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Home Learning - Hawks

This week's Home Learning:


Reading: In school we regularly talk to your child about their reading and monitor their engagement using our AR system which helps us to ensure that your children are reading regularly at home as well as at school. Please help your child by encouraging them to read quality books and by making time to discuss any unfamiliar words they come across with you. 

Mathletics: Studies have consistently  proved that children who engage regularly with Mathletics do significantly better in their assessments so please take advantage of this wonderful tool. If you encourage your child to complete more tasks and they gain a certificate these will be awarded in our Key Stage Assembly on Thursdays.

New tasks are set weekly so always log on and check your account. If you do not have access to the internet, please make us aware so we can arrange time in school for pupils to take advantage of this excellent tool. 

Please note that where pupils have received a low score the task may be reset so that learning may be consolidated. If you have found a task difficult please ask in school for assistance. 

Spellings: We are continuing work on ensuring that all our key everyday spellings are accurate. This week we are focusing on spelling rules connected to irregular plurals. 

For most words ending in y you change y to an i before adding es such as family- families and fairy-fairies

Can you find any exceptions?

Last week we were recapping the key spelling rules associated with adding 'ing' and 'ed'. We discussed the rule that final vowels which follow a short vowel sound such as the o in hop are doubled when 'ing' and 'ed' are added thus creating hopping/ hopped whereas long vowel sounds such as the o in hope do not need doubling, but that the final e must be removed before the 'ing' or 'ed' is added creating hoped/ hoping.

spellings 1 12 340

Working on our spelling skills.

Times tables: This week your child will come home with their completed 3X table sheet. Next week they will be tested on facts relating to the 4 times table. These questions are designed to be undertaken at speed using mental methods of computation. 

In class we are learning about the heart and circulatory system in Science and are looking at the River Nile in Geography.

Please ask me if you have any questions relating to home learning or if you need any resources. 


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