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Robins (YR)

Robins Class are our Reception group.

They are taught by Mrs Ferrett (Mon- Wed) and Mrs Mead (Thurs- Fri)

They are assisted by Mrs Race, Mrs Sweet and Ms. Hillman 

 22nd June 2020

It has been a while since we last wrote to you on the webpage -  what a funny time it has been while we learn in different places! It was lovely to see a few of you welcoming US back to school (as you never stopped coming); we have enjoyed welcoming a few of you back into the classroom - while most of you carry on learning at home with your families. We  have enjoyed seeing your adventures and learning in every which way we can! We do hope you enjoy the Tapestry Challenges this week - the fairy potion is particularly fun.  Edward, Margot and Grace have enjoyed testing it out at home with Mrs Mead and Mrs Ferrett...


thumbnail IMG 20200622 133659 1thumbnail IMG 20200622 133614IMG 20200618 WA0009 5

Mrs Mead took Edward and Margot to Houghton Mill last week. It was so lovely to see the wildlife there - can you spot the heron, swans and cygnets and the Cinnabar moth in the photos?

thumbnail IMG 20200615 152219thumbnail IMG 20200615 151355thumbnail IMG 20200615 154442thumbnail IMG 20200615 151152thumbnail IMG 20200615 151022

Edward also had some visitors to the pond we dug back in May. He has been recording the visitors in a diary - so we can see which ones come back and when...

thumbnail IMG 20200616 114006thumbnail IMG 20200616 113824

We are really looking forward to seeing you all together again in the near future. We hope you enjoy the sunshine in the next few days too. Keep in touch with us on Tapestry and make sure you write lots of notes to the fairy! They visited last year when the Robins got too clever and kept writing - it is no surprise they have come again. They are magical so they don't just come to school - they can visit you wherever you are :) 

Take care - The Robins Team x


Hello Robins,

We hope you have all had a lovely week with your families. We are so pleased that we can keep in touch with you via Tapestry and see the fantastic learning that you are doing at home! As Mrs Mead said last week, everyone is doing it slightly differently, but you are all learning, and most importantly, having lots of fun!

Grace and I came across a brood of ducklings at the end of last week so we have been checking on them daily during our walks. It has been lovely to sit at a distance and watch them play in the sunshine!


There will be some more tapestry challenges for you tomorrow so have a go if you’d like to. The weather for the week ahead looks lovely, so make sure you’ve got your sun-cream and sun-hats ready so that you can enjoy the warm weather safely.

Take care and enjoy the time with your family,

The Robins Team


w.b 11th May

Good morning Robins! 

We really enjoyed catching up with lots of you on the phone last week. We are so pleased to hear about lots of your learning and exploring - everyone is doing it differently but everyone is having fun and that is all that matters! 

Last week Mrs Ferrett and I met in Robin's classroom to clean the toys and tidy up, it was so funny not to have you there too !

Edward asked me if he could have a pond, so I dug a little one and our neighbour dropped a bucket of frogspawn on the doorstep for us. At the moment they don't have any legs, but I will keep you updated!



There are some new challenges for you this week, we hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing what you get up to on Tapestry - we are feeling very lucky to be able to keep in touch that way.

Take care and see you soon

Mrs Mead and Mrs Ferrett x


w.b. 4th May

Hello Robins,

We hope you are all well and continuing to have lots of fun at home!

We love seeing what you’ve been up to via Tapestry, and this week, have especially enjoyed meeting your wonderful bog babies and the fabulous worlds you have made for them! We are so impressed with how creative you’ve been!

Mrs Mead has enjoyed sharing ‘Bog Baby’ with her children too. They went to the woods to see if they could catch a glimpse of bog baby and made a world for him, just like you!

Bog Baby 2

Bog Baby

When I spoke to Mrs Race, she was very tired from all the exercise she’s been doing! She is doing yoga at home each morning to keep fit. We are really pleased to see lots of you making exercise an important part of your daily routine too!

With the wet weather this past week, Grace and I have been baking. We used our left over Easter eggs to make a chocolate cake, although quite a lot of the chocolate didn’t make it as far as the bowl!

Cake 1

Cake 2

Don’t forget to check the home learning page or Tapestry for new challenges this week. As always, we look forward to seeing how you get on with them, as well as anything else you’d like to share.

Take care and keep having lots of fun!

The Robins Team


w.b. 27th April

Happy new week to all of our lovely Robins! We have been busy thinking of new challenges to set you for the next few days. The trouble is you are doing too much 'clever stuff' at home and we are really having to think hard ourselves about the next challenges! We know lots of you have been enjoying them and we are so thrilled to see your photos on Tapestry.

