At Houghton School we work hard to provide clear, accessible information to parents and carers by the following means:

School Website

Our school website is updated regularly, usually on a weekly basis. We aim for information to be clear and easily accessible on the website for the range of people who visit it.

Google Classroom

We launched Google Classroom in August 2020 as a home learning platform for use by children in Key Stage 1 and 2. Every child in these classes will have a personal log in which will give them access at home.

All ‘homework’ assignments will be set on their class page and the children submit their work online. Only their teacher can see what they submit and they can give feedback and comments. The teachers will get in touch with parents if home learning is not being submitted.

Google Classroom is also used by class teachers to inform parents about the curriculum, to share class news and to give updates. We ask parents regularly check their child’s class page on Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is used to provide remote learning if the school or part of the school had to close or if a child has to isolate or stay at home for a reason when they are not poorly.


Tapestry is the home learning platform used in our Reception class. We launched this in January 2020 and it has been used very successfully, enabling our Reception class parents to communicate with the Reception teachers and share their child’s learning from home. Each parent have a secure log in which provides individual access.

Tapestry is used to provide remote learning if the school or part of the school had to close or if a child has to isolate or stay at home for a reason when they are not poorly.

School Twitter

We launched our school Twitter account in January 2020 when our NFL team went to Florida to take part in the NFL Flag World Championships as British Champions. We use the account to share good news and to celebrate our achievements. Follow us on @PrimaryHoughton

Other letters/messages

We send out information and letters by email to our families through an email system called SchoolComms. This service is free and currently all our families have opted for this service.

SchoolComms also enables us to send text messages to parents in case of ‘emergency’ e.g. sudden school closure, short notice cancellation of clubs, illness etc.

Informal Meetings

After the restrictions which were in place during the last school year due to covid, we are looking forward to welcoming parents back on site.

The Headteacher is at one of the school gates most mornings and enjoy welcoming families on their way into school. He endeavours to alternate between the gates in Chapel Lane and Green Lane.

Teachers are happy to talk to parents briefly at the beginning of the school day or for lengthier chats at the end of the school day.

If parents need to discuss a matter in some depth with a member of staff we advise them to make an appointment so that we can ensure that uninterrupted time can be given.

Parent Information Events

We run Parent Information Events and Workshops during the school year. Over the last few years, we’ve invited parents to take part in interactive sessions on Anti-Bullying Work, Reading, Assessment/SATS and Internet Safety. The sessions are well attended and receive very positive feedback from those who are able to attend.

Open Evenings

Pre-covid we introduced an opportunity for families to come back into school in the evening so that the children can share their work with their parents. We look forward to reinstating these special evenings each term.

Parent/Teacher Progress Meetings

We hold Parent/Teacher Progress Meetings in the Autumn and Spring terms. We hold these meetings remotely using our online Parents Evening App which enables parents to join the teacher online from more than one location (a bit like Zoom). The purpose of the meetings is to be able to share information about children’s progress, achievement and well-being.

In the Summer term we provide parents with a written Annual Report which is collected from the teacher at the Summer Open Evening event.

If there any concerns about any child we will not wait until this type of meeting but will contact parents and arrange a separate appointment whenever necessary. We ask our parents to do the same – contacting us if they have any concerns and not waiting until parents’ evenings.

Annual Reports

Parents receive an Annual Report about their child’s achievements in the summer term each year. The report is written by the class teacher and provides information about a child’s attendance, progress, achievement and well-being as well as an over-view of the opportunities they have had to learn over the previous year.

Meetings by Appointment

Parents and Carers can make appointments at any time during the school year to meet the teachers or headteacher.

Please contact the school office if you wish to make an appointment. We will also contact you to make an appointment if we need to speak with you about your child.

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