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Home Learning - Wrens

Home learning- details of things we are covering will be posted here with some ideas of how you might be able to support your child’s learning. Reading their school book, sharing other stories and talking to them about things (a TV programme, a film or may be a journey somewhere) are the most valuable ways in which you can support what we do in school! Sometimes children may bring home a picture or a piece of work they have done in school to talk about with you.

This week's Home Learning

Week beginning23rd Sept.

This week we are working hard on using our phonics, breaking up words to sound them out and then blending them back again. We have been looking too at the Phase 3 'tricky' words and thinking about tricks to help us remeber how to spell them. We have started revisiting the wordswhere 'e' says 'ee' ( He,she, we,be,me) and 'my'. Keep a special look out for these in your reading book!

                                        Week  beginning 30th Sept.

We are continuing with our work on breaking up and blending back words and changing how we say a word if it doesn't make sense e.g  in tricky words like 'said'. We have focussed this week on words with 'qu'- queen,quick,quack and liquid. We have been  'counting on'- holding a small number in your head ,e.g. 4,then counting on 3 more. This is something which can easily be practised at home with toys or buttons-they don't have to be chocolate!

                                              Week beginning 14th Oct.

Please keep reading- any words ,anywhere- and look out for shapes when you are out and about.Playing board games is a great way of using counting skills and we have been learning how to 'subitise'- reading patterns of dots as they appear on dice and dominoes. Any practice at counting backwards or forwards from any start number between 1 and 20 is really useful. Pasta shapes or tin of loose change can be helpful to support this.



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