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School Council

Houghton Primary School has a busy and active School Council consisting of all members of year 6. At the start of each school year the pupils of Hawks Class write to 'apply' for the position they are interested in within the council.

At the start of each term the pupils work together in their committees to create an action plan. This details what they want to achieve during the term, the activities and actions which they need to organise and the adults who they may need to access to achieve their goals. They also set a time-frame for their actions. These action plans are then shared with Mrs Smith and, if agreed, the committees are responsible for ensuring that they are successful in achieving their goals. At the end of each term each plan is reviewed and new action plans are created  for the following term. 


Latest News

The Class Reps  decided to create suggestion boxes for their classes so that the pupils in each class could have their say and share their ideas and opinions. 

Autumn 11 school council boxes

Suggestion boxes ready to go 

They read the comments they received and noted that many were regarding playtime in winter. 

Pupils asked: Can we go on the field more during winter?

School Response: The introduction of 'Welly Friday' during the winter months. 

Pupils asked: Can we have more to do over playtime when we are on the playground?

School Council Response: The creation of playtime boxes with equipment for each class to take out and use.

The school council funded this project using the proceeds from the British Heart Foundation Skipping Event. They asked the classes what sort of equipment they would like and then, armed with this knowledge, ordered the equipment themselves. They had to make sure that they kept to their budget.

Spring Week 5 school council ordering

Once the order arrived they checked it off and shared the resources between the classes, creating labels for the boxes and making sure each piece of equipment was named for each class. 

10 playtime equipment box labeling

They presented each class with the equipment, suggesting interesting and educational ways which it could be used.

10 play equipment

Other news

  • The Community have written and had published several articles in the Villager Magazine
  • The Fundraising committee have organised and run a very successful Children in Need event and are organising the School's Comic Relief and 'Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Research' Days.
  • The E-Safety Committee have organised and run events for E-safety Week
  • The Safety Committee have accompanied Mr James on school health and Safety walks around the school, giving their input


Meet this year's committees

 E-Safety Committee

E-Safety Committee (Crew)






Fundraising committee

Fund-raising Committee






Safety Committee

Safety Committee






Community Committee

Community Committee






Eco Committee



Eco Committee (Helping to run the Eco School Group with Mrs MacLennan)



Class representatives

Class Representatives

Wrens- Luka

Kingfishers- Gabriel

Owls- Erin

Kestrels - Georgia

Eagles- Amy

Hawks- Charlie

 Action Plans:

The E-safety Committee have decided that their main aim this term is to involve and inform the younger pupils about issues regarding internet safety. They aim to do this by visiting classes regularly to talk to the children about their online habits and plan to use this information to plan and present regular assembly updates and presentations which are relevant to the children's needs.

The Community Committee plan to talk to Mrs Young about how we can work with the Houghton Timebank initiative. They are also going to contact the Parish Council to ask if they can attend a meeting and see if they can contribute in anyway to the life of the village. They have several plans regarding involving the older members of the community and want to talk to Mrs White about musical concerts. They are also planning an article for the next edition of the Villager Magazine.

The Eco-Committee plan to meet with Mrs Maclennan to discuss the school's progress towards  Green Flag status. They are setting ambitious targets for the completion of the water-bottle green house and also wish to set up a litter picking rota over break-times to ensure our environment is always litter free. 

The Safety Committee want to organise a regular time to walk around the school with Mr James, our caretaker, to review the safety of the school site. They want to talk to children in assemblies about which games are not allowed at play times and to explain why this is. In November they want to work with Mrs Young and the whole school to focus on bullying during Anti-Bullying week. 

The fundraising Committee have met to decide the main charities they wish to support this year. They have decided to support Children in Need, Red Nose Day, Brain Tumour Research and to raise money to buy new sport's tops for our school teams. They have met with Mrs Jordan and have organised the ordering of merchandise for Children in Need and have decided on the main fundraising activities they will run on this day.

Autumn 11 school council judging

Judging our children in need colouring competition.


First committee meeting

Deciding the agenda for the term


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