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Home Learning - Owls


Home learning set:   Friday 15th June


Home Learning

As part of our PSHE topic on financial and economic well being the children have taken part in the “Grow your money challenge!” In groups they were given a £3 budget. Using this budget they have purchased and grown their own plants. The plants are now ready to sell and hopefully they will have grown their money! We will be holding a plant sale next Thursday 28th June at going home time on the main playground.

To help sell your plants we would like you design a poster style advertisement to persuade people to come along to the plant sale and buy your plants! Think about the type of plant you’re growing and what may persuade people to buy it- don’t forget to include when and where the plant sale will be held, some persuasive words and an eye catching image.

Due Date: Monday 25th June

 Spellings and times tables are set on Fridays. The children will be tested on them the following Thursday.

Spellings: shape words we are using in maths:

  square, circle, triangle,  pentagon, hexagon,  cube, cuboid, sphere, prism, pyramid

 Extra challenge: what other 3D shapes do you know? Can you spell them correctly?

  Times Tables: 9 times table

Mild:  9 times table and

related division facts

eg   3 x 9 =

      8 x 9 =

       36 ÷9 =






Medium: As mild, plus missing 

number problems, multiplying

by multiples of 10 and finding one

ninth of a number

e,g  30 x 9 =

    __ x 9 = 63

   1/9 of 27 =




Spicy: As medium

 plus finding two ninths,

3 ninths etc of a number

 E.g. 3/9 of 27 =

   6/9 of 90  =  



Reading: In school we regularly talk to your child about their reading and monitor their engagement using our AR system which helps us to ensure that your children are reading regularly at home as well as at

school. Please help your child by listening to them read, discussing the stories and by making time to discuss any unfamiliar words they come across with you. 

Mathletics:Please login to the system at www.mathletics.co.uk, to access the tasks set for your child. Your child’s personal username and password are stuck into the front of their reading diaries.

Studies have proved that children who engage regularly with Mathletics do significantly better in their assessments, so please take advantage of this wonderful tool. If you encourage your child to complete more tasks and they gain a certificate these will be awarded in our Key Stage Assembly on Thursdays.

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