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Wrens (Y1)

Wrens Class are our Year 1 group. They are taught by Mrs Taylor who is assisted by Miss Furness and Mrs Williams.

Please click here for class newsletter and curriculum information Summer term 2019


On Wednesday 17th July, Wrens will be going on a trip to Rutland Water. We will be leaving school at 8.30am and will be returning at 3.30pm. watch out for payment details soon after half term!

Year 1 sharing assembly will take place after half-term on Friday, 21st June at  9am. We look forward to showing all our hard work with parents and carers.

Summer Term 2019

Week beginning 20th May

What a busy half-term we have had!

Wrens have thoroughly enjoyed learning about living things and the different groups of animals. We’ve watched flying fish and swimming birds and thought about how they are similar and different. They have done some superb observational drawings of sardines where we looked carefully at the features of fish. We have compared these to mackerel and learned how mackerel skies get their name. We have also created some illustrations of chaffinches for our poem’ Home thoughts from Abroad’ using mixed media. We’ve been counting and comparing numbers with 10s and 1 s and have enjoyed looking at the setting of Katie Morag stories. We’ve thought carefully about food waste and the impact this can have on the environment and looked at ways we can make small changes to reduce this, including making some very tasty carrot soup.

Many thanks for all support this half-term- sending PE kits, water bottles and keeping up with reading. It really does help the smooth running of our week and leaves us more time to spend with the children.

We’ll be looking at money after half-term and re-visiting counting in 10s,5s and 2. It would be really helpful for the children to have some real-life experience of this over the holidays and please do keep reading!



Week beginning 7th May

Wrens have made a fantastic start to our final term and it has been wonderful to welcome everyone back looking well and so much taller!

We have loved getting back into a book and our speaking and writing has been based on a picture book called ‘Home’, written and illustrated by Carson Ellis. We are now writing the starts to our own stories based on a picture from the book. You may see a postcard sized picture which has come home as a prompt for Wrens to talk to you about the book and to discuss their ideas for ‘home’.

We are checking up on our growing things-sunflowers and potatoes- and will be thinking how we can tell if something is, or ever was, alive. We are also learning some traditional songs which come from the different countries in the UK. Prepare to be entertained!

We have been looking at putting objects in arrays-rows and columns-to make them quicker and easier to count. Any counting in 2s,5s,10s you can practise at home would be really helpful. Coins are a great way of doing this if your household hasn’t gone completely contactless!

Thanks again for your continued support with reading – it helps so much.



Spring Term 2019

Week beginning 11thMarch

We have had such a hardworking week. Wrens were obviously enthused by World Book Day activities and have really got stuck into their reading books. It has been a delight to share reading sessions with smaller groups and to see the progress they have made just since Christmas!

We have been counting in 10s and in 1s (ones) and looking at how many of these in the numbers up to 50. Any practice you can do is really helpful in building confidence as swapping from counting in 10s to counting in 1s is quite tricky.A handful of coins , 10p and 1ps, are great for this as children really benefit from seeing and touching real objects and no- I never said they could keep the money they can count!

Following on from our wordless story, Wrens have produced some amazing art work, combining their careful observation of brick bonds with the footpath flowers (not weeds).They have loved looking at ‘A house that once was’- a beautiful picture book with a mysterious story, told in poetry-almost. We have been practising re-telling this story in our own words but keeping the details. You might be able to find a read aloud version on line but please check it is the right one first.

We very much appreciate all your support- it really does help the children- and we look forward to catching up at Parents' evening next week

.Please look at the home learning page for the 'I Spy' capital letters activity.


 4th March

What a busy week! Very many thanks for your support of our 'Fire of London' day.The children looked fantastic and had a very interesting, hands-on learning experience when our school hall was transformed into a typical 1666 London street.The way in which they engaged with activities and their mature behaviour in such an unusual situation was commented on by many grown ups. We hope that you heard all about it and we are looking forward to finding out more about the things we discovered on Monday.

A huge thanks for all the books which have been brought in for swapping.The response from Wrens has been amazing so there will be many 'new' and exciting finds making their way home this week.

Please look out for new home-learning next week.

