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School Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a significant impact on life in this country and across the world.

At Houghton Primary School we have taken and continue to take a considered, proactive and responsive approach to ensuring that we do everything possible to reduce the health risks of the pandemic for our school community.

We follow government and local authority guidance and advice and continually monitor the effectiveness of our risk management and operational planning.

Whilst the school was closed along with all other schools in the UK on 20th March 2020, we remained open and operational, providing childcare for essential keyworkers from 23rd March until the end of the summer term. We opened ‘bubbles’ for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from 1st June in accordance to parental request. We were able to extend this on from the 15th June. We provided home learning for all children throughout, kept in touch with families at home by telephone and continue to provide food parcels for families who are impacted by the knock-on affects of the pandemic. We communicated at least weekly with our families throughout, updating them on the latest news from the DfE, local authority and school. This weekly communication continues along with our commitment to keep our families as informed as possible.

On 7th September 2020 we were able to fully re-open to all children, building on our knowledge and experience of operating the school over the previous 5 months.

Please find the documentation which underpins the operation of our school at this time on the links below.

Department of Education (DfE) Guidance for Full Opening: Schools (updated 01.10.2020)

Risk Management Plan (updated01.10.2020)

Operational Plan(updated 01.10.2020)

Information for parents and carers(updated 01.10.2020)

Bubble Staffing (01.10.2020)

Close Contact Protocol (01.09.2020)

Lunchtime Arrangements (01.09.2020)

Remote Learning Protocol (updated 01.10.2020)

Local Authority guide for parents: COVID-19 Related Absence from School (15.09.2020)

Drop off and Pick up Arrangements  (updated 25.09.2020)


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