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Wrens (Y1)

Wrens' Class are our Year 1 group. They are taught by Mrs Wilkinson who is assisted by Mrs Williams, Miss Marshall, Miss Furness and Mr Johnson

Please click here for more information about the Year 1 curriculum for the Summer term 2018

                                                           Latest News

Thank you so much for sending Wrens so well-prepared for their trip yesterday. We had a wonderful time and the children really made the most of all the learning opportunities-including the bus ride! They were so interested and enthusiastic and have been inspired to produce some amazing writing today despite having been worn out by the heat and fresh air yesterday.Both the staff at the centre and our bus driver remarked on how polite and well-behaved the children were.It was a privilege to be out with them.

PE kits needed first thing on Monday please and just to remind you, there should have been a letter about Sports Day with your child's house colour on it.

Many thanks,

Year 1 team







   21st May 2018

Wrens have been working very hard keeping going with reading and learning all about numbers up to 100. They have got very good at knowing which part of the number shows 10s and which part the 1s and have drawn some wonderful pictures and diagrams to show this.Spotting numbers when they are out and about would really help to reinforce this and also, thinking of a number less or more (greater) than this will help to practise the words we use. Thank you for sending water bottles,PE kits and hats -it really does make our job much easier when everyone is prepared for whatever the weather throws at us.We have all enjoyed all the minibeasts / photographs which keep turning up in the mornings. It has been so exciting to have  a' real-life' topic and we have all learned so many facts. Please take a look at our outside bulletin board for our latest local spots!The children have loved deciding what will make the news- we just need an audience now.

Remindersfor next week:

Our tennis coaching sesssions start first thing on Monday morning-please make sure kits are back for then.

Weds 27th June - our visit to Woodwalton Fen.The children will need a packed lunch and a drink. We will be outside all dayso it would be sensible to wear long trousers and comfortable shoes and, if they are susceptible to being bitten, insect repellent. The ususal warm weather arrangement for hats,sun cream  and covered shoulders apply. We are hoping not to need raincoats though a light,long sleeved top is useful to shield  bare arms from the sun and biting insects.We will be back in timefor the end of  the school day. 

Friday 6th July- Wrens will be joining Robins for a sports day. This will take place from 9.00-10.00am. Further details of house teams etc. will follow on a separate letter next week.

Home Learning- we are making sure that we can write the days of the week correctly spelt and with capital letters. Look outfor your I-spy sheet.

Thanks for your continued support,we really do appreciate it.
Mrs Wilkinson and the Year 1 Team


11th May 2018

What a busy start we have had to the Summer term! Wrens have settled back almost seamlessly and we have been making the most of the fine weather to begin our mini-beast topic. We have made some exciting discoveries using pitfall traps. We have also noticed how the outdoor environment is changing and, following our 'Earth Hour' just before the holidays, the children have become very aware of the littering all around us. We visited the river area this week too as part of our PHSE topic and have discussed how to stay safe in the sun and by water.

The children are thoroughly enjoying the adventures of 'Traction Man' and have written some amazing descriptions of his dive into the dirty dishwater. They have been getting to grips with counting in 2s,5s and 10s and have become quite adept at making equal groups of things.We have been exploring how some numbers are better than others and will let us make equal groups with lots of different numbers and how some won't make any other equal groups.Any counting or sharing out of real objects you can do at home will really help to consolidate these newly learnt skills.

We have been concentrating on writing numbers and capital letters perfectly and this week's home learning will support this.Please look out for signs where block letters are used and road signs which show which way round  5 and 3 need to go.

We have been amazed by how good Wrens have got at finding 'words in words' and it has had a huge impact on their abilty to generate words and to spell them correctly. Many thanks too for your continued support with reading- it is lovely to observe the children applying these constantly improving skills throughout their learning day.








7th March 2018

We have enjoyed a more ordinary week after all the excitement of last week. Many thanks for supporting our trip to the Shuttleworth Collection.We had an amazing time and the children's level of interest and their excellent behaviour was commented upon by many of the adults we came into contact with.

Wrens have done well returning Readathon forms (they had 110 additional minutes read in class) and also enjoyed dressing up as book characters -thanks too for help with this.The children took part in a 'Scavenger Hunt' during class reading time and thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively in order to find all the things on their list.