Many thanks from the Year 1 team.



Week beginning 25th February

Welcome back!

We have made the most of the fantastic weather this week and have been out and about looking at the less obvious plants-weeds to many-which have sprouted rapidly all around us. The children have enjoyed learning the names of these and, like the little girl in our wordless story ‘ Footpath Flowers', have delighted in spotting them growing in all kinds of places.

We have got straight back in the swing of things and have concentrated this week on matching lower case and capital letters. Please look out for these when reading-not just in books but in posters and road signs too!

Thanks for the timelines which have been returned. We will be looking at these next week.


Week beginning 11th February

Wrens have worked very hard right up to the end of this half-term. We began this week with a very exciting food tasting where many of the class surprised themselves by trying foods they hadn’t tasted before or thought that they didn’t like. Rye bread and olives were a hit for many and fine green beans, even though they were cold, were liked by lots of children. They were able to describe both taste and texture very accurately and will be bringing home an ‘Eat Well’ plate to remind them of how adventurous they were!

We have really enjoyed finding out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of our ‘ Build’ topic. His achievements-including being able to draw a perfect circle freehand-have captured many imaginations.

We have been learning about how to put things in chronological (time) order and to try and relate this to generations in our own families. As part of this, Wrens will be bringing home a timeline for you to talk about with them. They are welcome to bring anything they have drawn or written on this back to share in school.Details are on our homelearning page.

We were able this week to make the most of the spring like weather and get out into the village to look at modern and old-fashioned building techniques before we start our Great Fire of London topic next half term. Many thanks for your support of our special day on 4th March-we are really looking forward to it.

Week beginning 4th February

We have had such a busy couple of weeks! Wrens have thoroughly enjoyed investigating bridges – going out to find some real life examples right on our doorstep and also looking closely at pictures of significant bridges around the world.

We have enjoyed the story of Iggy Peck, the boy architect who rescues his stranded teacher, and ,as part of Science Week, we have had a go at making and testing our own paper bridges. The children have learnt lots of technical words and have spent time reading these and then explaining them to each other. Wrens are now bridge experts so please look out whilst you are out and about.

We have also listened to the story of Frances, who only eats bread and jam, and have talked about the importance of having a varied diet in order to stay healthy. As part of encouraging the children to try unfamiliar foods, we are planning to have a tasting session . Please let us know of any allergies or dietary requirements which we have not already been informed of.

Thanks again for keeping up with reading-really regular practice does have amazing results on both reading and children’s confidence in putting together sentences when writing.

Thanks too for sending Wrens prepared for all weathers-we were able make the most of the beautiful effects of the freezing cold when we walked out across the meadows last Thursday.

We are looking forward to continuing our topic by looking at some of the older buildings in the village before we start to think about the Great Fire of London next half-term.


A Happy New Year and welcome back!

It has been lovely to see Wrens return, especially after all the illness last term. We have had a very busy week getting our Healthy Lifestyle topic off to a tasty start on Monday with homemade vegetable soup. The children were very grown up about trying something new and we were all surprised by how tasty such humble ingredients can become once they are cooked.

We are enjoying Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Detective Dog’- a really fun story which, like the Gruffalo, is written in rhyme. Wrens have been showing off their word building skills by finding words which rhyme and trying to write similar sentences to those in the book.

17th January,2019

We have looked carefully this week at numbers between 10 and 20.These are tricky numbers to count, read and write as they do not follow a regular pattern ! We are practising counting real objects accurately, using 10s frames to help us add by counting on and recording number sentences with all our digits written the right way round.

We have been out and about on a materials hunt, looking at how the clock tower was constructed and learning the words which describe the properties of the materials used.

Wrens have enjoyed using and sorting the books in our mini ‘library’ and also going out into the sunshine to read our story in its proper setting in the woods. Our hunt for the book ‘borrower’ was not successful but we did find some snowdrops and evidence of hungry badgers digging for food.

We are hoping to get out next week to start looking at buildings in the village to see how techniques have changed over the years which will link to next half term’s work. Please look on the website for details of our Great Fire of London day if you haven’t done so already.

