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Robins (YR)

Robins Class are our Reception group. They are taught by Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mead who are assisted by Mrs Race.

Autumn Term 2018


Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their costumes and that they have a bag of school clothes so they can get changed after the assembly. Bags and clothing all need to be labelled.  The bags with the school clothes can go straight on their pegs in the morning as children arrive.

Any Christmas story books are welcome for next week.


wb 12.11.18

First of all, many thanks for the donations of sparklers and marshmallows.  What fun we had!!!  I love how the children smelled of campfire smoke by the end of the day.  

This week it is "Stars Week".  The children seem to be completely fascinated about anything to do with space so we will go their way.  We are comparing fiction to non-fiction texts so if you have any books on the topic they are welcome.  We will use them in our work.  In mathematics we will be exploring shapes and this will be linked with number, as it always is.  At home you can support us by finding shapes in your home and outdoor environments.  Don't be afraid to use the correct mathematical language; they LOVE "posh" words.  Also please look up at the night sky with your children, stars or no stars and please talk about this.  They are full of wonder about their universe.

Phonics is progressing solidly and we are building on their knowledge carefully. Some are beginning to read small words and captions and some are becoming aware of what letters and sounds do.  Both are completely acceptable and we are happy to work with your child's needs. 

We had our first session of getting fully changed for P.E.  Oh my.  It was interesting.   Please ensure every piece of your child's clothing is labelled so adults, as well as your child, can identify their kit.  Even the bags themselves should be clearly labelled on the outside.  At home please can you work on independence in getting changed.  Knowing which way around a shirt might go, knowing which way trousers/shorts... need to go on are all important skills.   Socks and tights need practice too.  Independence is the key and this takes loads of practice both at school and at home.

As discussed at our very early parent chats before the beginning of the year, please have a contingency plan in place for poorly children.  Our Robins' Class has been particularly hit hard with on-going illnesses which don't seem to be improving, even after a break which is slightly unusual..  Calpol will not make the day any easier for your child.  They will need to be at home with a carer who should be part of your plan if your child is poorly.

Again, many thanks for your support!


wb 29.10.18

After the half term it's all about time.  We will be exploring the solar system (not literally), the relationship between the sun and how the earth moves and how this makes seasons, days, nights, years...  Any fiction or non-fiction books  on the topic are most welcome. Maths, language work and science will all be taught through this topic.

Please send in labelled P.E. kit (ie a pair of shorts and a T-shirt).  Extra socks and pants are always useful too if you have not already sent these in.

Dates for your diary:


Monday 12th, Wednesday 14th November

Next week we will be thinking about Guy Fawkes Night and continuing along the topic of  day/night we will be making dens, lighting camp fires in the woodland and lighting sparklers.  If you have any kindling, matches, sparklers, marshmallows you would like to donate we would happily take these off your hands!

Many thanks!!

wb 08.10.18

This week we will be using non-ficiton sources to find out about castles.  We will also be looking at traditional tales involving castles, cottages and woodland settings for stories.  Most of this work will take place in the woodland.  Children are encourgaed to bring in books on the topic so we can use them to answer their questions and feed their curiosity.

Mathematical work will centre on previous knowledge of shapes and patterning work.  New work will be based on problem solving around numbers to 5 with the emphasis on explaining their ideas accurately.

The "Reading Diaries" you see in your child's book bag will come into play more when children begin to read independently but for now it would be lovely if you could let us know which books you are sharing with your child at home.  Once a week I will record in the reading diary too.  Right now children are learning to hold an implement properly and are making pre-writing shapes on which I will comment in their reading diaries.

The letter sound sheets that you see in the book bags are the focus sounds  for the week.  They do not have to be completed.  We are only just managing to get mark-making orientation and grip  correct at the moment so letters do not have to be formed on the sheets.  We will ensure this gets done at school once the basics are achieved.

Children are becoming extremely tired.  If you feel you need to give your child a day or an afternoon off please be assured they will not miss "work" as ideas and skills are constantly revisited.  

Please ensure you send your child to school feeling well.  There are a lot of bugs going around at the moment unfortunately.  If you are sending medicine in it must go to the office right away.  Please don't send this in your child's book bag.


ROBINS' PARENTS EVENING:  Tuesday, 16th October at 6.00 p.m. in Robins' classroom (parents and carers only please)

ROBINS' CLASS ASSEMBLY:  Friday, 19th October at 9.00 a.m.  in the school hall

wb 24.09.18

Welcome to all of our new Robins.  What a fanatastic start to the school year we have had,  bravely coming through the door with a big smile.  Robins are already learning to hear and listen carefully to each other and adults in the room.  Next week we will continue learning about storybook wolves and real wolves so any traditional tales with wolves or non-fiction books about wolves are more than welcome.

Already Robins have also expressed interest and knowledge about space so we will follow this line of enquiry too.

Please don't forget parents' evening for Robins on Monday, September 24th at 6.30 in Robins' classroom. This event has been postponed due to a technical error in communication. We apologise for any inconvenience. We will set a new date and keep you informed.

Please click here for Robins Autumn Term 2018 Newsletter/Curriculum




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