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Home Learning - Wrens

Home learning- details of things we are covering will be posted here with some ideas of how you might be able to support your child’s learning. Reading their school book, sharing other stories and talking to them about things (a TV programme, a film or may be a journey somewhere) are the most valuable ways in which you can support what we do in school! Sometimes children may bring home a picture or a piece of work they have done in school to talk about with you.

This week's Home Learning

Week beginning 27.1.20

Please make the most of any counting opportunities – stairs, lampposts, collections small objects like pasta shapes, and talk too about more than or less than. We are learning to measure length (in centimetres) and have been talking about longer, taller, shorter and how these words are sometimes confusing.

We are going to be counting in twos soon- the dots on lego bricks (or similar!) are a great way of learning multiples of two and which numbers are odd and which even.


Week beginning 25.11.19

Look out for trees which have lost their leaves (deciduous ones) and evergreen ones and for westerly sunsets. Any counting of lots of small objects by grouping in 2s,10s or 5s would be very helpful practice before we look at this next term. Different ways of arranging 12 objects- cars, teddies etc. is a fun activity which encourages mathematical talk and gives practice at counting accurately.

Week beginning 11.11.19

Please do some counting at home! Just numbers, reciting forwards from different start numbers,and backwards too. Counting objects e.g.pasta shapes, pennies, loops of breakfast cereal is great practice. Encourage children to organize these thenmselves to make accurate counting easier. They know about grouping like dots on a die so that you can count a lot of little things quickly. Have a go at spitting 10 objects into 2 groups. How many different ways can you find?

Looking for numbers on road signs etc. can really help make sure that 3 and 5  are the right way around.Writing out your phone number  is fun way to practise forming numerals.



Week beginning 28.10.19

We are just finishing our work on shape but it really helps children to remember if they can practise the vocabulary they have just learnt even when we move onto a new topic.Get them to look for  and count  sides and vertices in 2d shapes , faces ,edges and vertices in 3d shapes.

Please keep working on tricky words and on blending back after sounding out.We've been looking specially at  the 'th'  sound which should involve sticking your tongue out (or nearly!) in both ways we say this, not to be confused with 'f'. Being able to say this clearly really helps with spelling.

The children should be able to tell you about seasonal changes and there are lots of lovely  snippets of things on TV to watch and to talk about - a few minutes  is often enough to stimulate a discussion.


                                                     Week beginning 14th Oct.

Please keep reading- any words ,anywhere- and look out for shapes when you are out and about.Playing board games is a great way of using counting skills and we have been learning how to 'subitise'- reading patterns of dots as they appear on dice and dominoes. Any practice at counting backwards or forwards from any start number between 1 and 20 is really useful. Pasta shapes or tin of loose change can be helpful to support this.


Week beginning23rd Sept.

This week we are working hard on using our phonics, breaking up words to sound them out and then blending them back again. We have been looking too at the Phase 3 'tricky' words and thinking about tricks to help us remeber how to spell them. We have started revisiting the wordswhere 'e' says 'ee' ( He,she, we,be,me) and 'my'. Keep a special look out for these in your reading book!

                                        Week  beginning 30th Sept.

We are continuing with our work on breaking up and blending back words and changing how we say a word if it doesn't make sense e.g  in tricky words like 'said'. We have focussed this week on words with 'qu'- queen,quick,quack and liquid. We have been  'counting on'- holding a small number in your head ,e.g. 4,then counting on 3 more. This is something which can easily be practised at home with toys or buttons-they don't have to be chocolate!




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