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Friends of Houghton Primary School

Welcome to the Friends of Houghton Primary School Homepage!

We are lucky at Houghton Primary School to have a thriving and committed group of parents, carers and friends who work hard to both raise money for the school and to give our families (parents and children) many great social experiences as part of our aim to welcome families into the life of the school community.

The group is called 'Friends of Houghton Primary School'. They meet regularly through the year to plan and organise events for the children and families of our school.

Minutes from meetings 2016-17

AGM 13th October 2016

End of Year Accounts 2015-16

The recent Bag2School collection raised £144 with 360kg of clothes etc donated. This is one of the biggest collections that we have had so many, many thanks to all who donated. The next one is already booked for Thursday May 11th 2017... make a note in your diary and save all your family's outgrown/old items over the Spring ready for another clear out.

Our committee 2016-17

Chair: Clare Green (Owls' class)

Vice Chair: Vickie Graham (Eagles' class)

Secretary: Sharon Mackie (Owls' and Eagles' classes)

Treasuror: Chris Seal (Eagles' class)

Lauren Brown (Eagles' Class)

Amanda Read (Eagles' Class)

Victoria Wiseman (Kingfishers' class)

Olivia Manton (Kingfishers' and Eagles' classes)

Vicki Marchant (Owls' class)

Yvette Green (Owls' class)

Moira Healy (Owls' class)

Kathryn Dodd (Robins' and Owls' classes)

Tacey Sellens (Owls' Class)

Natasha Everett (Owls' class)

Claire Harding (Owls' and Hawks' classes)

Anthony O'Reilly (Eagles' class)

Aylie Ewing (Eagles' class)

Vickie Graham (Eagles' class)

Ruth Haddock (Eagles' class)

Denise Nock (Wrens' and Hawks' classes)

Damianne Redpath (Owls' and Hawks' classes)

Mandy Brown (Hawks' class)

Cathy White (Hawks' class)

Steph Birt (Robins' class)

Hannah Fitzgerald (Robins' class)

Kelly Evans (Wrens' and Hawks' classes)

Louise Wells (Kingfishers', Owls' and Eagles' classes)

If you would like to join the committee or offer help at any Friends of Houghton Primary School event please contact the committee via the school office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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