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Home Learning - Hawks

This week's Home Learning:

Home learning set 5th April 2019

This week the children have taken home an arithmetic booklet and some key fact quizzes. The answers are included and the children can complete the work in any way they like. If possible try to spread them out during the time off as this will help them to retain their skills: no task should take more than half an hour to complete. Any work returned will be rewarded with house points and, more importantly,will help to increase confidence and basic skills before the upcoming assessments.

I have also set the usual two weekly tasks on Mathletics. Please can you encourage your child to check that their account is up to date and to clear any outstanding tasks. Once they have completed the set tasks, the children can access any units they might want to go back over to help build their confidence. Mathletics is an excellent resource, giving instant feedback and support; children who use it regularly really find it helps.

Don't forget to keep reading- it's great fun and helps to develop all our English skills. 

Have a great Easter all!


Thank you for all the beautiful shelters- they are proudly on display in the atrium. 

Previous home learning work:

Sharing our Maths games.



Games 2 340

Games 5 340 

Great Remembrance work- even some delicious and beautifully uniform poppy biscuits.

week 11 340

We have had a great selection of Space related work. 

Our classroom has been invade by strange alien beings both large...

DSC07470 340 2


DSC07472 340 2

and totally adorable.

DSC07473 2 340

Some of our previous home learning projects

Sports Morning Sept 023

Super models

Sports Morning Sept 024

Yummy meteor cakes

Sports Morning Sept 026

Reading: In school we regularly talk to your child about their reading and monitor their engagement using our AR system which helps us to ensure that your children are reading regularly at home as well as at school. Please help your child by encouraging them to read quality books and by making time to discuss any unfamiliar words they come across with you. 

Mathletics: Studies have consistently  proved that children who engage regularly with Mathletics do significantly better in their assessments so please take advantage of this wonderful tool. If you encourage your child to complete more tasks and they gain a certificate these will be awarded in our Key Stage Assembly on Thursdays.

New tasks are set weekly so always log on and check you account.

Please note that where pupils have received a low score the task may be reset so that learning may be consolidated. If you have found a task difficult please ask in school for assistance.

Please ask me if you have any questions relating to home learning or if you need any resources. 


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