IMG 20200423 153042

IMG 20200423 153037








IMG 20200423 153052

This week has been busy in our homes just as it has been in yours!  In my house, we have been making the most of the lovely weather playing in the garden and making worlds for minibeasts, we have been reading lots of our bedtime story books in unusual places and at unusual times of the day! We have been enjoying walks in the sunshine and on Wednesday, we painted some pebble bees for Margot's nursery step - it is called 'Busy Bees'. She really misses going, just as Edward misses school and I know you all do too! She loved to see her friends' bees there too and is happy they are waiting for them to come back soon. Perhaps you might like to paint a little stone? You could keep it safe until we return to school or if you walk by you could leave it by the gate... 

I have been chatting to Mrs Race this week She wanted me to let you know that she misses you all lots! Her garden has been keeping her very busy. She sent me this photo for you all to see... IMG 20200421 WA0010

We hope you enjoy your week wherever you are. Lots of your special people have been telling me and Mrs Ferrett how fantastic your reading is. Keep practising and showing off what you can do but most of all be sure to have lots of fun!

Take care everybody, we look forward to seeing lots of you on Tapestry this week :)

The Robins Team  



w.b. 20th April 2020

Hello Robins,

Mrs Mead and I can't quite believe another week has passed......we do miss you all!

I know from speaking to families on the phone that you are all enjoying your daily walks, in fact, for many of you, it is your favourite part of the day! You are looking at your surroundings really carefully and spotting lots of different insects, birds and flowers.  I saw my first Kingfisher last week - it was only a fleeting glimpse but it made me smile for the rest of the day!  So keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might see!

We are really lucky where we live as the field next to our house is filled with baby lambs! Grace and I have spent a lot of time watching them play, feed and doze in the sun.  It is amazing how much they have grown in just a week!


We've also been getting to know the cows in the field next to the sheep.  They all have their names written on the tag inside their ear, so Grace and I have been trying to learn who's who.  Our favourite is the cow in the photo below.  Her name is Bonnie and she is the most friendly of the bunch!


If you check Tapestry, Mrs Mead and I have uploaded some more challenges for you.  We look forward to seeing how you get on with them! We will be in touch by phone over the next couple of weeks to see how you all are.

In the meantime, take care and keep smiling! 

Mrs Ferrett and Mrs Mead


w.b.14th April 2020

Good afternoon lovely Robins! We hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with chocolate and fun times with your families. The Easter Bunny visited us here and we are still finding some chocolates he hid in some tricky places! We have to put them in the fridge for a bit when we find them because the sun melts them when it shines! Edward and Margot decorated this Easter Tree and we put it in our window. Lots of people have been smiling as they walk past. We also painted some rainbows and sunshines for our neighbours to put up in their windows. They are both 80 and didn't have any paints or crayons at home! Have you done anything kind for your family, friends or neighbours? We are very sure you have as we know how caring you all are.  

IMG 20200410 180110 1


We LOVED speaking to many of you last week and finding out about all of the brilliant learning you are doing at home. You were experts at SO much in March and we know you have been sharing lots of what you already know. Remember not to shock your mums and dads when they are holding a cup of tea! Ask a grown up to upload some photos on to Tapestry if you haven't already, it is so nice to see what you have been doing. 

We set some Tapestry Challenges for you last week - they are on the home learning page now too. We are busy thinking of ideas for some more next week. Lots of your mums and dads told us that mostly you were having lots of fun playing and exploring, thinking of big ideas you'd like to find out about. They were proud to say you are showing off your reading, you are writing letters to your friends and shopping lists. Some of you have been making up number games and playing lots of phonics games - that is all just brilliant and we are so proud of you too! 

Enjoy this coming week, wherever you are and whatever you do! We looking forward to speaking to you again next week. 

Mrs Mead and Mrs Ferrett xx





Hello Robins!

We hope you are all well and settling in to a new routine at home with your families.  Mrs Mead and I have really enjoyed seeing what you've been up to on Tapestry - lots of lovely learning going on from building rockets out of cardboard boxes to woodwork! Do keep us updated if you can.

Grace has been fascinated by bees this week so we have spent lots of time in the garden listening for buzzing sounds and then trying to locate where they're coming from! Apparently there are over 250 species of bee in the UK so I'm going to try and learn some of them this week!

The weather looks good for the week ahead so a great opportunity to enjoy some time in the garden.  Grace and I are going to have a go at making these Easter cards to let family and friends know that we are thinking of them.

 Easter card edit

Take care everyone,

Mrs Ferrett and Mrs Mead



Hello everybody, we hope you have had a lovely week adjusting to doing something different than coming to Robins classroom each day! We have been enjoying some time in the garden with our children in the lovely weather. Mrs Ferrett has been digging for gold with Grace and Mrs Mead has been making a fairy world and planting some sunflowers with Edward and Margot. How many of you have been watching Joe Wicks at 9am and joining in with his P.E session? It is great fun and good for you too :)

We will be posting some more Tapestry Challenges on the Home Learning page ready for Monday. We hope you enjoy having a go at them, we have LOVED seeing lots of you enjoying learning different things this week - keep sending them to us on Tapestry! Take care everyone and have lots of fun - Mrs Mead and Mrs Ferrett xx


w.b. 2.3.20

Welcome back after the half term holiday. We hope you had a well earned rest with your families!

