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Robins (YR)

Robins Class are our Reception group.

They are taught by Mrs Taylor on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and by Mrs Mead on Thursdays and Fridays. They are assisted by Mrs Race, Mrs Sweet and Ms Hillman

Autumn 2019

wb 14.10.19

It's pumpkins week! Any autumnal stories are welcome!  Mathematics is all about reasoning around shape and measurement.  We are continuing down the traditional tales and nursery rhymes route.  We will be practising and consolidating work from "Phase 2" Phonics.  If you would like to use the website we use at school for Phonics it is www.phonicsplay.co.uk  There is a £12 subscription for a year but some games are free.  We are sticking to the "Phase 2" games and activities to consolidate knowledge.




Week beginning 30.09.19

This coming week will be all about wolves and other baddies in traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs...  We will also look at alternative versions to these stories.  There will be a lot of talk around these stories such as character development, settings and lessons.  

We will be paying close attention to how Autumn is progressing beyond our classroom walls.  We'll be working in the woodland most days collecting signs of autumn and looking at burrows/caves...  Robins will be making their own caves and safe places for the three pigs and Little Red Riding Hood...

Counting in tens is our next mathematical focus.

You will notice  new letters in your child's book bag.  In small groups we will especially focus on the ounter-clockwise circular motion as this one seems to be the most difficult pre-writing mark at the moment.

Robins are beginning to blend their new letter sounds to read small words.

Children are now completely independent in the cloak room so we appreciate your quick good-byes in the belief that your child can now sort themselves with very little or no help.  

They have all been amazing in this really tough half term!  Many thanks for your support!

The Robins Team


Wednesday October 16 at 9.00 in the hall Robins will perform their first little assembly.  You are all welcome!


Week beginning 23.09.19

It's all about hedgehogs this week so if your child has any books, photos... relevant to the topic please send them in so we can share them.

In other news we will be working on reliable accuracy when counting which is easy to support at home.  We focus mainly on one number name for each movable or non-moveble object and count up to where ever the child can go and a little beyond with help.  Along the journey the children will learn the importance of number order and will match numerals to amounts just to name a very few of the developing skills.

We are continuing to practise the necessary sequence of motions for letter formation which I will speak about at the next parents' evening.  Righ now it's mostly making vertical lines always starting at the top and re-tracing these lines without lifting the pencil/pain brush/chalk. We  are also making counter-clockwise circles, always remembering to start at the top of the circle.

This week we will be learning to work with the letters i,n,m,d.

Thank you for your continued support.

(Just a note- many times after school our Robins teaching staff use the time to reflect and plan for your child's next day's learning so we send all children to the toilet just before they see you to pre-empt the need to return to the classroom at this time.  Of course, if your child is completely desperate we would not turn them away!)


We are beginning to send reading diaries home which have comments from us about our work in small groups.  Right now we are focusing on pre-writing skills and phonics.  We work quite closely with one group a day helping them with pen grip and also remembering letter shapes and sounds.  We are also sending home wordless books to encourage story telling and language skills which are  necessary  for understanding and  future story writing.    Feel free to comment in the reading diaries  about how you and your child got on.  Most of all, have fun with what you find in your child's book bag.  Positive regular engagement makes a huge difference in your child's progress and confidence. 

Given books need to be returned the following day for the next group. 


A huge welcome to our lovely new Robins.  Some have already started and a few will be with us on Monday 16th September when we will have our full contingent.  Many thanks to our supportive parents who have very sensibly said good bye to their children at the door cheerfully setting the Robins up for a happy day.

Next week we will be having a Teddy Bear week so if your child has a favourite teddy bear or bear book we would love to share it with all the Robins.  If you could write their name in the book that would avoid a lot of confusion.

On Monday we will begin some phonics work as well as pre-writing skills.  Most importantly, though, we will spend most days in the woodland where we will be building houses for the three bears and reading stories.  Whilst outdoors the children will reinforce friendships, problem-solve and just be 4 and 5 year olds!  Wellies may be needed if it's a bit sticky.

Again, many thanks for your support!







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