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Home Learning during School Closure


 tapestry 18.5


Tapestry Challenges: 

1. Bath Tub Homework - "All tall containers hold more than short ones.. Are we right?"

2. Play Tricky Word Trucks on Phonics Play. Who has the quickest time? (29 seconds is what we had managed at school).

3. Read your favourite story to someone in your house. You don't have to know all the words, just tell the story in the right order.

4. Have a go at counting in 2s.. Can you organise some objects in twos and practise counting them?

5. Use your sound cards to build some words with sneaky sounds eg. clap, slip, free, block, flat

6. Watch an information program ( Blue Planet, Elephant Diaries, Come Outside (on YouTube), Maddies Do You Know? And's Adventures). Draw a picture and write a sentence to show off what you have found out!

7. Can you roll two dice and see how many doubles you get? First to five doubles wins!

8. Throw two dice, add the spots together (in your head if you can ) . Is the total odd or even? How do you know? 

30.3 - Please check Tapestry for the updated Tapestry Challenges, if you can't access them for any reason please email the school and we will try and sort it out for you. They can be found on the web browser version of Tapestry both in Memos and Documents ( the app doesn't seem to show them as clearly). 


28.3 update - please check the website homepage for the theme of the week 'Spring Flowers'. There are lots of lovely activities for you to do with your family. We will update some Tapestry Challenges tomorrow too. :)

Well this all feels very strange and I am suffering from blank page syndrome - I never thought I would be putting anything on the Robins home learning page, never mind in these circumstances.

These are just a few ideas for you do to with your children at home. They are four and five, this is not a checklist and the MOST important thing is that you enjoy your time with them as much as possible. Some ideas are things we already do in the classroom, others are things we would have been doing in the coming weeks and months and I am adding in a few things we will no doubt be doing with our children at home. 

Websites we use:

Phonics Play (Phase 3 and 4) -  https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

ICT games - phonics and maths games www.ictgames.com

Other programs/ websites Robins are familiar with:

Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Numberjacks, Maddie's Do You Know?, Come Outside and Old Bear Stories ( on YouTube), Andy's Adventures, Blue Planet/ Elephant Diaries. 

Any of the Kids123 songs on YouTube - particularly the Big Number song, alphabet, days of the week, months of the year....

Things we do :

- We have a date monitor, they change the number, the day name and the month if needed. They keep an eye on the season too.

- We have an estimation jar, I change the objects each week and they make a sensible guess, putting their estimates on post its and we count carefully to check at the end!

- Voting for the book they would like to read, so they preview the options first.

- Observational drawings and paintings - an eye for detail "only draw what you can see".

- Watch something ( for example Blue Planet or Come Outside - brilliant sources of information), draw a picture and write some labels or a sentence...

- Collect posh words on the wall - don't simplify things, you will be amazed at what they remember! Posh words capture them and stick in their memory. 

- We use BBC Let's Move as part of our physical education - dance based and really easy to use. They cover lots of stories and topics and the children absolutely love them.

Take this time to read all of the books on the shelves you never get chance to read, do puzzles, dot to dots, sew buttons and talk! Spend extra time in the garden and in the bath, build worlds with their toys and don't pack them away - let their play extend for days. Reception children learn through play - so if you feel like that is all they are doing then that is exactly right!

We have sent home their Knowledge and Understanding books as scrapbooks should you wish to use them, we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Oxford Owl is a useful webpage for online reading books - www.oxfordowl.co.uk - search for ebooks by book band colour, it is OK for them to look at book bands below and above what they are currently reading. There are lots of brilliant games on here too.

Keep us posted via Tapestry if you would like to and enjoy the precious time with your lovely children - each and every one is a credit to you and we will miss them terribly. 

Mrs Mead and Mrs Ferrett x


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