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Owls (Y3)

Owls' Class are our Year 3  group. They are taught by Mrs Davison who is assisted by Mrs White and Mrs Richards.

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Latest News

13th July

We had a great day at The Cambridge University Botanic Garden on Tuesday, learning more about flowers and plants from around the world.


28th June

Our plant sale was a big succes this afternoon. At the start of the term the children began their Grow Your Money Challenge. In teams they had £3 to spend on seeds, soil and pots. After deciding what they wanted to grow, they planted their seeds and have been looking after them ever since. Every group made a profit and we will be using the money to buy a new tree for the school. 


Back in the classroom the children have been looking at the different parts of a flower and making their own models to learn how pollination takes place.

8th June

Well done Owls! You performed brilliantly in our class assembly today.

25th May

 Owls have been learning how to use the Paint program in Purple Mash. They have created some fantastic pictures of great crested newts.

11th May

 This week Owls have been out and about, enjoying the sunshine and making the most of our wonderful local environment.

 On Tuesday they used a leaf spotter guide to identify the many different trees we have within the school grounds.

The also had cricket coaching from a visiting coach.

On Wednesday we went for a walk to the river looking at local wildlife. 


The weeping willow by the loch shared some of its secrets with the children.

On Thursday we visited the church and learnt  about its history as well as looking closely at different features of the church. .



27th April

  This week we went for a walk to the river in search of some of the Lost Words. We were looking in particular for signs of otters as Mrs Grant had told us what to look for. Although we didn't see any, we did see some of the other Lost Words: conkers, brambles, bluebells, a willow tree, ivy and dandelions.




23rd March

Well done to Owls and Kestrels  for their fantantastic performances of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this week. 

 Please see the school Facebook page for more photographs.


                                                                                               9th March

Today we  enjoyed a visit to The Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. We have been learning about the race to the South Pole and it was exciting to see some of the actual equipment the polar explorers used.  


7th March  Today is World Maths Day. The children took part in a number of different maths activities over the course of the day. They enjoyed solving shape, number and logic puzzles from around the world.

  Have they got it right?

 Yes they have! Well done!

The children also took part in the world wide maths competition organised by Mathletics,playing live Mathletics with children all around the world. If they didn't manage to complete all the games in school today, they have until the end of tomorrow to complete them online at home if they wish.

1st March

Today we set off across Antarctica in an attempt to reach the South Pole! Despite the sub-zero temperatures and blizzards, we were successful. The children had to  load their own sledges with the necessary equipment for the hazardous journey. Unfortunately one member of the crew got frost bite and was unable to walk back. Her crew worked together to pull her back to the base camp.

 We also celebrated World Book Day today, dressing up as out favourite book characters.

                                                                                    28th February   

            We had a lot of fun in the snow today!          

                                             Back in school, a lot of the classrooms were empty today as 4 classes were out on school trips. For the last day of our February readathon we decided to go and explore the school and find somewhere new to read. Some of us headed down to key stage 1 whilst others tried out other classrooms in key stage 2.




23rd February

Yesterday Mrs Lewis, the clerk to the Governors, came to tell us about her amazing experiences working as a logistics officier for the British Antarctic Survey. The children learnt all about the Research Stations she worked at, how the scientists got there, what it was living there and the sorts of science experiments they did. She also let the children try on some clothing that they took with them to keep warm.

 Thank you to Hawks' class for organising some great sports activities this morning.

We also enjoyed our ball skills lesson with our visiting sports coach earlier in the week.

9th February

Today we took part in the Big Schools' Bird Watch. For an hour this morning we kept a close watch on all the birds that visited the feeders outside our classroom, as well as those that flew past. We were very pleased when the red kite made an appearance. We also saw pigeons, crows, blue tits, long-tailed tits, blackbirds and a robin.

As part of this week's Readathon activities, Owls wrote book reviews on the Read it Again books that were given to us by the library. We also shared books with children in Hawks' class.

In art the children have used paper-layering techniques to create amazing Arctic landscapes.

  They were also inspired to paint  whilst listening to Sibelius' tone poem, 'Finlandia' .

                                                                                                   26th January

This week, Arctic explorer Adrain Hall came to share his experiences with the children.His rucksack was very heavy!

 We did an experiment to find out if blubber really keeps you warm, using lard as our blubber. It certainly kept our hands warm!