This half term we will be concentrating on all things 'Elephants'. Robins enjoyed finiding out about lots of Arctic animals last half term, so we went with it - and were blown away by their enthusiasm! 

Please send in any books about Elephants to share - either fiction or non fiction.  Each week Robins will be 'cooking' something- last week it was pancakes. This week we are looking at the story 'Handa's Surprise' and trying some exotic fruits in a fruit salad. We would be very grateful for any fruit donations for this - if someone can find gauva they win a prize! We will also be having discussions about money so please ask your Robins for help in the shops if you are out and about...

Thank you so much for your support with setting up Tapestry. We really hope you are enjoying it, it is lovely to share their learning with you so easily. If you haven't activated your account please do, a few parents have noticed the link in their junk folder. 

The Robins Team




w.b. 3.2.20

It was another busy week last week learning how to ask questions and, wow! Robins are experts at this! We had some magical visitors on Friday and so this week is concentrating completely on Owls. We are using our questioning skills to find out everything we need to know about these amazing birds. Please check on the cloakroom door for photos of their visit. If you have any books about Owls we would love to share them.

Our new learning in phonics is really slowing down as we consolidate what we have learnt and apply our knowledge to writing and reading in lots of different contexts. Please help your children to learn 'tricky words' and more recently learnt sounds. Please also support them to form the letters in their name correctly if they can't already do so - this forms firm foundations for writing in the next few months and years - we will send home some guidance about letter formation and the 'families' we teach them in. 

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening for open evening.

Thank you for your support - we really appreciate it

The Robins Team



We have had a busy week in Robin class learning lots about the world and how seasons are created. Lots of big questions, ideas and posh words - the Robins take them all in their stride! The beginning of the week saw perfect weather for us to learn about apricity and look for all things hiemal. If you don't know what these words mean, ask your children - they do!

We have been so proud of the children and all of their hard work, they have filled the counter pot up and so it was time for a treat! We lit the firepit Mrs Taylor bought for us and we toasted marshmellows to make s'mores. They were delicious! The fire was so lovely - we played in the woodland and came back to warm up... 

 Next Friday we have some exciting visitors. We are preparing for them by thinking about questions and the words we use when we ask them. We are using lots of non fiction books to find out information about Arctic animals. If you have any information books about animals at home we would love to share them - thank you.

Please look out for photos on the cloakroom door, we will do our best to update them each week so you can have a look at what the Robins have been up to. 

Thanks for your support

The Robins Team



Thank you for the donations of bird seed and lovely winter books! We are continuing with 'A Winters Tale' - next week concentrating much more on the facts around the way seasons work. We will look at non fiction books as well as stories and draw some comparisons. Any books from home to share would be gratefully received. 

We would really like a photo of each of the Robins reading their favourite book, in their favourite place to add to our book area and promote their love of reading! Please send them in or email if you would prefer. 

We are also on the look out for any unwanted house plants we could put on our window sills (nothing toxic please!) These are great for small world creations apart from just looking lovely. 

Please catch up on the school Facebook page and Twitter to see us visiting the river this afternoon. The photos don't do the experience justice - the force of the water was remarkable and breathtaking! The Robins were spectacularly well behaved and a credit to you - we were very proud of them. They asked some amazing questions too! 

Thank you for your continued support

The Robins Team 


Happy New Year to all of the lovely Robins and their families! We would like to thank you for all of your generous gifts and wishes at the end of last term - we were overwhelmed with your generosity and hope that you had a restful holiday. Of course we said goodbye to Mrs Taylor and she is enjoying the first week of her retirement now - the legacy she leaves is enormous!

We are so lucky to have Mrs Ferrett to slide into Mrs Taylor's shoes and we know that the confident little Robins will take the change in their stride. 

This half term we are looking at Winter and what that means to us. We will be looking at lots of 'Winter' texts - both fiction and non fiction, if you have any we can share please send them in. They will learn some seriously posh words - some you might not know! We will get cracking learning new sounds this week too. Our maths focus is counting, ordering and comparing numbers.

Next week we are hoping to make some bird feeders, any donations of bird seed, toilet rolls and lard/trex would be gratefully received. 

Thank you for your continued support - The Robins Team



Autumn 2019

wb 02.12.19

This week we will be basing all of our work on The Jolly Christmas Postman.  Robins will be busy estimating amounts of wrapping paper needed to wrap parcels so we kindly ask could you please send in a roll of wrapping paper and any boxes from your recycling.  Ceral boxes are ideal. Wrapping paper is ideal for looking at patterns as well.

