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Wrens (Y1)


Wrens Class are our Year 1 group.

They are taught by Mrs Taylor who is assisted by Miss Furness, Mrs Williams and Ms Hillman.

Please click here for information on the Year 1 Curriculum Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019



Week beginning 16.9.19

Welcome to the new term and a special welcome to the Wrens who are new to Houghton!

The children have made such a smooth and splendid start that it is hard to believe that they haven’t been back for much longer than just the few weeks we have spent together. They have already grown up so much and are becoming even more independent as each day passes.

Just a few ‘house-keeping’ notes for your information now that we have a settled routine:

Reading books – please sign when you have read with your child-they can’t always remember even if we do have chance to ask! The children are responsible for putting book folders which need changing in the box first thing in the morning. It is useful if their reading book is in school each day even if hasn’t been read or is not finished – we sometimes use these during the school day.

Thanks for the fantastic response we have already have with this- we know that regular reading makes a huge difference to the progress children make. Please feel free use the diaries to pass on any messages about reading.

PE kits – our PE days this term are Monday and Friday. We will try to make the most of being outside whilst the weather is fine so an extra layer to wear if it is a bit chilly is useful. We will also be building the ‘Daily Mile’ into our routine so the children will need their kit each day. We’ll aim to ensure that these come home on Fridays for washing.

Again, huge thanks for your part the great start we have had with this.

Wellies and coats- there is space on the rack outside our classroom for the children to keep a pair of wellies. They will need these to go out into the woods or onto the playground when it is wet. Children need to have a coat in school every day as we often go out and about and the weather often changes during the day.

Snack boxes- we are encouraging children to keep these in their trays so that they can find them easily without adult assistance. Small, flat boxes fit best if this is possible. Thanks for sending labelled water bottles- we encourage children to have water rather than squash or juice. Fruit is provided in addition to any snacks the children bring. Again, we try to encourage healthy snacks and would ask that these don’t include sweets or anything too chocolatey as this can get in a bit of a mess.

Names –we are encouraging children to become increasingly independent and responsible for sorting out their own things. It is enormously useful and much less stressful for them if they can identify clothing easily from a name label!

Home learning- details of things we are covering will be posted on the home learning site with ideas of how you might be able to support your child’s learning.

Many thanks for all your support-we really appreciate this.


Week beginning 30.9.19

What a busy week ! We have continued our Autumn theme, looking carefully at the changes in the natural environment around us and feeling the change in the weather too. We have been preparing for our Harvest celebration by making a wheatsheaf-shaped loaf- each Wren made a stalk of straw and two ears of wheat and we finished the whole thing off with a harvest mouse.We had some real 'pasta' wheat as a model and now we are trying to sprout some grains just as the farmers are preparing to do.

 DSCN7895 340DSCN7897 340


 DSCN7902 340

We have been comparing numbers in Maths and using the phrases 'greater than','equal to' and 'less than' as well as using symbols for these. look out for the crocodile jaws coming home to you soon!

Once again, a sincere thank you for such a fantastic effort with reading again this week. Please don't worry if some books take more than one session and we know that sometimes children can really benefit from another go at the same story.We look forward to sharing our work with you at Open evening next week.

Week beginning 14.10.19

It was wonderful to see so many parents at our open evening and to see how very proud Wrens were to share their efforts with you. We understand that other commitments may make this difficult sometimes –books will be available to look at during our next parent consultation evening. We have had a very busy few weeks since then, continuing with our Autumn theme collecting and comparing leaves so that we can identify different trees and using these to make our own creatures. We have carried on exploring the pathway of migrating swallows and have thought about the landmarks and features swallows might pass over on their route to Africa. In maths, we have been exploring shape in 2 dimensions, then using these flat shapes to understand how 3-d shapes work. We had great fun making shape skeletons with spaghetti and mini-marshmallows- sticky work but someone has to do it!

We have been so impressed by how hard Wrens are working on their reading. It has been a pleasure to see their confidence in tackling unfamiliar words really improve not only in reading books but across the rest of the curriculum too as the children try to use their reading skills in different situations.

We are looking forward to catching up with you at the parent consultation evening soon after the half-term break. We wish everyone a healthy and restful break and hope that the weather is kind enough for everyone to enjoy some time outside!

Many thanks for all you do to help us support Wrens' learning- it makes a huge difference.



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