We have been working on finding out how many 10s and 1s there are in numbers and exploring different ways of showing these in pictures. Home learning this week supports this and part of Wrens' job is to explain this to you! If completed sheets could be returned by Wednesday next week, it would be useful.We have also worked this week on learning the order and spelling for days of the week. 

We are hoping to get our 'Share with a Bear' project back into action to try and maintain all the good habits the children got into during Readathon month.We have really noticed how this has improved both reading  and speaking skills.






22nd February 2018

It has been wonderful to welcome a whole class of healthy children back after the holidays and to hear all their exciting news! They have settled in remarkably quickly and are already working very hard.

We were thrilled to have Mr James,our caretaker, read us a story at the end of last term and also to welcome Father Geoff, the vicar here in Houghton, to share some bible stories. We are grateful to them both for giving up their time to be with us. We have counted this and our shared reading with Year 4 as school Readathon activites. Many children have brought favourite or special books to share in class and this coming week, as a final push, we are looking at information in non-fiction books. We would love to look at any information in books, magazines or even instruction leaflets from home that children would like to share.

The 'Three Bears' are working their way around Wrens, trying to listen to as many stories as people are willing to read to them.There is also a spare notebook for any bears who may prefer to stay at home and be read to. We are encouraging Wrens to sort this out for themselves and to sign up for a slot on a suitable night.

We will resume home learning once the Readathon is finished.

We are looking forward to our visit to the Shuttleworth Collection next Wednesday 28th Feb.Children will need to wear school uniform and we will be back for the end of school.The forecast is for very cold weather and as we shall be outside some of the time or in unheated aircraft hangars, it will important that they have plenty of warm layers and an outside coat, not just a fleece.Children will need their snack, drink and a packed lunch in a bag which they can carry themselves. You can view details of the collection on their website should you wish to.

Many thanks for your continued help, we do appreciate it!









Ist February 2018

We enjoyed starting our Readathon in school today when we shared a story about sharing with  Kingfishers class. We will keep a class record over the next month  of extra activities and make this available before the deadline so that the children can complete their records at home. If anyone has a favourite story or a non-fiction book they would like to share  we are planning on having a session with some of the older children next Monday.There is no additional home-learning this week or for over half-term as we really would like the children to read - anything counts!

Many thanks for continuing to support our learning- it has been wonderful to hear the children describing seeing the moon and thanks too for all the effort that has gone into discussing their timelines. It really does help them to make sense of a very complicated idea.



24th January 2018

We have had another very busy week and Wrens have produced some amazing work. They really enjoyed finding out about the handwriting of some famous people (can they remember who?) and trying to work out which was the most modern.We have tried our hands at writing how French school children are taught to write and have found out about alphabets in different languages including Russian and Japanese.

We have been adding  two numbers by splitting the second number to add up to 10 first. Any practice you can do at home counting forwards and backwards from a number under 10 will really help them to count quickly and confidently.

There are also some superb paintings inspired by the wintery skies and tree silhouettes. We are looking forward to being able to get out and look for some signs of Spring...




18th January 2018

Home learning this week -'tricky words' to read and spell.'Tricky' words don't really follow phonics patterns and we just have to learn them! Wrens have a sheet with these words which will fold over so that they can try to remember them in their heads before they write them down.They should be able to explain to you what to do - that's part of the task.We are concentrating particularly this week on forming letters carefully and writing as neatly as we can manage.

We try to send details before the weekend as this is a more convenient time for some families but please don't feel this has to be completed by Monday morning.Some tasks may be better completed in two or three small stages.Many thanks for the reading challenges which have come back-we hope to share these in some of our guided reading time next week.

8th January 2018

Happy New Year!

It has been wonderful to see all the children back eager to learn and well again after a rest.They have settled back into routine remarkably quickly.Thank you too for all the effort which has been put into reading over the hoilday-it really does help the children pick up where they left off at the end of last term. More details of topics to be covered will follow but just a reminder that PE days are  Monday and Friday. We will be outside for at least one of the sessions so they will need a warm layer.We will also be out and about during other lessons so children will need coats and suitable footwear.

We are looking forward to lots of learning opportunities.Many thanks for your continued support.

15th December  201

What a privilege to work with such a professional bunch of performers!

Wrens thoroughly enjoyed sharing the results of all their hard work with you. We'd like to thank you for all of your support in providing costumes and learning lines etc. It is astonishing how much the children have grown in so many ways since the start of September.

Best wishes for a restful and healthy holiday. 