Robins will be making Christmas cards and writing messages as well with a little help.  It will be  a busy week for already exhausted little Robins so we will take it slowly in the afternoons.  Assembly rehearsals are on Tuesday and Wednesday for Christmas assembly on December 11th in the hall at 2.30.  Please can we ask you send in your child's assembly costume/clothing in a labelled bag by Monday December 9th.  Each item of clothing needs to be labelled as well.  No socks or shoes are needed.  Prepare to be amazed!


wb 25.11.19

You may notice that there are the words to the Robins Christmas assembly songs in your child's book bag.  If you have a moment it might be an idea to practise them with your child. Also you may have noticed we sent home a letter regarding yur child's role in the assembly.  It might be a good idea to et the costumes together in the next few days just to keep you from last minute stresses.  Many thanks for your support.  Christmas assembly is December 11th in the hall at 2.30.

wb 14.10.19

It's pumpkins week! Any autumnal stories are welcome!  Mathematics is all about reasoning around shape and measurement.  We are continuing down the traditional tales and nursery rhymes route.  We will be practising and consolidating work from "Phase 2" Phonics.  If you would like to use the website we use at school for Phonics it is www.phonicsplay.co.uk  There is a £12 subscription for a year but some games are free.  We are sticking to the "Phase 2" games and activities to consolidate knowledge.




Week beginning 30.09.19

This coming week will be all about wolves and other baddies in traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs...  We will also look at alternative versions to these stories.  There will be a lot of talk around these stories such as character development, settings and lessons.  

We will be paying close attention to how Autumn is progressing beyond our classroom walls.  We'll be working in the woodland most days collecting signs of autumn and looking at burrows/caves...  Robins will be making their own caves and safe places for the three pigs and Little Red Riding Hood...

Counting in tens is our next mathematical focus.

You will notice  new letters in your child's book bag.  In small groups we will especially focus on the ounter-clockwise circular motion as this one seems to be the most difficult pre-writing mark at the moment.

Robins are beginning to blend their new letter sounds to read small words.

Children are now completely independent in the cloak room so we appreciate your quick good-byes in the belief that your child can now sort themselves with very little or no help.  

They have all been amazing in this really tough half term!  Many thanks for your support!

The Robins Team


Wednesday October 16 at 9.00 in the hall Robins will perform their first little assembly.  You are all welcome!


Week beginning 23.09.19

It's all about hedgehogs this week so if your child has any books, photos... relevant to the topic please send them in so we can share them.

In other news we will be working on reliable accuracy when counting which is easy to support at home.  We focus mainly on one number name for each movable or non-moveble object and count up to where ever the child can go and a little beyond with help.  Along the journey the children will learn the importance of number order and will match numerals to amounts just to name a very few of the developing skills.

We are continuing to practise the necessary sequence of motions for letter formation which I will speak about at the next parents' evening.  Righ now it's mostly making vertical lines always starting at the top and re-tracing these lines without lifting the pencil/pain brush/chalk. We  are also making counter-clockwise circles, always remembering to start at the top of the circle.

This week we will be learning to work with the letters i,n,m,d.

Thank you for your continued support.

(Just a note- many times after school our Robins teaching staff use the time to reflect and plan for your child's next day's learning so we send all children to the toilet just before they see you to pre-empt the need to return to the classroom at this time.  Of course, if your child is completely desperate we would not turn them away!)


We are beginning to send reading diaries home which have comments from us about our work in small groups.  Right now we are focusing on pre-writing skills and phonics.  We work quite closely with one group a day helping them with pen grip and also remembering letter shapes and sounds.  We are also sending home wordless books to encourage story telling and language skills which are  necessary  for understanding and  future story writing.    Feel free to comment in the reading diaries  about how you and your child got on.  Most of all, have fun with what you find in your child's book bag.  Positive regular engagement makes a huge difference in your child's progress and confidence. 

Given books need to be returned the following day for the next group. 


A huge welcome to our lovely new Robins.  Some have already started and a few will be with us on Monday 16th September when we will have our full contingent.  Many thanks to our supportive parents who have very sensibly said good bye to their children at the door cheerfully setting the Robins up for a happy day.

Next week we will be having a Teddy Bear week so if your child has a favourite teddy bear or bear book we would love to share it with all the Robins.  If you could write their name in the book that would avoid a lot of confusion.

On Monday we will begin some phonics work as well as pre-writing skills.  Most importantly, though, we will spend most days in the woodland where we will be building houses for the three bears and reading stories.  Whilst outdoors the children will reinforce friendships, problem-solve and just be 4 and 5 year olds!  Wellies may be needed if it's a bit sticky.

Again, many thanks for your support!







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