Many thanks for your continued support with reading –this practice at home makes a huge difference to children’s confidence in reading independently at school.

Autumn Term 2018

Please click here for Wrens Autumn 2018 Newsletter/Curriculum

Week beginning 3rd December 2018

Many thanks for all the support you have given Wrens to learn poems and songs and also for sending in Christmas outfits. The children have worked incredibly hard and have been very supportive of each other which is fantastic to see. We are very proud of their achievement and look forward to sharing this with you at the performances next Monday and Tuesday. We send our very best wishes to the members of our class who won't be well enough to do this despite all the effort they have put into rehearsal.

We have been continuing our woodland theme with the story of the Last Wolf and will be looking next week, as a follow up to our owl visit, at food chains and the impact that changes in the environment  can have on wildlife. Wrens were captivated by having such a close encounter with real,live owls and have become very knowledgeable experts.We are looking forward to finishing our world map and trying out a little bit of Christmas algebra to finish off our work on adding and subtracting this term.




Week beginning 5th November 2018

Apologies for not having been in touch-hopefully we have sorted our technical issues and will now be able to update you  more regularly!

PE sessions are Monday and Friday this half-term.Thanks so much for  sending in kits. Just a quick reminder,now the weather is cooler, about  socks for anyone who might be wearing tights.Hair also need to be tied up and earrings removed or taped up.

Many thanks too for your support with reading-it does make a huge difference.We are working in class on talking in complete sentences.Listening to stories can really help with this. Sharing a story and being read to makes a nice change, especially at the end of a busy day.

We enjoyed making Bonfire bread this week and the children were quite brave at trying new flavours.We have been working hard to name the seven continents and to recognize them by their shape. We will work in the next few weeks on trying to place them on our world map and add some interesting facts so be prepared for some finding out questions!

We are also working  on spotting 2d and 3d shapes in everyday life and continuing with our Red Riding Hood story.Thanks for supporting our trip to Fineshade Woods- we have used this experience lots to learn more about woodlands and how they work.






17th September 2018

It is hard to believe that we have only just completed our third Wednesday- the children have settled so well that it feels as though they have been here for ever! 

Thank you for support with kit, water bottles and reading books - we do appreciate this. If your child does not already have wellies in school these would be useful as the weather has now turned and we will still be out and about. Just a quick reminder about our trip next Friday- details can be found on the separate letter.

We were thrilled to receive the 'Brush and Dustpan' award from Mr James for our immaculate cloakroom. We are now working very hard to keep it like this!

We have loved using our discovery of a grey dagger moth caterpillar to find out about life cycles and woodland eco-systems.We have found out lots about the leaves and fruits of different trees and have been using these to sort and count in our numeracy work.Look out for a descent of woodpeckers appearing on a noticeboard near you soon...




Week beginning September 10th 2018

Welcome back last year's Robins and a special welcome to the brand new Wrens who have just joined us at Houghton. As you will see, we have been out and about making the most of the fine weather and the last dregs of sunshine!



The children have got off to a flying start,  settling really quickly into a new classroom and different routines.

We have really enjoyed the story of Mog and Bunny and we've talked lots about our favourite toys -including my very flat teddy bear who is over half a century old.We'd be please to see any pictures of children with their special blanket, bear or bunny, however worn and well-loved.(Please don't send the actual thing as these need to stay safe at home). We'd also like  to share any other Mog  or other Judith Kerr stories if anyone has a book we could borrow.

We have been spending our time in maths sorting and counting objects and working out how many more to make 10.We have talked about how important it is to arrange objects so that they can be counted accurately. Playing board games with dice at home,playing dominoes or just sorting and counting real objects will really help the children to become faster and more confident at counting independently.

Each child should now have a reading book to bring home.This is the focus of our Home Learning this half-term as regular practise really helps improve these skills. Please sign the reading diary once the book is read. We encourage Wrens to put their own reading wallet in the box when their book is ready to be changed.

We haven't needed them yet but there is lots of space on the welly rack.Very many thanks for your support in ensuring the children have had all the things they need with them- we do appreciate your help.

The Year 1 Team









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