the Pole, acting out the part when the team reached the Pole and found they had been beaten, we then wrote diary entries exploring feelings and actions.

IMG 3169 400

In PE we have continued to practise our games skills with Mrs David and had a go at archery. Alongside this we have enjoyed finally being able to run our Daily Mile on the field. 

PE 400

Owls have enjoyed having their lunch altogether in the classroom this week, even celebrating a birthday. 

Birthday lunch 5Birthday lunch 2Birthday lunch 1Birthday lunch 4

Take care of your selves. Best Wishes from the Year 3 Team.


Wednesday 18th March

We have had a busy 2 weeks learning more about the Polar regions. We tried on explorers clothes from the past, looking at the materials used, their thickness, comfort and use and then compared them to todays.

IMG 2206 400IMG 2213 400IMG 2216 400IMG 2219 400IMG 2223 400IMG 2228 400

We made homes for our Polar Bears, thinking about the Polar Biome and which landscape features would be important to include. IMG 2516 400IMG 2535 400IMG 2540 400


1st March

Last week Years 3 and 4 had a visit from an Arctic explorer. Mr Hall has visited the Arctic several times. He talked to us about his adventures and showed us what you need to take on an expedition to survive.

Explorer 1 400

Explorer 3

Friday 14th February

This week we were introduced to a new sport, a paralympic sport, Goalball. Nick, Donna and Amber the guide dog, came in from Camsight, a local charity to talk to the school about visual impairment and blindness. Owls were then given the opportunity to play Goalball, which involved wearing blindfolds and listening for the ball coming your way to stop a goal being scored. It was fun,a lot of concentration and listening skills were needed. 

Goal ball 1aGoal ball 2goal ball 3Goal ball 4goal ball 5goal ball 6Goal ball 7


As part of our Polar lands topic we have begun to look at the birds and animals living in the Polar regions, we have made polar bears, found only in the Arctic, out of clay. After half term we are going to be making biomes for these. If you have a shoe box and any other materials e.g. bubble wrap, fabric, tissue paper,  to help with this project please could you bring them in on Monday 24th February.             Thank you.

polar bears 1

 We hope you all have a lovely half term, from the year 3 team. 


Friday 7th February

It has been a busy week again.  We have  enjoyed lots of different PE activities, improving our hockey skills, progressing onto using tables in table tennis and being very creative with our dances inspired by cold places and the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. 

We have begun to read The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo , which has prompted lots of discussion which will help us with our wrting next week. We have continued to find out more about the Arctic and Antarctica, looking at location,climate and length of day and night, we were surprised to find out that the Arctic has been in complete darkness and Antarctica has been in 24 hour daylight, we will continue to record this to note any changes. In computing this week we have continued to  practise developing our touch typing, we have all improved our skills and accuarcy.  

Finally thank you for coming in on Wednesday, it was lovely to see so many children proudly sharing their work with you during Open Evening.

DSC09945 400DSC09946 400DSC09948 400DSC09949 400DSC09951 400

Friday 31st January

This week Owls’ class have been learning about food chains. After learning about producers, consumers, predators and prey they were given a challenge: what does a food chain in the Arctic look like? After researching Arctic animals, they came up with lots of different possible food chains.

They have also been learning to use money in maths. As well as adding amounts of money, they have also practiced giving change. It would be very helpful if they could practice using money at home too.

Friday 17th January

Ths week we have enjoyed starting our topic The Polar Lands. After watching some of David Attenborough's Frozen Planet and looking at pictures, the children have been inspired to write poems describing the landscape and animals to be found in Antarctica and the Arctic. We are looking forward to finding out more about these amazing regions.

On Tuesday we were lucky to be the first class to be introduced to a new sport in Houghton, table tennis. Alex Facey from Huntingdon Table Tennis Club is going to be coaching the children for the next 5 weeks. This week we were learning all about ball control, we will be progressing on to tables as our skills develop.  I think we found all the balls by the end!Table tennis 1             Table tennis 2Table tennis 3

         Table tennis 4Table tennis 5

Friday 10th January 

Happy New Year to you all. The children have made a super start to 2020 and have already been busy. We enjoyed sharing our All about Me bags, we all learnt a few new things about each other, do you know whose favourite animal is a penguin, who won a photography competition, who was a team mascot ........

On Tuesday KS2 had a visit from Liza , a STEM scientist, she came to teach us all about our brain and how amazing it is. The childen made brain hats, learning how our brain works and  they looked closely at a sheep's brain. We followed this up in the classroom by learning how to look after our brain, by keeping it active but also giving it a rest. To keep our brain active,we did our usual Daily Mile, tried to learn a new skill, juggling,(we are all still working on this), and we tried solving challenging puzzles. We then tried some mindfulness activities - meditation , mindfulness colouring, listening to calming music and going out onto the tree house  to use our senses to focus and just listen to the sounds, sights, smells around us. 

brain day activities 2brain day activities 1brain day activities 3brain day activities Next week we are looking forward to starting our topic - The Polar Lands.


Autumn 2019

                                                                Friday 6th December

 This week the children made their own fresh pasta. They made different pasta shapes including spaghetti, tagliatelli, penne and farfalle.




                                                             Friday 22nd November

Owls' class performed brilliantly in their class assembly today. They shared their learning about Italy and the Romans, read out some of their poems, sang a fantastic song and performed a great friendship dance. Well done Owls!

         Friday 15th November 

It was  Kindness Week this week and Owls Class have been busy thinking of different ways to be extra kind both at school and at home. They played Kindness Bingo, ticking off kindness activities each day. These included actions such as helping out more at home, sharing more with brothers and sisters, as well as being kind and helpful in school.They also decided to write little messages and pop them inside some of their favourite books in the AR library. Some of the notes wished the reader a happy day, others encouraged them to read the book and enjoy it.   



Friday 8th November

 On Monday Karen England, a professional opera singer came to work with the children. As well as singing to the children and introducing them to opera music, she also taught them some fun vocal exercises andthey learnt how to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Italian.

Mrs David, our sports coach has also been working with the children again, this time teachng them skills needed for ball games. 

We have also been out and about collecting leaves and looking at the colourful leaves that are still on the trees. The children have created some amazing poems and art work. 


                                                              Friday 11th October

  Owls and Kestrels enjoyed an action-packed Roman Day on Wednesday. They all looked amazing in their costumes and took part in a variety of different activities organised by History Off the Page. The activities included: making mosaic tiles, squeezing their own oil from olives,  using traditional Roman cures to heal patients and making  their own wax tablets. They also learnt how to train as a soldier in the Roman Army and had a  feast in the afternoon.

 roman day 2019 200roman day 2019 012

 roman day 2019 194


Friday 4th October

In Science this week,  the children made string telephones as part of their work on sound.


Friday 20th September

The children are enjoying their weekly Dance sessions with our visiting sports coach Mrs David. They are working on producing a dance routine that portrays friendship.

Welcome to Owls' web page. We hope you all had a great summer.  It has been lovely getting to know the children and we are very pleased with how well they are settling into Year 3. 

 The children have all got off to a super start with their reading and are already quizzing on their books. In Key Stage 2 the children read their AR books every day for 20 minutes after lunch. This means that they do need their reading book and reading diary in school every day. 

This term our PE days are Mondayand Wednesday. However we would like PE kits to be brought in on a Monday and left in school until Friday as sometimes we do need to change the day. They also need their trainers everyday for The Daily Mile.


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