Houghton Primary School

Young Leaders

We are passionate about providing our children with opportunities to develop skills and attributes which will help them to undertake leadership responsibilities... both here and in the future.

We provide all children with opportunities to lead in the classroom in activities across the curriculum.

We also provide our older children with the opportunity to train as young leaders on our Play Leaders programme, Sport Crew and School Council.

Leading sport's mornings

Our Year 5 and 6 pupils regulary have the opportunity to plan and lead KS sport's mornings/afternoons. The children take responsibilty for creating and organising their own activities, ensuring their resources are ready, explaining their tasks to the groups and encouraging and praising the other pupils during their activity.  

3 sport 2

Explaining their activity

3 sport 3

Everyone busy and active

Play Leaders

During Year 5 all pupils are trained as Play Leaders. They are shown a wide variety of different activities suitable for lunchtime play and also have the opportunity to create and invent their own games and activities. During this training time they are also taught how to maintain a happy and safe play environment.  

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 After this training all children are given the opportunity to become a Play Leader on entering year six. They choose to work within teams and have a set day on which they undertake their Play Leading duties. Each group chooses the activity they wish to run, which can range from fun with bubbles or  parachute games to relay and obstacle races. Each team is responsible for independently setting up and organising the activities, collecting any equipment they need and arranging it ready for the children to play. 

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  Any child can choose to engage in the activities and they are widely enjoyed by all ages, helping to maintain positive and supportive relationships between all year groups.

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 Parachute fun, organised by our year six Play Leaders and enjoyed by all.