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Home Learning - Owls

   Apologies for the less detailed layout this week. Owls' Home Learning page appears to have disappeared! I will attempt to reconstruct it as soon as possible.

Friday 13th October

Home learning journal : Set: Friday 13th October.    Due in: Tuesday 31st October

In class you have been learning about the Italian composer Vivaldi. For your home learning I would like you to listen to a section of one of the Four Seasons and write a review of it in the same way you would write a book review. What season did you listen to? What instruments could you hear? What did you like about it? Did you have a favourite bit? How did it make you feel?

 My favourite extract is the second movement of Winter.


  Spellings:  aim, paid, fail, mail, sail, tail, snail, main, pain, chain.

      This week's times table is the 6 times table

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