Houghton Primary School

School Meals

School meals at Houghton Primary School are cooked by our staff team on site.

Our menus are balanced and we source our supplies from local producers.

We provide a meal choice which includes a vegetarian option every day.

There will be fresh baked bread, fresh seasonal vegetables, a salad bar, fresh seasonal fruit and a choice of desserts every day.


'Linzi's Special' pasta and sauce is on the menu every day as a main course option. Her tomato based sauce is packed with vegetables and is a firm favourite with the children.

The following menu is an example of what has been provided in the past year. It will be updated ready for the Autumn term 2021.

Day Theme

Main Course

(one of these options will be available on the day)

Vegetarian Option

(one of these options will be available on the day)

Monday Sausage Day

Toad in the Hole or

Hotdogs or

Sausage and Mash

Quorn Toad in the Hole or

Quorn Hotdogs or

Quorn Sausage and Mash

Tuesday Around the World Day

Spaghetti Bolognaise or

Meatballs or

Pasta Bake or

Pizza or


Quorn Bolognaise or

Vegetable Stir Fry Noodles or 

Neopolitan Vegetable Past Bake or

Macaroni Cheese or

Spicy Wraps or


Wednesday Pie/Curry Day

Shepherd's Pie or

Chicken Pie or

Chicken Curry or

Fish Pie

Quorn Shepherd's Pie or

Vegetable Pasty or

Vegetable Curry or

Cheese Puffs (pastry)

Thursday Roast Dinner Day

Roast Chicken or

Roast Turkey

Quorn Fillet Roast or

Quorn and Vegetable Wraps or

Quorn Chilli or

Vegetable Pasta Bake

Friday Catch of the Day

Fish Fingers and Chips or

Battered Fish and Chips

Breaded Vegetable Fingers or

Jacket potato with cheese and various fillings or

Cheesy Quiche

Menu 75

Monday - Sausage day

Tuesday - Around the World day

Wednesday - Pie or Curry day

Thursday - Roast Dinner day

Friday - 'Catch of the Day' day

Linzi's special pasta and sauce is available every day