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Home Learning - Wrens

This week's Home Learning:


Week beginning 18th March 2019

We have been looking carefully at capital letters and when they are used: on road signs, notices and posters as well as in reading books. Wrens are bringing home an ‘I Spy’ sheet to collect names of people or places for each letter of the alphabet. Your help with thinking of these would be much appreciated but please encourage your child to write these themselves. It is meant to be fun-don’t feel every space has to be filled!








11th February 2019

As part of our topic on Isambard Kingdom Brunel,we have been talking about 'timelines' and things which have happened recently, a long time ago and will be happening in the future. The children have brought home a line on which they have marked 'now'. Please talk with them about an event which has already happened  ( e.g. a birthday, family event ) and something which hasn't happened yet. They can label the line and draw something which will help them talk about whatever it involves. The earlier event needs to be on the left-hand side but there is no need to worry about using an accurate scale. Discussing how far away in time things are would be really helpful. We are going to use these later in the term when we look at measuring time.









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