1st December2017

Christmas Assembly

We have started to learn the songs we will use in our joint assembly and Year 1 will also be sharing a book we are using in literacy lessons. It isn't a play so there are no individual parts as such.

In Year 1 and 2 we are simply asking that every child wear Christmas party clothes – think sparkles and smartness! Please also bear in mind that the hall does get rather hot during performances.  We’d appreciate it if these clothes could come into school on Monday 11th December ready for our performances on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th– please ensure that all clothes are labelled and in a bag clearly marked with your child’s name. Thank you for your support – we will send performance clothes home on Friday 15th December. 

We have had a very productive fortnight with visits from owls and an expedition across the meadow.The children have written fiction and non-fiction books to put in our role-play library and have have been learning Makaton signs, which are used alongside speech, through the 'I can sing a Rainbow' song. Ask for a demonstration from your Wren-you can find on-line, sing-along  versions of the song if, like me, you can't quite remember the order in which  they appear in the song!

Thank you once again for your continued support-it makes such a difference. Wrens keep Mrs.Williams very busy changing books and continuing home reading as the end of term approaches is particularly helpful.

We have had such a busy week.Thank you for your support -we had a really interesting trip to Cambridge on Tuesday. The roadworks on the A14 were almost as interesting as the museum itself! The staff there were very complimentary about the children's behaviour and their level of engagement. We were fortunate to be able to borrow a 'handling'collection to bring back with us and the children have thoroughly enjoyed touching and trying on vintage polar clothing. They have produced some amazing writing about dressing for extreme conditions and have practised using some very technical words.

Wrens shared work from our previous topic in assembly this morning, everyone playing a part and taking their responsibility very seriously.



After a rather hectic and exciting morning, we had a little fun constructing the skeletons of 3-D shapes with some spaghetti and marshmallows.

3 d shapes

Some great chat and some serious teamwork went on. It took quite a lot of patience and perseverance but it really helped us to understand which 2-d shapes make up the faces of 3-d ones.

We are looking forward to writing the story of 'Reading Dog Buddy' next week and using our role -play library.

10th November

We have been busy learning about 2-D shapes and have now started to look for these in 3-D shapes. We've also learnt about 'less than' and 'greater than' and how to use symbols to represent this in number sentences.We are moving on to working with numbers greater than 10. Practising using small objects around the house to count backwards and forwards from different start numbers can be really helpful in increasing confidence.

We have enjoyed our new text 'Detective Dog'particularly because it rhymes.Rhyming stories and rhymes are great fun and can help with spelling (sometimes!). The story involves a dog who goes into school to listen to children read.Guess who came into our class on Friday ... 


3rd November

Wrens have thoroughly enjoyed reading 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse'and have produced some splendid work comparing urban and rural environments.Our walk around the village and our bus trip into Huntingdon really brought the topic alive. Thank you so much for your support with this-it makes such a differenece when the children are able to experience things first-hand.

29th September

We've had a very busy couple of weeks and have made the most of being able to be outside in the lovely autumn sunshine. As part of our harvest celebration, we read a story from Africa then tasted some of the fruits which appear in the story. 

wrens story in woods

Wrens also enjoyed their invitation to the woods on Thursday, National Poetry Day, where they found some poems which they enjoyed learning and performing. You may very well have heard  'Silverly, silverly' recited in your house.

food tasting

 We discovered out that our food comes from all over the world and we tried some things we haven't eaten before-like avocado pear! Some of our broad beans have germinated and we have planted them in a trough. We hope that they will survive the winter and produce a crop before Wrens become Kingfishers. That's a long wait...

P.S. We have had an amazing number of reading book returned over the last few weeks. Thank you from all the Year1 team for your support with this-it really does make a difference.

Wrens have made a splendid start to the new term, settling into new routines very quickly.

All children now have a reading book to bring home and we are encouraging children to put their own folder in the box, first thing in the morning, so that books can be changed during the school day.

Our PE days are Monday and Friday and we will be outside this half-term for as many sessions as the weather allows.It is useful if children can have a waterproof and wellies in school and also an old shirt to cover their uniform during messy play or painting activities.

Our focus author for this half-term is Julia Donaldson.Children are welcome to bring a book written by her to share at storytime. Please ensure that this is named then it can be returned easily.

We are learning about weather. Any discussion about this, real or on the news etc. would be veryhelpful.

Home Learning and Big Write will start next term.


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