It was a very windy day on Wednesday - perfect for testing our anenometers!


We also got to share books with year 6 on Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday we started preparing for the Big Schools' Bird Watch. We used bird  themed Top Trumps to start identifying different features of common garden birds. We then compared wing spans by measuring them out on strips of paper.

19th January

 This week we have been learning about food chains. The children made Arctic food chains and learnt about predators, prey, consumers and producers.

 The children also made polar bears from clay to live in the habitats they created as part of their home learning.

Happy New Year! The children have settled back into school very quickly and are already working hard. This week they have written some wonderful pieces of descriptive writing inspired by Michael Morpurgo's The Rainbow Bear.

  Here are some extracts:

   I am snow bear. I have to wade through soft, white, powdery snow. I slip and slide over the snowy peaks of the high mountains. I feel scared of the dangerous journey ahead.

I am ice bear. I have to travel across the slippery deep ice. I stalk my prey stealthily. I use my padded paws so I don't slip. I spread my weight to lower my chances of falling.

I am sea bear. I glide over the shiny water like I can fly. I watch the resting seal from the freezing blue ocean. Suddenly I jump towards it. The seal plunges into the crystal clear water.

20th December

Well done to all of Owls' class for singing so well at the KS2 Carol Concert.

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 The Owls' team would like to wish you all a very joyful Christmas and happy New Year. We look forward to seeing the children back at school on Thursday 4th January.


 20th November

Owls Class had a fantastic day at Peterborough Museum today. The children were all Roman slaves and had to work hard preparing for a feast. They went shopping at the market to buy food, then prepared it in the kitchen. They also got the chance to be archaeologists, handling pottery that was 2000 years old. They also made clay faces the same way the Romans would have done. 


Putting on a toga correctly is very tricky!


17th November

Our visiting sports coach, Mrs David, has been teaching us dance this half term. We are working on creating movement phrases using different formations.

                                                                                         10th November

Since half term we have been learning about the Romans. We have used different sources to investigate what life was like in Ancient Rome and have started looking at why and when the Romans invaded Britain. We are looking forward to our trip to Peterborough Museum on Monday 20th November.

In maths we are working on multiplication and division. We have been using arrays to help us and have discovered that there are arrays all around us. Perhaps you can find some more at home.

20th October

Owls' Class have been working hard at learning the recorder this half term. They performed brilliantly in Friday's assessmbly.

11th October

We helped Kingfishers Class to get started on Mathletics this week. Mrs Young (who is teaching Kingfishers at the moment) told us we were brilliant!

Mathletics 1 Copy Mathletics 2 Copy Mathletics 6
Mathletics 7 Mathletics 8 Mathletics 9
Mathletics 9a Mathletics 9b Mathletics 9c
Mathletics 9d Mathletics 9e Mathletics 9f
Mathletics 9g Mathletics 9h Mathletics 9i
Mathletics 9j Mathletics 9k Mathletics 9l
  Mathletics 4 Copy  

Mathletics 9m


5th October

  As part of our topic on Italy, the children have been making pasta.  The first group made some excellent pasta shapes. 

   In science the children have been classifying  rocks using Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.


    29th September

As part of our topic on Italy, Owls have been busy creating 3D salt dough maps of Italy. 



  This morning, as part of our Harvest Festival, Owls' Class performed a song about Autumn that they have been learning in class. They sang brilliantly!



                  13th Sptember


Today Owls’ Class had their first recorder lesson. They will be learning to play the recorder and read music during class music lessons up until Christmas. They can use the school recorder they came home with today to practice at home but will need it in school every Wednesday. They will need to return it at the end of term if they decide not to continue learning.

Hopefully all the children will enjoy having a new challenge and this could be a first step towards them learning another instrument as they get older. I will start a lunchtime recorder club after Christmas for those who wish to continue learning. This week at home they should practice holding it correctly and producing a nice, even sounding B note. They have all learnt to do this today and have promised not to make loud squeaking noises at home! 


Welcome to Owls’ class page.

We hope that you have all had a lovely summer. Owls have had a great start to the year. They have settled into their new class very well and are already working hard. It has been great to hear all about their adventures over the summer. We have also been sharing the fantastic home learning they did over the summer and are in the process of displaying it in the classroom.






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