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Meet The Governors

Our governing body has members elected or appointed as governors for the school. They are made up of parents, staff and local community (co-opted) and each governor serves a term of four years. Governors can be re-elected or re-appointed at the end of their term of office for a further four years.

Instrument of Governance at Houghton Primary School

Our governors meet together as a whole once every half term. They also work in two sub-committees: The Teaching, Achievement, Behaviour and Safety (TABS) committee and the Finance, Personnel, Premises and Safety (FPPS) committee.

May 2018: We currently have the following governor vacancies; 1 co-opted governor, 1 Local Authority governor. Please contact the school office if you are interested in becoming a governor for our school.

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Name Governor Category Responsibilities Term of Office Other educational establishments Governed Business Interests Relationships with School Staff/Governors Attendance record: 2016-17
Marina Hilton Parent

Chair of Governors

Safeguarding and Child Protection Link Governor

Standards Committee Member

January 2021 None None Related to Gary Doyle (Sister) 100%
Gail Stapleford Co-opted

Vice-Chair of Governors

FPPS Member

Personnel Lead Governor

Pupil Premium Link Governor

January 2021 None None None 100%
Gary Doyle Associate Governor

Associate Governor supporting Finance, Personnel, Premises and Safety Committee

Associate until July 2018 None None Related to Marina Hilton (Brother) 100%
Vickie Graham Parent

Chair of Teaching, Achievement, Behaviour and Safety (TABS)

TABS Committee Member

Staff and Pupil Well-being Link Governor

November 2020 None None None   100%
Michael James Co-opted

FPPS Member

Premises and Health and Safety Link Governor

January 2022 None None None -
Iain Dowling Co-opted FPPS Member March 2022 None None None -
Liz Bligh Co-opted FPPS Member March 2022 None None None -
Sonia Humby Parent TBC May 2022        
David Sweet Parent TBC May 2022        
Frances Smith Staff TABS Committee Member September 2019 None None None  100%
Georgina Young Headteacher Attends and reports to all committee meetings N/A None None None  100%
Caroline Lewis Clerk to Governors Attends all meetings N/A Clerk to Great Gidding Primary School Governing Body None None  100%
Amanda Read Parent

TABS Committee Member

SEND  and Sport Link Governor

Accessibility Link Governor

March 2018 None
Company Director: UKEducation
None 100%
Lauren Brown Parent

Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of  Standards Committee

EYFS Link Governor

Accessibility Link Governor

November 2018

Resigned January 2018

None None None 80%
Alan Williams Co-opted

FPPS Member

Training Link Governor

April 2021

Resigned January 2018

None None None 91%
Carol Munro Local Authority

FPPS Member

Premise and H&S Lead Governor

Community Link Governor

May 2021

Resigned October 2017

None None None 100%


Approved minutes for the last 3 meetings for each committee are available here before being archived.

Please contact the Clerk to Governors, Caroline Lewis, for archived minutes. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full Governing Body Minutes Teaching, Achievement, Behaviour and Safety Minutes Finance, Personnel, Premises and Safety Minutes

Minutes 4th July 2017

Minutes 2nd May 2017

Minutes 21st March 2017

Minutes 16th May 2017

Minutes 28th March 2017

Minutes 20th February 2017

Minutes 20th June 2017

Minutes 25th April 2017

Minutes 28th February 2017 

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